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  1. Actually, some knuckleheads seem to think that Vesperia could be a prequel of sorts to the Symphonia series. I won't say why, just to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't gotten that far in the game, but I'm sure anyone who's played it probably knows what I'm talking about. I think they're nuts, but, then again, I guess I can understand why they might think that.
  2. I have to agree with everyone else: now that you've suggested it, this must be done. Fury Sparks, Staunch Opponent, The World At Your Fingertips, and Around the World are some of my personal favorites. Lots of good music there. Not quite as good as Symphonia's though. Vesperia was a great game either way. Can't wait for this project to finally get released. It's gonna be so freakin' epic!
  3. Well, it appears to be based on the first part, Dragonball, not DBZ. The first part had signifcantly less lasers and mountain-crushing, so, in that aspect, I guess it's not quite as far off as we're making it out to be. I guess I should be reserving judgement. Maybe it'll surprise like the first Mortal Kombat movie, and actually be pretty decent.
  4. Looks like balls(hurr), but really. I mean, REALLY. Did anyone expect anything other than crap? I'm just surprised that the movie's actually happening. It's pretty sad yet at the same time utterly hilarious that the guy playing Goku is actually the guy who most looks like his anime counterpart. I think?
  5. Genjutsu74

    Fable 2

    ...They're supposed to be a bonus with the preorder. You got screwed. And I've already gotten everything, including achievements, from the pub games, with a cool 42,000 gold to spare. As far as how...well...I think I was just really lucky with the spinnerbox. I didn't exploit that infamous glitch, however.
  6. Genjutsu74

    Fable 2

    Looking forward to this. First Fable was a letdown. I'm just hoping this actually becomes "Fable II", not simply "what Fable should've been". I mean, I'd still buy it. I've got it preordered. But this is a little worrisome. Considering everything the first one failed to deliver, that's not good. (Yeah, I know they're trying to get it added on later. It still sucks.)
  7. Proto Man Mode. Epic win.
  8. It probably had something to do with that spammer from last night. All the guy's threads were deleted, though. In anycase, this game looks cool. I'm waiting for them to add Link to the gameplay, myself. Soon as that happens, I'm downloading this stuff.
  9. Argh, this thread has made me lol more than it should be. Didn't really know much about him, but it's unfortunate, nonetheless. RIP, man.
  10. Haha, dunno why I didn't think of that. I actually beat it shortly after I posted(mostly because he didn't go nuts with Thermal Rays), but I'll have to remember Berserk. It's so easy to forget about all those status ailments, but they're alot better in this version.
  11. Hmmm, I had no touble at all with it. Of course, I had Rydia with Fast Talker, Rosa with Dualcasting, and Kain with Cry(lol). Just have Rosa cast Haste on everyone, Slow the Wall, Berserk Cecil and Kain(after Kain lowers his defense with Cry), and have Rydia spam either Leviathan or Flare(I didn't have Flare, I was like one level away). I didn't even have Throw equipped on Edge; he just got slapped with Berserk, too, and I still pummeled the snot out of him before it even got close enough to try to attack me. Oddly enough, I had similar results with Bahamut. Killed him before he even got finished with the first countdown, lol. It kinda feels like they slowed down the timer a bit. Either way, Dualcasting Rosa is freakin awesome. Right now, though, I'm getting my ass handed to me by a SINGLE Red Dragon guarding some Crystal Gloves in the final dungeon. Pissin me off man...
  12. pic not working http://www.nintendoeverything.com/?p=2084 This is nuts. Bunch a people thought the 'secret game' was gonna be Kingdom Hearts 3 due to the teaser from the previous issue. This ain't Kingdom Hearts. I'll reserve judgement til we get more info, but Sega kinda speaks for itself these days. I can't help but be reminded of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  13. Well, that's all well and good, but there's a significant difference: whereas RE4 and Okami were moving to better technology, Dead Rising is moving to a much weaker console. We'll have to wait and see what suffers most from it, but something's gonna be downgraded. Like Atmuh said, we need to see the game in action to know for sure(but, we generally need to for any game, right?). Still, this is pretty neat; I always wanted to play this, but fear of the RROD, combined with not getting my own 360 til well after the game was released made me overlook it. New weapons, enemies, and all that good stuff never hurts. I might grab this. My Wii needs something, it's been rotting in a corner since I got bored with Smash Bros. And outside of ToS:Dawn of the New World, there really hasn't been anything to look forward too, IMO. Also, gotta tone down the difficulty for the casuals, eh?
  14. I dunno if this is what you meant, but if FFXIII has a Star Ocean 3-esque battle system, this game will own my soul. Haven't they been saying that the battle system for the game is being called ATB? Which is, of course, the same thing it's always been called: Active Time Battles. Whether it means the same thing this time or not...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  15. Wow, it's cool to see alot more people liked X-2 than I thought. As for XII, I actually think the game could've benefitted from becoming a little more linear(just my opinion). It's a good game with a good story, but all the sidequests distracted me from it. I'm one of those people that has to get everything done before I continue in a game, including any sidequests. There were so many sidequests in the game, all popping up throughout the main part of the story, that I kept running off to finish those instead of focusing on the main story. By the time I got to the endgame, I had spent so much time on the sidequests and grinding, that I couldn't remember what the hell was going on. I never finished the game. I think it would've helped if they had waited til the endgame to unlock a large chunk of those sidequests. At the very least, it would be easier to stay focused on the plot for people like me. Another weakness in the game, for me, was the characters, or, more specifically, Vaan and Penelo. They were utterly pointless! Ashe, Basch, Balthier, and Fran all were great characters who had good personalities and backstories. Vaan(who the game tries to pass as the main character!) and Penelo were just kinda there for the ride. Vaan had a bit of the revenge factor going, but that's about it. The game would've been much better if they had just gone with a four character party and cut out Vaan and Penelo altogether, in my opinion. Gilgamesh, however, was worth the price of admission, himself. 'MUHAHAHAHAH...OOF, AAAAIIII!' Classic.
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