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  1. Nearly a decade later, I still listen to this. Good work everyone
  2. I've been waiting/hoping for someone to do a Deus Ex remix on OCR for years, but I never imagined Alex himself would be a part of it! BGC too, who I remember from his great contributions to the Lifestream album (I so very nearly made an OVA of "adrenalyn kick" over Death Note clips, which if you listen to the quote in the song, is a perfect match). Anyway, I really love this. 3:16 is wonderful. It does what a remix should do - simultaneously take you back to the source material, and beyond it. I will be listening to this one a lot. The only bit I don't like is the use of the Deus Ex theme towards the beginning, it clutters up the song to my mind. But I'm probably wrong! And BGC, Alex, if you collaborate again, please please consider . I would die.
  3. Very interesting, actually! Clearly presented, kind of reminded me of that great 'crisis of credit' animation recently: easy to understand yet without oversimplification. It reminds me of the Gabe Newell (Half Life)/Warren Spector (Deus Ex) debate about linearity in games. I've always thought about the debate in terms of linearity vs non-linearity but problem-solving vs choice is actually a more interesting way of thinking about it, now I've seen sephire's video. The non-linearity is really a quality that arises from the decision to make use of choices.
  4. One word sums this song up: "Hooray!" Nice mix. First I have downloaded from OCR in ages. I agree that the best bit is the last third.
  5. There ya go, there's $5 for letting me rape your bandwidth for the last 5 or so years
  6. I'll help. I'm all about Deus Ex remixes!
  7. If I was involved in this that was actually what I would want to do. Either that or clips from Death Note Episode 25 (and others) put to Adrenalyn Kyck.
  8. Did I read it right that there's no jump button for sonic? Presumably that's the only way to 'jump' from the stage
  9. Weren't we just talking about bubble shields yesterday? This has happened too much to be a coincidence; Sakurai's reading folks!
  10. Sounds cool, tempted to learn how to do all this video making stuff for the sake of it.
  11. Cool that can display the trailer okay but not those 'snake on samus' et al movies. Anyone know where else to find them?
  12. If anyone's interested in another instance of another thing like this, and has seen Death Note (guessing I can't link to the OST download), check out the undeniable similarity between "death note theme" found on the 1st OST and carmina brauna.
  13. Ha that's great. Glad that guy got a big break. Did you tell him off for truncating your song? PS You are black
  14. I thought he was drawing from the source material that was the character behind the song. Simultaneously longing for the skies and abusing that engineer woman (I forget the name) - both a childlike dreamer and an angry shit. Don't know about the lyrics but that's how I interpreted it.
  15. Okay, tracks I loved that gave me goosebumps: Adrenalyne Kyck (specifically the quote bit, loved the reference when I found it out too), Every Story Begins with a Name (about 5-6 times throughout the song, mainly the first half) Tracks I loved: Deliverance of the Heart (specifically the atmospheric bit from 2:20), Jenova Celstial (nothing like some of the classic euphoric trance), Daydreaming Again, Frozen Landscape Loads more I loved that don't come instantly to mind probably because I didn't hear them a while. Thanks to all the artists for this excellent, excellent release. EDIT 1 of 21484: And, of course, Crossroads. MMmm
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