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  1. Welcome to the end of your social life. Might as well pull up a chair. What social life . I'm anti-social to begin with, and getting addicted to an MMO isn't anything new to me. Oh. Well, in that case. Just pull up a chair. /chair Brycepops
  2. Welcome to the end of your social life. Might as well pull up a chair.
  3. That's always a good feeling, ain't it?
  4. Not bad at all, Youkai. Over here, we just got Hakkar down, so he's going on farm-status for the guild...we're still working on Ragnaros, we haven't gotten too much time to practice and whatnot on him yet...and come Feb, we're gonna take our first trip into BWL. Hopefully we can go it rather well.
  5. Mecca, you'll learn to love that dagger, heheh, but I remind you...it won't be so effective come level 60...facing things equal your level will make you yearn for something better, whether it be a Lobotomizer, a Gutgore Ripper...anything. Personally I'm hmeo-specced and loving it, but even then, I still want a Brutality Blade... Which has refused to drop for 2 months now.
  6. Over here, on Argent Dawn...ugh...we're getting 800+ person queues. Enough to make me wanna cry.
  7. Never heard any Trenthian works here on OCremix up until now. Now I feel like I have to go listen to the others. In fact... ::opens new window:: But yes...I love this mix, spunky and all. Though the end does sound slightly out of place.
  8. Well...technically, you're paying the ~$15 a month for them to keep the servers up, and pump out new content, soooo...I wouldn't call it free, by nature. But what do I know.
  9. I'm aware of that...and I'd bring up enemy's dodge rates and stuff, but that'd be exactly what it is, a dodge, not a miss. There might be some unaccounted factor enemies have, or whatnot. But so far, with gouge, I myself have noted no change. Seems to be working fine for me...
  10. ::shrug:: Don't know here, then. Just sayin', even with really high +to hit bonuses...I really doubt you'll ever be able to attain 100% accuracy against equal-or-better opponents. Special attack or not.
  11. I'm not sure. Maybe it's a label error...but no matter how high your hit chance is, there's always the chance to miss a gouge. Maybe you just had odd bad luck? I personally haven't noticed if my gouge changed. And I'm a hemo rogue, so I woulda noticed.
  12. Yeah...kinda bothersome, but I can usually end up pulling off my Slice and Dices before the mob dies. Funny that should happen, we did Ony last night too and Bloodfang also dropped. A rogue still on his trial got it, the jammy git. Heheh, over here, I just had the most DKP out of everyone, so I took advantage of the opportunity. Never know the next time it'll drop, right?
  13. Hah! We said screw MC and went to Onyxia. Aftermath? I'm a happy boy. Woo for Bloodfang!
  14. 'Grats. Hopefully you guys'll start downing Magmadar soon. He drops a bit of the nicer stuff in MC...and is a little more well-rounded in terms of loot, too. Over here, we're working on Rags. He's still being a bitch and refusing to die. Then again, a lot of us are sadly lacking in terms of Fire Resistance equipment...but we're working on it. Surely. EDIT: Wish me luck. Going all the way to Shazzrah tonight...I want my damn Brutality Blade!
  15. Same here, man. I normally just remain patient though, and after like 40 minutes, it jumps from 2% to 100% in like .5 seconds flat. WTF indeed.
  16. Argent Dawn/Colban/Undead/Rogue/Level 60 POWER TO THE FORSAKEN!
  17. Seconded. Next week I'm invited to try and down Onyxia, if I get my key fast enough. I wanna try for a BF headpiece.
  18. Hooray!---erm, I mean, dammit, Blizzard just doesn't know when to stop, do they? ... ::cough cough:: <=== Rogue. <<;
  19. As a 60 rogue myself...well, since the 1.8 changes made fast swords...like the Hakkari Warblades, equal to any other sword, when taking into account the instant-attack speed modifier... Honestly I'd rate the Hakkari Warblades at just about equal to the Dal'rends. Perhaps a little better in PVE though, since many fights last quite a bit. It has more attack power, and the Dal'Rends has more defense...for a rogue, defense shouldn't matter so much. Now in PVP that's a little bit of a different story...but eh, I've always been one to sacrifice defense for more agression. I love damage, that's all I can say. Plus: The Hakkari Warblades look 43907x better than the Dal'Rends. Especially if you have both, and they're sheathed. And I've always been one for aesthetics as well.
  20. ::blinks...:: Oh, I so envy that rogue who got the Warblade. About 6 Bloodlord kills and all he's dropped has been hunter-stuff. Like a bow that looks like a snake. At least I'm going to ZG tommorow...maybe I'll have better luck, eh? Oh. Colban - 60 UD Rogue - Argent Dawn.
  21. ...Oh, wow. Just...wow... 15/10. This mix is absolutely fantastic. 'nuff said on my part... By the way: the sound effect at the very end just MAKES the mix.
  22. Heh, nub. not until I noticed that they never escape a grab... seriously the game's AI is godly and stupid at the same time. The best time to grab against the AI is when it is attacking, and you are not being hit by that attack. It does have some crazy abilities when it is just plain blocking, but it rarely breaks the throw if it is in action. haha I know how to play the game. I played a bunch of SC2 and had bi-weekly get togethers with 5 other friends on a regular basis. It's just damn frustrating when you throw in a 5 hit combo with mixups and the AI blocks them all flawlessly, but doesn't escape a simple A+G grab o_O||| godly and stupid is right about SC3s AI. yeah...I admit sometimes the AI can mess me up good, but then I always come back and toss it's ass back to kingdom come. Ninja with sickle for the win.
  23. Oooh, this is a nice one. I enjoyed it, it's a nice arrangement, in my opinion. 'though, like the other guy said...it does rather remind me of Zelda at times. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  24. He's wearing Bag of Skills with +10 to Musical Talent and -10 to Recycle/Reuse. Commendable. Nerf bags!
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