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  1. I've found one strategy that seems to work sometimes for hitting him if you don't chance. Do a jump attack at him then quickly do the side roll spin(can't remember its specific name right now). Just be careful, the way the camera moves its easy to do another jump attack again, and you'll be jumping straight into a sword thrust.
  2. I liked Streets of Rage 2 more than 1. Someone mentioned SML3: Wario Land, and I'll agree there. Way way better than 1 and 2.
  3. Because all of the sudden we all got emails reminding us there's a forum on this site.
  4. I've got over 80 hours on this now cause I've played through twice, and I still haven't done a 100% completion. Still need to get all the poes on my second one.
  5. How bout that Galaxy Quest?
  6. Cecilff2

    Nintendo Wii

    I didn't mind the steering in Double Dash, but I always used that green shell kart which turns easy. What I didn't like is that even though they don't magic catch up to you like in MK64, they all tend to coordinate against you. Especially in 150 and mirror. You'll be out in front pretty much the entire race and finally hey theres the last 50 ft or so, Blue shell, blue shell, blue shell, you get second! Wish I could connect to the internet round here with the Wii. All the wireless points on campus give me the connection error thats synonymous with you need to change broadcast channels or broadcast type.
  7. The Rick Wakeman "Journey to the Center of the Earth" album has about a 40 minute long story. Two songs in the entire thing. Parts of it are rock some are more orchestrated.
  8. Cecilff2

    Hybrid Games

    Out of this World is a pretty neat hybrid. Action/Adventure with really fricken hard puzzles. Try not to look up the solutions though, it ruins the experience of "Holy crap I finally made it".
  9. Spoilers Try using the room above you to get a better shot at that switch.
  10. Cecilff2

    Nintendo Wii

    That and you couldn't use bananas to make people actually fall onto other parts of the track. It would always save you and put you back instead of making the person drive back(Like warios stadium in MK64).
  11. I work the IT dept at the college I am attending. Microsoft sent us an install of Vista. Without anything but the task manager running, it was using 433 mb memory. Also...the interface reminds me of macintosh.(And for some reason theres a folder called "Panther" in the Windows folder.)
  12. If you have Oblivion I'd recommend Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. Adds quite a few things and has made it a bit tougher to walk around. (I recommend not attacking guards with it on.)
  13. Cecilff2

    Sony PS3

    I'm guessing he meant to quote you and the quote you quoted but there's no quoting another quote by quoting a post. Also q count +6.
  14. Cecilff2

    Sony PS3

    Yeah, PS3's just aren't selling as fast it would seem. I checked in with the local gamestop every day Monday through Friday when I was Wii hunting and on Thursday they got a shipment of six PS3s. The next day they got 3 Wii's and there were three of us waiting there to see if they'd get any in. The employees were saying they still had 2 PS3's left.
  15. I went in with a rare chu jelly and a bottle of fairy tears. I was completely determined not to use the tears. I succeeded, defeating the IK's with one heart to spare. Though the jelly was used up due to a very unsuccesful gambit with purple jelly which left me with 1/4 of a heart left.
  16. It's easier the other way and seems to be more consistent.
  17. I love mortal draw and use it on pretty much anything I can. Even if it means I get hurt a few times, just so I can do the fancy sword sheathe afterwards.
  18. Kirby with floppy hat and goggles = AWESOME Kirby with manly stubble and bandanna = AWESOME-ER Anyone have that photoshop I did of Kirby + Snake? You mean this one?
  19. Cecilff2

    Sony PS3

    Yeah PS3 definitely isn't error free. Examples of the Red Light of Death. http://www3.youtube.com/watch?v=TVXzN7jCcRA http://www.news4gamers.com/ps3/News-15536.aspx
  20. I love using Jigglypuff against my dad, cause he always chooses Ganondorf, such an easy rest target. That or samus, because I just shoot him from ranged and bug the heck out of him with bombs or smash attacks when he gets close.
  21. Eric Chahi, from Out of this World(Ok so he's actually the guy who made it, but the game is HARD). Just try to outwit him in that game. Don't use strategy guides you cheaters.
  22. Hmmm no one likes NESS? I didn't like him in SSB, but he's my best character in Melee. I thought they improved him quite a bit in it. Though I suppose you gotta get used to the way he moves which is confusing for some. His regular B move works extremely well on CPU's cause they just walk right into it. Or stand there while the green torpedo thing explodes. Other than NESS, I suppose I'd go with Falcon, Roy, Samus, and Pikacthulhu(Darn if only it were real). My favorite moment in SSBM was on the Corneria level, I was doing a custom mode with a friend which made a very high drop rate with freezees and crates the only items that dropped. I got one good hit in with a freezee on him, and he flew in the air, landed on an Arwing and it flew away and killed him.
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