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    Left 4 Dead

    I don't know... I got accused of cheating on Goldeneye 64...
  2. News! At long last, I've established friendly relations between myself and Fan Fiction.net So the Chrono Break fiction will now be hosted there, at this address: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5066583/1/Chrono_Break I'm almost done with Part 16, however it will take some time to transfer the previous 15 parts to Fan Fiction. After Part 16 is posted, there are still 10 parts left. I suspect to be done around the end of the year. As always, feedback is appreciated
  3. Just as I posted, it came to me. I was remembering the lyrics wrong. It's: I get knocked down, but I get up again... by, uh... it'll come to me.
  4. ... it used to play on the radio quite a bit. The lyrics I remember went something like: I ain't got time to get up again you're never gonna get me down Dancing the night away Just dancing the night away..." Anyone know what I'm talking about? Help a lost soul!
  5. Zipp


    My review of the film: http://www.examiner.com/x-5140-Portland-Indie-Film-Examiner~y2009m3d9-Watchmen-Should-we-be-careful-what-we-wish-for
  6. Zipp

    Man on Wire

    It's highly worth it.
  7. Zipp

    Man on Wire

    Indulging in a bit of shameless self promotion here, by posting my first review for The Examiner, a review of Man on Wire: http://www.examiner.com/x-5140-Portland-Indie-Film-Examiner~y2009m3d6-Man-on-Wire-an-epic-crossing Criticize me, give me feedback, beat me up on the public forums... Seriously, though, it is an amazing film. Anyone else seen it?
  8. Zipp

    O the horror!

    thanks for taking the time to reply with such a detailed post. The article goes into a few things you mention here, and removes some of the things that are in the early draft posted in this thread. I pretty much agree with everything you've said, so I don't have much to add.
  9. Zipp

    O the horror!

    I like your style. Even so, I think there's more here than just being jaded. I'm presenting some ideas for what I think would make a good game. I'm curious to see people's reactions to those suggestions.
  10. Zipp

    O the horror!

    Not to do necromancy here, but this post eventually got redrafted many times and was featured as an article under my other pen name in Resolution magazine: http://www.resolution-magazine.co.uk/issue4/feature_gameoverforsurvivalhorror.htm The one amendment to this I would make is that RE5 wasn't my last hope for a modern horror game insomuch as it was my last hope for a revival of horror that did use to exist in the series. Discuss article?
  11. Zipp

    Honest Gamers

    One more plug for Honest Gamers: I just got hired by Examiner.com to write reviews and articles on Indie films and video games. I get paid based on the number of hits, estimated about $100-250 per article (and I'm contractually obligated to write at least four a week). Thanks to Honest Gamers for this, because it was my portfolio here that caused them to hire me. I'm telling you, it's a good site if you're interested in getting your work out there.
  12. Zipp

    Killzone 2

    Sony sent a copy to Honest Gamers. With any luck, I'll get to review it.
  13. Zipp

    Honest Gamers

    Er... what? First of all, I'm not the site owner. The reason I'm pushing for Honest Gamers is because it's led to me having a career in video game reviewing. I work for local magazines based on the portfolio I set up there, HG sends me free games to review, and other online sites and mags ask me to do articles for them. I'm just trying to share the success.
  14. Part XIII is up. Worked hard on this one: http://www.honestgamers.com/systems/content.php?fiction_id=456&platform=Super+Nintendo&abr=&gametitle=Chrono+Trigger
  15. Zipp

    Honest Gamers

    Alright, so I forgot the link. Give a tired Zipp a break! Honest Gamers isn't owned by Amazon. It helps sponsor us, as websites cost money to stay afloat. I'm sure you understand. In any case, Honest Gamers is exactly what it claims to be. It hosts a wide variety of opinions, not cutting out reviews because it doesn't agree with scores. Anyone who shows some competence in reviewing can make themselves heard. Isn't that what free-speech is all about?
  16. Zipp

    Honest Gamers

    Hey everyone, you should join Honest Gamers and help us make it a larger, more recognized, reviewing site. Also, if you join and make a quick post on the forums saying you joined cause of me, I get bonus points. So what's in it for you? Anyone who is part of the site can submit reviews, and most reviews get taken, increasing your writing portfolio. Also, members often leave helpful feedback for writers, so you can improve your writing abilities. Writers also get to participate in on-site contests for free games (usually two or three free games a month). It's easy to join, and easy to win.
  17. PART XII is up. Looks like this is going to be around 24 parts after all. http://www.honestgamers.com/systems/content.php?fiction_id=455&platform=Super+Nintendo&abr=&gametitle=Chrono+Trigger
  18. You'll be done with the game before I'm done with the fiction, anyways. Part XI is up, though: http://www.honestgamers.com/systems/content.php?fiction_id=454&platform=Super+Nintendo&abr=&gametitle=Chrono+Trigger
  19. Part X is up. http://www.honestgamers.com/browse.php?type=fiction&game_id=2242&action=list&letter=C&platform=Super+Nintendo&abr=SNES&gametitle=Chrono+Trigger
  20. Next part, part IX, is up. Here's a quick link: http://www.honestgamers.com/systems/content.php?game_id=2242&console_id=10&fiction_id=451
  21. Wow. Engagement is a big step. I know. I'm divorced I hope you bring each other inspiration and happiness, and continue to share your creativity with us fans.
  22. Thanks for the kind words. The story definitely has an ending, and I definitely intend to get there. Everything's planned out, actually, at least on the macro level. Unless a couple chapters run overlong and require breaking up, there should be 18 parts, meaning we're approaching the halfway point with chapter 8. I try to update weekly, but with my film work and my day job as a server, it's become more like every 2 weeks.
  23. UPDATE: Fan fiction and me are still not connecting, so in the meantime, I'm hosting the fiction at Honest Gamers. The link has been added to the first post, though I'll repost it here. http://www.honestgamers.com/systems/game.php?game_id=2242&platform=Super+Nintendo&abr=SNES&gametitle=Chrono+Trigger&region=all I've finished Chapter VIII, and it should appear soon.
  24. It went great! Crowd turn out was excellent, the reception was a heart felt ovation, and the movie is viable enough to bring to Portland very quickly. The after party was no slouch either.
  25. The premiere, by the by, is at PLC180 (university of Oregon), at 5:00pm. In Portland it will be at one of the independant theatres.
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