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  1. heh picked this one out of the WIP boards a while ago =P its a real solid mix, i thought, i havent given it a second listen yet, but will do that soon. just had to mention that this is actually our THIRD cammy mix, ryu7x "dancing in the sky" is of cammy's theme. (i cant believe u guys havent picked that out yet =P) heh ahhh i remember this now.. i guess this is mostly distinguished by that sax in the background with some nice improv runs. this is one of those chillll pieces that i love. just lay back and relax =)
  2. jeez i guess no ones a trance fan. i enjoyed this tons... its pretty comforting its not a high energy happy hardcore kinda thing, but a nice relaxed chill-music. i liked it... check it out
  3. not to familiar with the original but i remember other mixes of this. starts with a driving synth, that bass drum is just kicking here. wow i cant believe i missed this mix.. its very good, u should check it out. this is my last of the morning.. if u havent noticed, im just trying to get all those reviews with 0 replies on the board some of these are nice, but theyll never get ne recognition without ne publicity.. feel free to dust some of these off =)
  4. kicks off pretty well, but i wonder if it woulda been better to switch the synth and percussion entrances... but only cause i like hearing the beat down quick. neway, i dont think i enjoyed it as much as saunders, but it was pretty solid. djjake has a thing for driving bass, and this one nails it perfectly. percussion break at ~1:00 is nice triangle + woodblocks all the way baby, thats what im talking about.
  5. ehh.. at first i thought redifer was being a little harsh.. =X i think there was some distortion(??) which would explain a couple weird sounding lines. and.. yeah that ending wasnt too good =X
  6. well i never heard the original... so i cant do ne comparing.. but what im hearing is reaal good. this mix sounds very solid and the 8-bit quality of the sound just compliments the mood of the song. very well done.
  7. well... i did dl this back during christmas and i enjoyed it a looooot. but when that new faze lufia piece came out, i enjoyed it so much i decided to load up all my lufia + 2 remixes... and this came out on the playlist and oooooohhhh the shivers. i love it. keep up the amazing work dale
  8. haha i was contemplating whether or not to make a post regarding this song when it first came out. well im glad its made another home here, its definately a very well done piece. a must for any som fan.. and just dl it neway even if ur not an som fan. this stuff rocks!
  9. so im checking the wip board and i see wintermutes wip.. and someone points out that there are a couple very good mixes of this song already, so i decide to check it out, since i enjoyed wintermutes, but i might have missed a couple. turns out i was missing THIS ONE (i was able to pinpoint quickly due to djp's new database feature ) and... damn i cant believe i missed this one. it sounds marvelous =) i dont know if id lift it up to the status that djp has brought it to, but its definately worth a listen or 2 or 15 =)
  10. really... i could pick up the song in this mix pretty easily. infact im gonna restart it now cause i like it so much =) ok i heard a hint @ :24... then again at :30. but enough of that... i enjoyed this soooo much. im a huge fan of the_wingless and this does not disappoint! it just sounds so goooood, so smooooth =) the extra percussion line is nice. the slight syncopation on the main melody sounds so great. i love this interpretation. sure to be a keeper and much more.
  11. ooh man that *shwing* sfx gave me the shivers. it was sooo good. song itself... sounding pretty good. i just wish the bassline fit better at :40, sounds a little ehh for a couple seconds. ive always liked the frog theme, so this is a plus egh 1:49 it happens again. bassline clash (is it just me? haha i guess...) haha 3:09 was fun. i woulda liked a bigger pause though... overall, its a nice fun piece.
  12. jeez i cant believe i dont remember dling this. it seems like the first time im hearing it, and its amazing. if u dont got it yet, this ones a must.
  13. sor tracks are very difficult to remix since they are pretty intense already. i think gecko pulled it off very well, maintaining the feel yet still putting in some new stuff. i doubt it could have strayed further from the original, cause its already a lot. in my opinion, sor2 is very difficult to mix, and for gecko, he has produced yet another winner. (wow mustin ur tough heh )
  14. everyones giving malcos a lotta props and no love for nighteyes =( hmm.. drum panning straight off the bat, but it stops =) (edit: i didnt mean this in a bad way. i just meant that if it were going on throughout the whole song it would have been a little annoying =X) good good. overall the drum line sounds very solid. better than anything i could conjure up im assuming this song needs to be played loud, unfortunately i dont like listening w/ headphones and my parents are sleeping =| however, id have to agree w/ vigilante, it gets pretty repetitive =\ those extra little things aren't enough to cover it up. but anyways, solid mix. doesn't fall into my fav listening genre, but it'll do. great job on the first one!
  15. haha i did that a couple times.. i dont think i was riding on public opinion when i said it though =\ neway.. good stuff malcos, ive been looking for something like this for a while. and what AP was saying... i definately coulda heard a xylophone solo going on.. but since u had the piano going on too, maybe it woulda been a stretch. but i think some kinda -phone/bells thing would have sounded great
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