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  1. I love it! Usually I hate this type of violin (preferring orchestra strings to the "fiddle" sound), but it worked just fine in this mix. The guitar and bass are deliciously funky. Reminiscent of a swanky chill-out lounge. Good job!
  2. Holy crap. When this loaded in Winamp I thought DOSbox had spontaneously started up in the background and run Jazz Jackrabbit. XD No, seriously. It's awesome, and would fit in perfectly in one of those awesome early-90s DOS shareware games. Absolutely brilliant job, Mazedude.
  3. Had this for years. I'm glad I'm not the only one who recognised the laugh sound as being from the original. That's a strange touch on the part of Mitsuda, though, putting a vocal laugh into an SNES chiptune in the first place... Very nice, understated remix. It pulses, it prowls, it growls, it scratches! It's as moody as my (imaginary) cat.
  4. I loved this theme and was waiting for someone to cover it... now I don't have to feel like I'm the only one who noticed it. I like the basic straightforward dancebeat approach, but being a FL user I can't help but notice that a lot of the instruments are very default-sounding...
  5. Sweet! I spotted this back when it was still a WiP (and barely 1 minute long), and was really looking forward to the finished product. zircon certainly does not fail to deliver, and this is one of my favourite themes from the game to boot. As others have said, it is a pity about the shortness of this piece, but the source material was pretty damn catchy to begin with, so it's all good. The electronic coverage is like a sexy new suit for it. Repeat mode activated!
  6. D'oh! I feel stupid now. I got this off Shareaza under a SoaD filename. Ouch. At the time I hadn't heard anything by System of a Down, so... :S Excellent song though. I wonder if Rabbit Joint is still around? I hope this wasn't just a one-time thing... (though it would be interesting, like a sort of "one-hit wonder" effect in OCR, maybe?) The sound of this cover sounds a bit like They Might Be Giants to me. Its silliness is also reminiscent of Weird Al. Kind of like a weird love child of the two?
  7. Wow. I downloaded this a very long time ago, and quite enjoyed it, but just now I rushed back here to comment on it. Brief story why: Four years ago, I tried to translate the Japanese lyrics to the vocal version of this song's original ("Koibito no Inaiyoru"), with little success due to my ignorance of the Japanese language. I had a rare MP3 of the vocal bonus track from the Soul Blazer OST, though... which is now lost to me. Despite the absolutely abysmal vocal abilities of the singer, I missed having that song around to cheer me up... so I was sitting around wondering where I could possibly find it again. And my friend, a Soul Blazer fan, mentioned this ReMix, saying he couldn't figure out which song it was a remix of (as it wasn't listed in the ReMix's details on the OCR page). He still couldn't ID it after going through his Soul Blazer SPCs... Then it struck me like lightning - the melodic flute at 2:14 was none other than the melody to Koibito no Inaiyoru. Holy yowza. Now that I know what the original was, I must say I love Israfel's interpretation of it. Completely blew me away, with the sweeping pads and those killer drums, as well as the surprisingly rich instruments (I normally don't expect to find such a clean-sounding harpsichord, and it's one of my favourite instruments). I especially love the Japanese-sounding (or, at the very least, of-ethnic-origin) percussion, which evokes a sense of swordfights and mystical journeys. (Or maybe that is because I associate this kind of lush, electronica-baroque sound with the Brave Fencer Musashi OST. Heh.) Lovin' it, Israfel. Also loved the Ogre Battle "Zenobia's Grave (A Champion Has Risen)" ReMix. Please keep it up.
  8. I found this mix while checking to see if there were any Treasure Hunter G mixes on the site... so far this is still the only one. The game's OST was absolutely mindblowing. By the time I got to the first training dungeon (where this song, "The World's Cavern 1" is played), I was hooked on the music. The CGI-rendered graphics weren't bad either. Anyway! Just wanted to say how much this ReMix stands out for me. I love how it drifts around, pushes at the edges, and yet still comes back with the drums and beat. Funny you should mention Radiohead's "Morning Bell" - that was precisely what I thought of when I heard the intro percussion, complete with fade-in and all. Actually, come to think of it, this ReMix style reminds me a lot of Radiohead's experimental stuff (as found on Kid A and Amnesiac - not so much Hail to the Thief). Electronic and very, very textured. Well done. - Fyda p.s. Oh, and uh... one more thing: "Linoleum Stalactites"? O_o
  9. 'Lo. I go by the name of LFyda. I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I've been a fan of OCR for (at least) the past four years now. I've got a lot of interests; gaming and music are two of the major ones. It's encouraging to see lots of people here who started out as ReMixing newbies and are now exalted ReMixers... and I'm hoping that someday I'll develop like they have and have what it takes to consistently produce good remixes, as well as original pieces. Thank you, to the founders and contributors of this community, for all the inspiration. - Fyda
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