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  1. This sounds great, and it actually really retains Rare's style; I can imagine them using something like this if they ever remade DKC2 (although actually their style really reminds me of something from a film but I can't quite put my finger on it...). Good call changing the pan flute to a chuirch organ, though you seem to have forgotten to change the section at the end. Nice work, look forward to hearing the ending.
  2. Useless host doesn't work. Insists my browser is incompatible even though I tried three different ones with the same result. Please use TinDeck or OCRwip.
  3. Ah. Lol, forgive my momentary stupidity, I had NoScript enabled.
  4. I'm not familiar with your file hosting site; how do I download the track?
  5. You might find that it's slightly difficult for people to give their opinions about this project if you don't actually activate the myspace account you're using for it... Just a thought.
  6. Could people please start using filehosts that'll keep a file for more than a month after last download? There's enough to choose from, surely.
  7. Your host sucks, it shows a blank white box with scrollbars and a play button that does nothing. What's wrong with using Tindeck?
  8. Speaking of LttP tracks that sound familiar, has anyone tried remixing the "Ending, part 1" music from this game with the Prologue/Epilogue music from Final Fantasy? I swear Kondo copied the first part almost verbatim.
  9. It's funny, because I remember thinking "Star Wars" the very first time I heard the Death Mountain tune when I first played LttP back when I was a kid. I always thought I must have been the only one who noticed any similarity, it's nice to see that I'm not.
  10. Look on the bright side, their so-called "expert" didn't even know how to use a boot disk to reset a Windows password. It's hardly likely they could have found any evidence even if they'd had the chance.
  11. Then perhaps it's time someone reconsidered that limit? We don't live in the days of dialup anymore, and religiously holding onto a strict byte limit we had 5 years ago doesn't seem to have any purpose anymore. These days, the 6MB figure should be a guideline maximum and nothing more. Of course files shouldn't be too large, but there are better ways of defining "too large" than using an arbitrary byte limit, such as considering how the size is used. If a track is 6.5MB because it uses a stupidly high bitrate, or because it constantly repeats itself, then it is definitely "too large". But if it uses the space properly, then what is the problem? I don't see why the judges shouldn't be able to make that kind of decision. Sorry if I sound like I'm picking an argument here, but I really do wish people would show a little more common sense sometimes.
  12. I'm liking it so far. I really like the last 25 seconds, which show some nice improvisation around the original tune, you should really expand that section some more. As for the filesize, I'd say that anyone who rejects a good mix over 0.02 of a megabyte has a few screws loose. It's not like this site is so pushed for space or bandwidth that it's actually going to make a difference.
  13. Well I'd love to comment on it, but unfortunately it seems you have used a filehost that sucks, and deletes files less than 7 days after the last download.
  14. What is it with people and uploading files??? It's not a difficult thing, surely?
  15. Not a coincidence. The intro to Seymour's battle theme also sounds very similar to another track from FF8.
  16. /me is sad. Would you perhaps consider sharing them sometime? It's one of the things that always bothered me about the stringent process here; the mixes that all the judges say are good, get through, the rest are just...gone. Sometimes I just want something that sounds good, without really caring about technicalities or standards. There's several old files from VGMix I still have and like, which I watched crash and burn here, often on technicalities. Until the assholes admins over at VGmix stop taunting us with "O hai, we have all the old remixes.....BUT WE'RE NOT GONNA GIVE EM TO YOU, HA HA HA HA HA!!!1!1", this is really the only place on the Internet to find VGM remixes. Often there are tunes I'd like to hear remixed or arranged, but can't, because none of them were considered good enough by the judges here. I know it's (allegedly) in the interests of quality, but as a listener, I'd much rather have one, medium-quality remix of a song than none at all.
  17. Yeah, I'm gonna have a little rant here....sorry if it offends anyone, I really don't mean to. Everyone here does a great job, but.... WHY is it that the judges' decision section never lets you listen to the actual mix? It seems horribly elitist, almost to the point of saying "you don't have a right to listen to anything unless we say you can". In fact, I remain convinced that the judges each have their own little stash of remixes, knowing that the public will never hear them, that they secretly like alot but rejected on the grounds of music theory or some other technicality even though they sound good. It's always been something that's pissed me off about OCRemix, ever since I started visiting. Is there really something so wrong with letting people listen to things and make their own minds up rather than dictating whether or not they have the right to based solely on your personal opinions? the fact that some proportion judges say "yes" to something is proof enough that a similar proportion of the public would enjoy it, so why deny them that? You don't have to host it on your own bandwidth, just let people see the link to the song.
  18. Sorry to bump such an old topic, but is there any chance of getting this reuploaded on a host that doesn't suck (tindeck maybe?)? This is one of the tracks I'd really been looking for remixes of...
  19. Um...sorry to sound like a total n00b, but can someone please tell me how the f**k I actually listen to this? i can't find a link anywhere on that page you linked...
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