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  1. Heya! New track from Bikko Shounen! It's a mix of 8bit, DnB, Dance, blablabla, heh I'm not sure what to call it but thought someone here might enjoy it Untill now we've been doing mostly instrumental tunes, but we're evolving and want to bring Bikko Shounen to a new level and include vocals, this is the result. More to come soon! Download: http://www.speedyshare.com/616601123.html Listen: http://www.myspace.com/bikkoshounen Enjoy!
  2. Im pretty much done already, I just hope the character I chose counts as a sidekick xD
  3. Oi oi! Been working on this tune and could use some help with ideas on how we could extend, make it sound better We're using Fruityloops, mostly free vsti's and Nexus, lyrics are pretty much out of question as neither of us has good voice Other than that, I dunno really... any suggestions? http://www.speedyshare.com/165898708.html //Bikko Shounen www.myspace.com/bikkoshounen
  4. This is what Tiesto's version should have been like, lovin' it!
  5. Thank you for posting. Yea I noticed that myself so I decided to re-arrange it, making it sound more like a 3minute club/radio mix. Keeping the melody though, it's what remixing is all about in my opinion
  6. http://www.speedyshare.com/776661401.html Fruityloops 6 139 Bpm Samples - Vengeance Clubsounds, Vipzone free percs and some more VSTi's - Z3ta, Vanguard Enjoy! BAI!
  7. Dj Scot Project - French Kiss French Kiss Stream
  8. Eh, is that supposed to be music? or just some random blip blops?
  9. Im sucker for zelda themes/remixes, though not a very big fan of rock/metal etc still! this remix or should I say cover? is GREAT, goodjobb!
  10. Sorry to hijack your thread, but im gettin this for my birthday: Anyone know if its any good overall? Im pretty much in the same spot as Hom~ .__.
  11. t h i s t u n e d e l i v e r s I just cant belive I havent heard this one untill now >_< *spanks myself*
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