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  1. Uhm. Wow. I love this. This is easily one of my favorite mixes on OCR, seriously. It might be partially because I'm a Secret of Mana whore, but let's ignore that fact. This song puts together every song I grew to love in that game, and in a perfect, like, progressive rock theme. The only mix I like better'n this, in the SoM catagory, is probably Dragon Song. That's it. Congrats on making a very interesting compiliation of some of the game's best songs... (though they were all awesomely stunning to begin with, weren't they? )
  2. Excuse me while I go join djpretzel in "embarassing myself in a sad cesspool of my own fanboy adulation." ::proceeds to.:: 10/10. It's awesome. 'NUFF. FREAKING. SAID.
  3. Two words. Holy FREAKING crap. o_o Okay, that was three...but can you blame me? This mix is completely, and TOTALLY kick butt. I salute you, Ailsean, and Kaijin. You rock. SO hard.
  4. I may not be too much of a fan of hip-hop/rap either, but at least I keep to my own tastes, and not flame other people when they make a remix that I might not particularly like as well as some others. You should've kept your post count at 0.
  5. 10 or so seconds into this mix and I had one of those real relaxing "Whoooooa..." feelings go over me. Maybe it was just coincidence, or maybe it was the mix, I don't know. But either way, I like this. Perfect ambient-like stuff.
  6. Wow. o.o I'm usually not one for just pure piano tracks for remixes, but this one's so well done, it even won me over! Kudos on the mix. It's t3h awesome.
  7. ...Oh man, does this remix ((along with all the other forest remixes. <.<; )) bring back memories. This one gives me a funky feeling inside when I hear it, I dig it, bigtime. I like upbeat.
  8. o_o H'oman. This is the single coolest prelude remix I have heard to this day. I love it. I want it to bear my children.
  9. Loved this thing...I really digged the flute parts.
  10. It's interesting, to say the least. o.o I like it, myself, too. It may not be everybody's cup of tea however.
  11. ...What he said. I wanted to dance to this, seriously, but the first time I heard it I was wasting some free time while in Webmastering class... ...Dancing randomly in class might embarass you, you know.
  12. (I'm gonna start out by replying to some of my favorite music tracks I've listened to as I've lurked here for years, mainly of which are....FFVI Songs. ) Alrighty, I heard the beginning of this and all...and I instantly liked it. I just think it's creative how you set it all up, "malfunctioning" machines and Cid's frustration, and finally the main song, it was all nice in my opinion, I practically started headbanging. o.O;;
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