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  1. So what about vibrations...? We ALL have them because of the rumble feature in the controllers!Oh, you mean that. Still, so what? She does a good job of recording and uploading games... Even though not too often its fun to watch and learn how others play. If there's ever a vote she has mine =P Sorry Sonic.
  2. Yeah, I think she deserves it for doing the recording and uploading of games... ::thumbs up to Lazy::
  3. 827 meg... Wow... I'll have this in like a half hour to 2 hours it says... I'll DL this and then check to see if anyone's on tonight. My brother has the GC hooked up and is FINALLY playing RE4... but at the time I'd usually be on Halo 2. So I may not be on tonight thanks to him =P-edit- I'll get it later, after I don't need bandwidth...
  4. "Why I wanna be a staff member: I'm a good, all arounder. I'm FAIRLY active, much more than wingless is... I make sure little whiney kids are in their place in their own DIFFERENT parties. I make sure people don't cheat whenever I play. And... I want a spiffy title!"
  5. I got ticked off since so many people in BTB are fkn morons who can't follow one order like "block off the teleporter with that busted warthog. its not worth driving since a good shot will trash it." MORONS I SAY! they can't do ANYTHING right... i like playing with people i know better anyways =P The carbine still is pretty good all around though. I also think it has the 100% acc glitch as well... But I forget. Been too long since I went in with a friend and we've tested EVERY weapon's power/acc. Devin's never online nowadays though, so feh to him. I'll see em at school anyways. @Sonic: wow, youre like the king of the mecha girls thread... me = lazy person who doesnt feel like uploading though =P
  6. Carbine is a bit better for longer ranges though... more accurate since it only fires out one shot. the BR is better for closer ranges, since all 3 bullets can cause more damage then. Just a common but overlooked principle here folks!
  7. Or if worse comes to worse, then you could always buy some new ones. Used would be better to go with since it would be about $5...
  8. Not on tonight since i gots me a DS (finally) with Polarium. I hafta work tomorrow night and monday so I might not be on much/at all then until tuesday, my next day off. Besides, I have a party to go to next saturday for my friend katy, and I need to get her something still >.< @Lazy: Great, now my little picture on my polarium high score says DJV... thanks to you for putting that in my head -.-;
  9. Bringing back that head-to-head game... http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=248845307&player=Deej%20Valen I lose at first, then he starts to mouth off. I come back and start to totally pwn him, then he gets pissed, and I end up winning. @Red NO RETARDNAUT!!! >.< need a ton of people up for a 4-team multi flag scramble game... i fixed the game settings so it'll play better with more people and flags bouncing around.
  10. Tried it, but it wont work due to windows not having the stuff needed to run it... Woo fer me... Ok, im off now, since theres a HUGE storm coming (look at weather here in ohio right now...) and if ya know me as a close friend, you'll know that i HATE storms... meep... ._.;; ::scurries off::
  11. That would be handier and all... but the DLL's that run messengers are dead... -.- I need my own pc that mom won't fuck up...
  12. Haven't played with Wingless. And you're getting better. Try challenging mythic, your skills at using cover improve GREATLY. And doing special boarding techniques that can instakill wraith drivers is fun too! (plasma boarding technique to beat Regret on Mythic) So you name the day, and I'll be ready for a fight!
  13. We shall see about that... ::ready for a game at anytime as long as he isnt asleep, or at work, or just plain busy::
  14. I'm mainly a sniper, but I'll prolly make my own badges to hand out, complete with spiffy fractal backgrounds/etc.. =) Just need to fix this PC first so that my graphic design stuffs are working once more.
  15. Bah! We have Magic, Sonic, Deimos, you, Lazy, and a WHOLE slew of awsome players on our side... Those mortals won't last long against us
  16. I was talking about the first halo. If you can legendary it by yerself, then mythic on 2 may not be much harder... I just wish they hadn't railed the pistol like they had. 3 headshots = instakill was nice... Goto the level Sacred Icon, and at the subtitle "Buyer's Remorse" head along until you find an area LITTERED with flood and murky vision. When you see 5 boxes in a stack jump up them, and run along the top area until the final side chamber. Go inside and pick up Mythic, save & quit, then reselect a level on legendary to REALLY kick up the attack & defense of ALL enemies. Also posted for people who don't know where mythic skull is.
  17. Yes, DURING matches. And yet, you still got nearly a minute on that King of the Hill match. Stupid...convenient spawn locations. No, i was trying to BEAT the incredibly cheap assed Nebula Grey final boss type virus/program during the game... I went into the secret area only to find its more liberation missions, and i had traded my slowgauge * for some other chip for a trading process. stupid me. now that i have it back though, im going to blow through there and try to get all my hp ups... if you've never played megaman battle network you should ignore the above statement. if you already read it, your waste of time and not mine =P @yellow: BAH! if you're only that far on legendary on Halo: CE, then I dub you "Sad Sad Kiddie" (name of FLCL song btw) I did that long ago... With and without my friend. Halo 2 needed online co-op like Doom 3...
  18. Well, that WAS a custom match between mostly clan members. But it was pretty fun =D @red: you & sonic sniped me PLENTY tonight -.- I need to get back into my groove. Been playing too much battle network 5 trying to get deep into the secret area & more.
  19. I'll match that. Side Note: No attempt at aggressive competition here. Just jumping on the bragging bandwagon. I was talking mainly about my beserker but oh well XD And Deimos, I bet ya haven't tried out mythic yet. Beat legendary first, then you just might survive... o_o;; I'm STILL trying to go through it like that. On legendary, pick up the mythic skull then save & quit after tossing it down. Then select a level such as the arbiter and the difficulty goes WAY up.
  20. I'll match that. Side Note: No attempt at aggressive competition here. Just jumping on the bragging bandwagon. I was talking mainly about my beserker but oh well XD
  21. Time to brag, check out mah medals: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=241971754&player=Deej%20Valen And yes, anime is awsome so thats why the badge should have an anime character... To show awsomeness! -edit- That, or Madness! Both are awsome. -2nd edit- Ok, get this: Pogostick from Commander Keen (go out and dl it, CLASSIC) with Oboro from Live-A-Live on it... I haven't seen you jump around like a bunny yet wespip. I know how to but then again, its hard to fight like that o_o;
  22. Well, Red needs an anime explosive thing... So I may go make him one in a bit. Need to see if my ripped copy of fireworks mx will operate under my PC's horrible condition. IE has fucked up where it won't load (not that i want it to...) and it crashes explorer everytime i try to delete the shortcut off my desktop. So pic yer poison Red, then I'll try to draw up and celshade the anime person of yer choice with a bomb of some sort. After that, I'll get a ninja (possibly Oboro from Live-A-Live, check it out on an snes rom since square never released it statewide) and put him onto a pogo stick, make a bouncing animation for Wespip. Ah, the wonders of flash mx... Besides, the first post said that the meeting time was about 10:00 PM EST. So blah to you, im eating a pizza. Then i may be on to try to get past lv 23... or regret on mythic!
  23. Will anyone else be on later tonight? It's getting lonely with NO ONE to play with T-T Besides, I need people who know how I play and can give me DECENT cover fire. Random people just don't listen to what you tell them
  24. But then again, what DOES make sense? Who draws the line to what makes sense and what doesn't make sense?
  25. i could always hold my halo 2 multiplayer map pack stand thingy with all the magnents in it over my head in a zelda pose, but then, who would take the picture? this puzzles me to the edge of the universe and back again 27 times before it hits me. i won't post a pic because i don't look good in green tights... [edit] will be on after this post and when im done with mah ice cream...
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