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  1. For this travesty, they must make a Ness AT that does Psi Rocking on everyone.
  2. Agh I finally figure out the airship and I accidentally pick up a totem on my way back out and drop the map without remembering to pick it back up. I was like FINALLY I'M THROUGH. Wiki: Where's the map? AAAGHHHh
  3. That was my first death too... The bosses are pretty cool though. The second and third are particularly nice.
  4. Stuck at the airship so far, finally got the map but couldn't escape(whats up with the frog and rose?). Most deaths so far goes to this one. I'm guessing I'm missing one little thing I could do before I steal the map.
  5. Living Chozo Statue for Brawl 08.
  6. "Vast quantities of his precious bananas have been stolen! And by a very familiar hand..." Looks like I wasn't the only one hoping for K.Rool here.
  7. Cecilff2


    Hey people that don't have it, until you do, there's also this. level 38 kinda gets odd problems with the cubes though. It's still solvable though.
  8. Oh there's something I should have suggested from the start. Reseating the card. Maybe it was just slightly loose or something. Have you tried it again since?
  9. Excellent, I never got to play Okami, our PS2 was a launch one and got the Disc Read Error problem frequently. So we'd do the whole fix for it. Then on one day it pops up again, so my dad was working on it again and something popped out. Anyways it's a disassembled mess even to this day.
  10. It was funny playing it on my new computer. The processor speed for some reason makes all enemy/neutral/police cars jump in place like crazy. Used a tool to emulate a slower speed and it worked fine.
  11. Streets of Sim City all makes sense now.
  12. I've been playin through it again on hyper. Mogenar took like 30 minutes to kill. And got me down to my last energy tank a few times. Hyper mode is pretty necessary, but you cannot afford to let it go corrupted. Wasting entire energy tanks is a quick way to get yourself killed. The fricken bryyo turrets were annoying until I started ignoring the enemies and just working on the turret.
  13. ****** Round Twelve: ******* Sim City 2000 Yes Close between this and 3000 for my favorite in the series. And the only one I've ever filled an entire map on. Shooting helicopters down and reading about it in the newspaper was always nice. A great classic. Starcraft Yes, it's Starcraft. Everyone already knows why. Total Annihilation Borderline Yes. The difference in map size and units was not what I found interesting about this(Though it does help). Your entire army depended somewhat on your commander unit(And destruction of this unit could end in a loss if game mode is set to such). Resource collection was also quite varied. You could harvest materials or build self extracting facilities. The doomsday weapons were pretty neat too, as they actually were very very destructive, though costly. Also, who could hate singing and honking robots? I give this borderline yes though, because of the cheap tactic involving air transports and your enemy commander. Also, the last level is insanely difficult usually getting yourself nuked or MERVed(I forget the mobile missile launcher things name). ****** Round Thirteen: ****** GoldenEye 007 Yes, Singleplayer fun fun fun fun. Multiplayer fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.... Prey Borderline no Part of the reason I nominated this one was to see why it was so hated. Seems people only bought it for the portals gimmick. I don't know why you all ignore the gravity switching, wall walking, and ghost crap(though this wasn't that neat). As well as the excellent environment. That place actually looked like some huge alien mothership/colony designed to harvest people. The puzzles, though not extremely difficult, did throw me for a loop once. The downside is, it really is a pretty basic shooter. But what really killed it for me was, it was way too easy. The afterlife sort of thing was a neat idea, but seriously, you can't lose because of it. No reloading a save, just pop back in and keep fighting the enemy. Also, the game is short. I mean short, the ability to not die contributed to this front. Lastly, the main character is REALLY annoying. Had they just touched it up a bit, and fired the people who wrote the characters, this could have been one great game.
  14. Happy birthday Dou. Thanks for the sig I used way past its expiration date. Yet it still tasted good.
  15. Power shouldn't be a problem, I have an ATI X800 too, though its PCI-E. I think it needed a 300 or 350 watt PS. I'd recommend swapping the video card into another machine. If it works fine there, it's your motherboard, probably the AGP slot itself. Otherwise your video card is screwed up. Edit: Also by manually install, he means don't use an exe installer, but instead go to the unknown device, and click update drivers, then point to a folder where you've extracted the driver files. Also Edit: Got any other AGP cards if there's no other available computers?
  16. I can already see the multitudes of sports game remix projects.
  17. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo
  18. So if you check IGN, they've got some videos up of gameplay and such. There is a norfair stage for metroid I noticed. That'll probably be a fairly soon future update.
  19. Cecilff2


    Just don't use this in boston.
  20. Cecilff2

    Nintendo Wii

    If you're talking about the first pic, mario's more in the center of the pic not the 2D one on the left. Looks like its something stuck on the wall.
  21. I'd prefer zero to either of those actually. But thats not gonna happen cause he isn't the mascot of the megaman games. I could see him being an assist and he just runs in, blasts someone's arm off and leaves.
  22. Indeed, thats the way it worked in Zero Mission after all. Crap pirates! Stun, run, hide. Yay the pirates short memory has caused them to forget I was ever here.
  23. Wow that was a quick day transition Voting round 3 Wave Race 64 - No While it was a nice racer, it never really held anything over MK64 or DKR. Not a must have title. Age of Empires - No A decent enough RTS, but AoE2 surpassed it in almost every way. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - YES Not only is the game great by itself, but it can be modified into almost anything else you want. It was the most unique RPG I had ever seen. Surpassing Oblivion in my opinion so far, though I'm sure there will be some mods that'll bring it up to Morrowinds level of awesomeness eventually. Round 4 stuff Half Life - Yes The shooter that got almost everything right, though those barneys caused me plenty of trouble(STOP GETTING YOURSELVES KILLED). Nice story that let you find out all you needed to know on your own. Alpha Centauri - Yes Of the Civ games I've played, this one has always been my favorite. Taking out the remaining peacekeeper forces with a planet buster(which you convince the other factions that its not an atrocity) is always a nice ending for them. A nice vision of colonizing a sentient planet if I ever saw one.
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