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  1. yay! more people to pwn! ^^ YAY! and more fun with mah gf as well... >> i may have her play with us sometime once i get her good enough...
  2. Still haven't noticed that the gift card I used to assign my gamertag to had no money left on it... So I still have it ^^
  3. Dunno if this glitch will go unnoticed for long... But I may not have XBL for awhile until I renew it. They think I already have, but... Nope.
  4. Whose the one who beat you and wespip down in CTF? Yeah, thats right. Me and Mrs. IDon'tMasturbateAlot. Poor Wespip almost had some... (for a change) =)
  5. Lets see... A night of making out with my girlfriend, then halo? Awsome, pure awsome =D
  6. Kay. I'll be on after I check some stuff out and also brag to some people... >>
  7. I'm going out later tonight and I'll be back at like 10-midnight EST to play with ya guys...
  8. Most likely I'll be doing something with Jessi in the afternoon so at night I'll play with ya guys and pwn ya with Chuck Norris powers... Roundhouse kicks for all!
  9. Most likely sat. night, since I'm off work. Unless I come up with something to do with my GF Jessi... >>
  10. AAAAAAUGH! Food poisoning sucks... So does work... Must play Halo instead of Disgaea, doods! >.< Wish me luck in The Garage's Halo 2 Tourney this weekend! o_o; www.garageonline.org
  11. I'm still alive... But I almost broke my spine from rocking out so much yesterday at a concert >.<;; The pain...
  12. Ohhhh. I was wondering who you are. Also Deej: POGO NINJA. *shakes fist* How about get over some shyte in my life first, then get back to my artsy and musicaly stuff? I think that's a LOT more sane. If I don't, it's like flying into a crimson balrog at exp level 1.
  13. That's because the first batches of Xboxes suck ass. My friends is like, one of the old xboxes to first come out and its retarded, hardly able to play anything without multiple tries. Mine is newer, and can play everything on its first try.Oh, btw. Hi. My name's Deej. I'm not on as much but that's because I'm working, playing Maplestory, at school, sleeping, or practicing for tournies around here. I got a 4 man team already and we're getting better and better. If I'm online I may be with people but if I'm not, just join and I'll drag ya into some slaughterfests.
  14. If my brother will ever be off the fucking PC using the net when I feel like playing Halo, then I can get on for a change. But no! He is a loser and never leaves the hose at all for anything! -.-
  15. If by..next you mean...last week's. Not on adult swim =PI'ma tweak our clan symboly thing, making it say "The Original OCR Clan" somewheres on it... Too many other wannabe clans out there ¬_¬
  16. Peanut Butter Jelly Time on the next Family Guy. Woot. I've even spoken to the maker of that before... Time to tell him the news!
  17. Holiday seasons upset me... So does work. That's why I haven't been on lately. Once I get my shopping done and I calm down, then yeah, I'll be active again. Till then, I'll just pop up every now and then like the whack-a-mole in the back that is slightly broken and hardly pops up. Or something like that.
  18. Awww, does Lazy miss me that much? I'm sorry T_T
  19. Me and my friend skipped tuesday, tried to get one monday night, to no luck. Oh well, I've heard these are a crappy batch and aren't as good as the later batches will be. Just save yer money for now... Until all the bugs are out. We did piss off some people waiting there since sunday night though. Bastard 50 year old guy who kept getting so upset that me and him even showed up. He was scared to death that they would raffle them off like at other stores.
  20. Um... Eat me. Bitey kat goodness! Goes with my AIM icon now... And DA icon. and SA icon. Woo.
  21. Now that's funny. Nothing new to report, other than kids in springboro (our big school rival) SUCK FKN ASS AT HALO! 4 of us from here at Franklin pwned them all at a lan party... Too easy. Can someone give me a challenge for us to play? BTB ish dead T_T I'ma hafta kill meself now that it's gone... <sigh>
  22. pfft, lies you know you said you were looking for "the penis place" (no seriously, he found a place called the penis place near his house and he sent me a mapquest link with his address in it) You mean the one weebl was talking about on www.weebls-stuff.com?
  23. been superbouncing and playing maple story. mwhahaha. i am so evil... wait till i master all of them and use them in matchmaking to super snipe/rocket people to death. haha. will be on later... i hope.
  24. Getting the super Xbox 360 when it comes out. I want my music box thank you! That, and it comes with Gold LIVE, meaning Perfect Dark, Halo 3, RE5 (IF they do that...) and Quake 4 (OMG!) online. Prepare to get pwned.
  25. I want ;o; Wait, I thought that you already had Xeno 2...? Or did you just get 1? DDR MM is going to be fun. They've put in the old NES powerpad elements like a minigame where you run down a hill away from a chain chomp. Will remind me of that Track & Field Game that came with Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros on the same cart. Ah, memories.Buying a 360 a little after it comes out. I have plenty so I'm good X3 I'm getting Quake 4 and Perfect Dark to start, then RE5 when it comes out. PS3 is going to be like PS2 with memory and loading and framerate issues and that bothers me... So blah. Also, I have to postpone shirt designing since I got assigned a live project that's due in 2 weeks. AKA, Commission. And I'm the only guy whose technical enough to do it, so I was put up to it. Blah. In other news, my Maple fame is now at 1, I've been picking up rare drops, and I just got a PANLID, baby! Panlids are a mages/bandits/super n00bs best friend, as its the best shield for them (as of now). Better than that stolen fence shield I used to have. That fucker who mass defamed me is banned too, but I think I've seen other chars of his... Kakashi9091 was the bastard, and i've seen both Kakashi909 and Kakashi091 running around all n00b like. If it is him, then I should start calling him that since he tried to do it to me. But hey, since I was a beta tester and got that spiffy +1 to all stats bandanna, he couldn't DARE call me that XD MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! *ahem* Alright, fine. I'll be on halo for awhile tomorrow... BUT SOMEONE HAD BETTER BE ON TO PLAY WITH ME SINCE I HARDLY GO INTO MATCHMAKING WITHOUT A FRIEND/CLAN MEMBER WHO KNOWS ME!!! Because I always get idiots on my team >.< Long post. Woo. Sleep now. Bye. DJ Sasha. Yay!
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