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  1. To everyone who says that "2D gaming is alive and well" thanks to handhelds like the DS aren't, I think, looking at the big picture. Sure handhelds have lots of 2D games now but 10 years from now we'll have Playstation 3 (or 2?) quality 3D on a handheld. What then? Developers/publishers already seem preoccupied with 3D games on handhelds now, let alone in 10 years...
  2. 1 Odobenus rosmarus = a Walrus many Odobenus rosmaruses = Walrii
  3. You really probably are better off with a format/wipe. I looked it up real quick and since it is a trojan you can likely rest at night knowing that someone somewhere is using your computer for nefarious purposes (spam? piracy? child porn? seriously, what do you think zombie computers are used for). Plus, seeings how taskmanager is even acting up it sounds like it has at best just installed lots of spyware and at worst started to infect random executables. That being said, Windows XP (you didn't mention which version you are running) has a "repair" option when you boot with the XP install dis
  4. 2D Platforming isn't dead, and I don't think it'll die (like adventure games kind of have), but it certainly is being replaced. Let's face it, people aren't interested in how 2D graphics and gameplay when we have such amazing 3D technology. 2D graphics will always have something special that 3D graphics never can because they can be beautifully hand drawn and animated. 2D graphics are art but 3D graphics are just graphics. Yes, some games look pretty beautiful but it isn't the same. We all know the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 (and even the Wii) are capable of some SUPERB 3D graphcis. I somet
  5. Erm, I was under the impression that Steben would be taking video of it... so yes, he would have plenty of pictures (23 pictures per second of video?). Anyways, when you do finish it please upload it for free and preferably not on a place that is youtube / crappy resolution. We need to see the glorious failure of the E.T. game in high def! I'm no expert on law, but seeings how you're not exactly taping people in obsecene acts, I'd say that simply recording you asking them if you can record them and that they are okay with waiving their right to this content and then having them say "yes" wo
  6. Overall, the mood and emotion of the music changes alot, sometimes slow, sometimes fast and harder sounding, which isn't bad but... it does kind of weaken the entire song overall (although individually I like both parts [the quieter sections and the harder section]). Overall, very true to the original, a good job turning that little sound clip into a four minute long piece. I would have rather seen the entire song sound like the ending (which is more "rocking" I guess). The title is misleading, as bowser doesn't sound THAT angry until the ending of the song. Still though, worth the downlo
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