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  1. It's rare that I download a mix that is from a game I haven't played. I just don't have the connection to it the same way that I would otherwise. Occasionally I like it. This time, I liked it. A lot. Makes me really wish someone would do a Star Craft remix (please? anyone?) What drew me in was defenitely the begining. It transported me to the Jungles and Deserts of unexplored terrain. Having never heard the original, the piece loses interest for me after somewhere in the middle, but it's still very listenable and gets points for simply going to so many different places, quite like the Morrowind mix, "Isle of Edges." Great work. Zipp
  2. This was the FIRST EVER piece I downloaded from this site, when I was pointed to it by the host of SNES RADIO, who now won't let me listen to his radio, don't know why, and after I loved it so much the jerk... sniff sniff... ANYWAYS, this piece is haunting. It draws you in with the sound of snow crunching, then leads slowly into a halting version of the Ice Forest. Great piece, even if it's use is pretty much limited to ambience. I would love to hear a piano version of this song from Zeratul. An instant classic that made me go and play the game again. Zipp
  3. Mr. Mazedude does it sci-fi in this piece. What's really cool about this piece is that even though I know it's from FF4, I could swear that Mazedude had invented it himself. He keeps exactingly true to the melody but mixes it up with effects and a cool interpretation on the instrumentation that delivers oh so nicely. The only thing I'm not big on is the static. It hurts my ears and doesn't add too much. All said, though, I wouldn't listen to it overlong. Give ya nightmares. AND DO NOT LISTEN TO IT ON ACID! Bad bad bad shit will go down down down. Zipp
  4. First of all, I can't say that this is the best schala mix, like so many others are saying. Good? Yes. Inventive? Yes. Best? No. I'd like ot think that I haven't heard the best yet, but I already like "Tears for a Girl" better, so... Anyways, all that said this IS a wonderful mix. It's got great character, which is hard to accomplish, and that character is heavy, which is really hard to accomplish with this piece. The only problem is, at times it seems too heavy. On Schalla's theme, I generally prefer the lighter side of the equation. But I have to give recognition for showing this darker side, and for making it work so well. If the drums were stepped up a bit in quality, it would be even better. Like the orchestral feel to it, though. Zipp
  5. The first part of this piece is sheer brilliance. Haunting, and yes, I defenitely agree about the Edward Scissorhands. Never imagined the song being taken in this direction and am glad it did. That said, I wish you'd stuck with this theme for a bit longer than you do. While the addition of a beat is carried out flawlessly, and the transition is nice, I think the listener is set up for something else that never comes again. To be honest, I would've prefered that something else. Again, this in no way says the second piece isn't well done, it is, but as far as composition goes, I really miss the melodious haunts of the first half of the song. Otherwise, this is an innovative look at a fairly short riff in the Chrono Trigger series (originally from Secret of Mana). 4 out of 5 stars Zipp
  6. You know, almost every single Earhtbound remix has been excellent? I want to thank all the artists for taking theie time with the soundtrack and giving it the attention it rightly deserves. As for this piece... wow. First of all, great title. Thanks for that. The hearts of the fans go out to you. And, more importantly, great music! You've taken the original far from its roots, but kept something similar enough that it's instantly recognizable for what it is. I love at 1:20, when you go into a short riff, with the change in pace coming afterwards, introduced by heavy drums. Great way to end the piece as well. No suggestions here, just praise.
  7. Darke, I'm a big fan. I have to say this one of my favorites from you. I hear a lot of different pieces in here, including, as Pretz pointed out, Metal Gear Solid and Aquatic Ambience. But the piano is all you, and it's beatiful. THANK YOU SO MUCH for staying low on the drums, I was afraid that they might come in heavy at some point and disrupt the flow. Not much in terms of suggestion. There are two ways that I know once I've listened to something that it has reached perfection in my ears (cause does it ever reach perfection in the artist's ears?). One is that I will need at once to go play the piano and do an improvised remix. Another is that I suddenly feel I have to go play the game again. Your piece did both. Listening to it as I write this, and still loving it. Zipp
  8. Ah, finally a mix that covers the Metal Gear theme. This is an excellent theme, which makes it hard to change and still cover well. Also it's from a newer series, which means that more skill needs to be involved in the changing of the song. Actual remixing of the piece has to occur, rather than just instrumentalizing a midi, or laying down a dope beat. Thank you for not laying down a dope beat. I like what you've done with this piece. The opening is your strongest point, although the style and musical ability is excellent throughout. I would say that around the middle you come to an early climax which defeats the later aspects of the piece, it might've been nicer to come to that climax and then drop to a quiet, soft melody for that rest of the piece, then either slowly drop out, or return to the main melody. Yes, I know there are aspects of this, but the feeling of climax never quite leaves. Still, just a suggestion. I downloaded it, and have listened to it a number of times. An example of great work that can be made better still. Zipp Dementia
  9. I don't like to pin myself down by choosing a "favorite" type of music. I'm a fan of anything good : wink: That said, this song crosses a number of borders between types, ranging from latin to synth to jazz. I can't say I love all the crossovers, but the piece overal does some really nice things. However, it doesn't help the remixer to just say, "wow, best thing ever." So if I had to ask for an improvement, I would say that the synth gets a little heavy, and detracts from the nice latin feel of the piece. Besides this, it is an excellent coverage of a difficult tune. Oh and kudos for putting the original at the begining. Thta brought tears of remembrance to my eyes.
  10. This song is awesome. I don't even like heavy guitar, and I love this song. I don't know what people are talking about saying it is out of tune. No no, out of tune sounds baaad. This sounds good. The mega man series offers up some excellent remixing opurtunities, and it's good to see people taking advantage of this. Still, rarely does someone take it to new places like the creators of AIRBASED have. There's beautiful harmonies in here (which is what I think some people may be calling out of tune, harmonies can be tough to determine), the guitar riffs are excellent, the eagle cry fits, and the ending, the switch to a new chord and riff, is wonderful. If anyone has the ending theme to LAIN, try playing it as soon as this one is over, they meld right into eachother.
  11. Oh this one is very well done. Everything straight down to the title is ALL EARTHBOUND. We see a lot of good mixes on this site, but rarely do we see a mix which gets back to the game the song comes from. The Incredible Singing Robot is another that comes to mind, and ICO- Save Me does similar things. Now we have this. They've stuck with the gritty blues bar feel of the original and have added in the singing to exenuate this piece. I'm not sure who the singer is, but the voice fits really well. Not the best singer around, but it does sound like I'd imagine venus would. The lyrics are a surprise, mostly because they're raunchy and silly in a song that could be very personal. But that's Earhtbound for ya. The best part is the piano, doing a little improv underneath the singing. Not enough to steal the spotlight, but enough to add wonderful wonderful rythym and backdrop.
  12. What's great about DJP's mixes is that, while there are remixers out there who have done better pieces, DJP is consistently good. I can't name a single mix of his that I haven't listened to and downloaded. That said, thank you, DJP, for finally giving us a remix of this theme. The veldt was indeed a catchy tune, which is good based on the number of times you have to go there. Do I catch pieces of Strago's tune in here as well? I would say that the begining was a bit abrupt and the feel threw me off at first. I was kinda hoping for the awesome drum score that went with the original. However, the piano and sax solidifies things into a very enjoyable whole and, while the piano and sax are somber, and the drum track isn't present, the piece retains its upbeat and mysterious quality. I especially congratulate you on your switch to what I believe is Strago's theme near the end. This was so brilliantly done that I didn't even catch it at first. All in all, the essence of the piece ends up being transformed into a sound more reminiscent of Chrono Trigger than FF. Which works amazingly well.