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  1. I'm so fucking there. I live like 20 minutes from this place. I really want to see Shawn Phase live, even though the guy is a dick.
  2. OH MY GOD... NESKVARTETTEN! They're the best jazz remixers on the site! ..This makes me happy.
  3. This is the best remix on the site, after Time Management. 'Nuff said.
  4. I like everything about this one. Fast, driving beat, humorous sound effects, and great instrumentation. 9.5/10
  5. Much better than d0d0's remix, in my opinion. Great job!
  6. Disco Dan's music rocks. This song is no exception. It's not my favorite by him, but it's still a great piece.
  7. I am a HUGE fan of progressive rock, and this is the only remix of its type I've seen so far. Great work guys!
  8. This was the first remix I downloaded form the site, and it's since dropped down the list in terms of favorites, but I still like it.
  9. This song is way too short, but it still is one of my favorites. The gradius soundtrack always sounds great when it's remixed.
  10. Professional all the way through. Great job, binster.
  11. This song rocks. The sound effects get a little repetitive, but I love the bassline. The other thing I don't like is the part at about 1:06 when the 8-Bit sounding instrument comes in... It's a little bit out of place. 7.5/10
  12. Wow. I agree with Xelebes about the Happy hardcore part. It's softer, and without those cheesy vocals. 9.5/10
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