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  1. What can I say? There's some great posts in here and some not-so-great posts. It's the way of the internet. If people keep going, I'll keep reading. If not, hey, I've no regrets!
  2. This one's gonna be reviewed as dialogue... <b>METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS</b> SUNNY: It is my life's dream to cook eggs. NAOMI: to cook eggs you must be careful not to let them burn. SUNNY: wow, your tits are huge.
  3. Chrono Cross Together with Xenosaga, this is Square Enix's most convoluted plot line... which puts it high in the running for most convoluted plot of all time. Despite suspicions, I didn't actually like Chrono Cross. I have to admit to getting choked up quite often during it, but that was an effect of the beautiful music, not because anything interesting was actually happening on screen. 5/10
  4. Starring Agent G and the word "fuck." lol Deus Ex Wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, you fight the confusing plot lines of the Illuminati. It's nice to play as a character who can fit a rocket launcher under that coat. Better yet, they explain WHY he can fit a rocket launcher under his coat. 8/10 Deus Ex Invisible War The reason this game got bad press: less trench coat. Less rocket launcher. Less explanation. 7/10 FFXII Programming at its best. If using C++ involved the slaying of monsters for exp and loot, then I'd probably be a programmer today. I certainly spent enough time at the game
  5. That's exactly what happened.
  6. Don't know if anyone here is living in Portland, OR, but if you do... my next movie is going to start filming soon. CASTING CALL Moon Tribe Studios presents another casting call for a short film shooting late February 19th – 28th, 2010 entitled, “Population 2,” a futuristic dark drama about loss and the inability to move on. Hired actors will receive credit and experience on a serious production set and on a film that is going to be making the festival rounds as well as seeing limited theatre release. Moontribe Studios is highly supportive of the independent film making scene in Portland and t
  7. Because two isn't challenging enough. Heavenly Sword I don't trust American Voice Acting, which is okay because Heavenly Sword lets you play it in French. It also features the best crowd scenes of any game. Shame it features some of the worst boss fights. 8/10 FF Dissidia The story plays like a collection of “what is this Final Fantasy character going to whine about?” For some of the characters this works fine, namely Tidus and Squall. Then you get to kill them. 9/10 The Darkness I really enjoyed watching To Kill a Mockingbird. Definitely one of the finest films to have ever been made. Then I
  8. Ah yes... the classic "thread devolves into grammatical fixes" again.
  9. A perfect summary, thank you neblix.
  10. Ha ha, my first playthrough was the same way! I spent more time on FF7 than I did on FFXII! I think it had to do with the Gold Saucer. As for my review, I appreciate all feedback, really, even negative feedback. Especially negative feedback, as it helps me grow and adapt my writing. I'm enjoying everyone's comments. About the enduring thing, I don't REALLY think there is an ALL TIME enduring game... but it's a good way to start a journalistic piece. Gets people's attention. And sometimes, that's what you gotta do. In a 500 word piece, strong emotion is a plus. As for McVaffe, I was mos
  11. I don't think there really is a problem in the thread, yet. Actually, I've been really happy with some of the arguments against what I wrote. McVaffe posts! The very first OCRemix I ever downloaded was a McVaffe song, must've been... shit, like 8 years ago now... maybe longer... it was a Tetris remix.
  12. How old am I? I'm 26, a graduate student in social science and education and what I find fascinating is the fact that this review, while short as hell and not well advertised, has received over 300 hits in 48 hours. That says something about FF7 and the society of the gaming world. SMB3 didn't recieve 100,000 downloads on the Wii and it's been out longer than FF7. Emo is a write off of other people's emotions, but basically it means overly emotional to such a degree that it becomes pointless. Considering all the sequels they've made? Yes. Yes he is. Have you ever gone into the Honeybee
  13. Right, and I said pretty much the exact same thing, which is why I was wondering if the review had been read. I couldn't tell if you were making your own point in response to this title's thread or if you were agreeing with what I'd said in the review.
  14. What? You've never read a review for a game you've already played to see what someone else thought about it or to try and better your understanding of why you liked the game, therefore bettering your understanding of who you are and what your interests are? I didn't get paid to write that review. I did it because (a) the game has been rereleased and people want to know why it's seeing so much action 12 years after the fact and ( because I'm tired of people claiming that FF7 was a game filled with "emo" characters.
  15. I feel that the endurance of the game is easily shown by the fact that, in the few months it has been available on the PSN, it has sold nearly as many copies as when it was first released. Did you actually read my review?
  16. The spoilers were a tough one for me to decide on. Ultimately, though, I figured that the only two large spoilers are the failing to save Avalanche (which I'm vague about) and Aerith's death. But if you don't know about Aerith's death by now, then you don't have the internet anyway. The final spine crusher? Cloud doesn't even end up saving the world by beating Sephiroth. Meteor still arrives and Holy fails. Ultimately the planet has to take care of things, showing Cloud that no matter what happened, his actions were pointless. From a slightly happier stand point, it does seem to be the pl
  17. I wrote this for a "short review" contest over at Honest Gamers. I bring it up here because it's an argument mainly against all those who have called FF7 emo. I'd be interested in knowing what others seriously think about this subject. It's something I'm interested in as someone who studies human culture, thought, and society as a profession. http://www.honestgamers.com/systems/content.php?review_id=8468&gametitle=Final+Fantasy+VII+%28PSN%29 The review is very short, but I think the point is made fairly clearly. Yes, every sequel to FF7 has been emo. But not the original.
  18. A couple of notes here... Dhsu: nice on the maps. I knew where FF12 and Vagrant took place, and I knew FFTactics was somewhere off the map, but I never knew it was so close. I do know the creator of Ivalice has stated that he imagines FFTactics as taking place either long before or long after FFXII. I can't remember which he said, but they aren't in the same time period. I also know that FF Advance 1 is a dream world based on Ivalice, but that FF Advance 2 is actually taking place in Ivalice. I also forgot to mention that in the Lion Wars, Balthier appears. His appearance is also canonica
  19. For sure. I think it all comes back to that desire I mentioned at the start to just find the connections in things. It's like we're fulfilling our role on the planet, or something. I do enjoy the one canonical connection between FFX and FF7 and it is nice to play a few games set in the same world (it was really cool coming back to Ivalice in FFX12 and seeing some redesigns of the Tactics monsters and deities). It also makes Gilgamesh quite the interesting character, as we can trace a history for him at least between FF5 and FF8. Seeing him released from the X-zone in FF8 is less of an east
  20. For a long time now I've chronicled the connections between the various FF worlds, beyond the normal "Cid" "Chocobo" "Moogle" stuff. Why? I think it because the human mind thrives on connection. We live in a world where everything is inextricably but subtly connected and there is some joy for us that can only be achieved by discovering those connections and marking them. Thus, with a series which ostensibly has no connection between the games, what little information I can find to prove otherwise fascinates me. My main focus was on connecting settings. I started long ago by collecting all
  21. I should point out that I am not Jason. I am Jonathan Alisandyr, though I do write for Jason. However, if you email him at the address provided, I'm sure he'd be interested in taking all of you. To answer the main question that has been asked, yes we do console games as well (in fact, mostly we do console games). If you have some games you could review, please come join the team. When we get some more console games in, you'd be eligible for those as well, if you can show you are a consistent reviewer. http://www.honestgamers.com/index.php
  22. Message from Jason Venter, owner of Honest Gamers, a site I've written at for over a year and have received many free games from: "Hey! We still have a bunch of downloadable games that we need reviewed. If you're interested, write back with your full name and the reason(s) that you're the perfect candidate. I'm including the available titles below (two that I've mentioned before and two that are new) with links to info on the HonestGamers site... Streets of Fury (Xbox Live) http://www.honestgamers.com/news.php?art....+Fury+%28XLI%29 Madballs in... Babo: Invasion (PC) http://www.honestgamers.co
  23. Part XVIII is up, after two months: EDIT: Hmm... looking back I see I neglected to update here for my last few parts. Well, er, they're up, too. Better start with this one, don't want to get massive spoilers: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5066583/15/Chrono_Break
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