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  1. Midi features within ProTools have always been a bit sparse, though I hear version 7 is attempting to close the gap a bit. I'm still using 6.9 on my G4, and it works like a charm for my purposes. The main draw to this particular DAW is the ability for recording engineers and producers to take their projects home and on the road, due to its "industry standard" status right now. It's hard to find a studio (in Nashville at least) without a Pro Tools rig pumping audio into an analog console. In my opinion, though, Logic is poised to take over the "Pro-sumer" audio market for us Mac guys,..... if it hasn't already
  2. Well it's not something I'm going to be able to playback in my head, but I admire the compositional skills in this piece.
  3. My God! Where is my copy of F-Zero because this song has brought me back into that 16bit, mode-7 goodness!
  4. Pro Tools can identify a bpm for a selected waveform. Then it can map a grid around it so that it's easy to sequence directly with the recording. Not sure if anyone actually uses protools here though.
  5. Couldn't you argue that weighted keys are good even for expressive synth pads and even stringed instruments. I get so pissed sometimes with my Radium 61 because of the utter difficulty it is to play certain instruments at the right velocities I'm shooting for. I'm actually considering the Axiom controller as well for the simple advantage of having a little "oomph" to the keys.
  6. Lol, there's like a billion fliers all around my campus from Sweetwater looking for potential "Sales Engineers". Who knows, I might try for an interview after I graduate this summer. Gotta get a job sooner or later.
  7. I'm not sure if you could ever say there's a right way to do compression. Just go for what sounds good in your mix. Rock That Comp!
  8. I'm not trying to say the SM57 is a bad mic. I used to have 2 of them. I was just using it as an example. A $2500 M147 vs. a $90 SM57 is obviously going to have a few advantages to it (for vocals at least,,,,snare drums are another story). It's important to note that no amount of tweaking or post-processing is going to be able to completely improve and upgrade the sound of your source signal. But I agree that it is better to work with what you have, and if a $200 or so plugin (or free) is going to give you that extra boost in quality, go for it.
  9. yep, you can't fix a recording from a bad mic. There isn't a magical plugin that's going to make a sound coming from a Shure SM57 sound like it's shooting out of a Neumann M147 with a Millenia Preamp through a Mytek A/D Converter. Of course unless you've got a good 6 or 7 grand to drop on all that, better to just work with what you've got.
  10. what you've just described is a sampler. There's a million different kinds of samplers, some free, some not free.
  11. Check out Reaktor 5 at nativeinstruments.com. If you're wanting to build an instrument from scratch, I know of no better modular instrument package out there. Be prepared to do a lot of reading however. It took me a week just to get a sine wave out of the freaking thing. The preset instruments in it, however, are spectacular, and sort of like the combinator in Reason in that you can combine multiple modules and create your own complex instrument. Then just load it as a vst into your favorite DAW and you're good to go. Come to think of it, I should really buy that software,,,I've been using the stupid demo for about 3 weeks now. Sigh.......money money money.
  12. Yeah I've heard other people talking about the potential of ethernet and audio transfer. It's all exciting stuff! And yes, I believe KORE can be loaded as a VST into your DAW,,which is sick! Imagine a combi of Absynth, Kontakt, and any other amount of VST patches loaded as one single sound. MY GOD!
  13. It would be awesome if there was a way to load Kore onto a seperate computer, and pipe the audio to another. You could essentially have all your vsts on one comp, and your DAW's on another. Then just transmit midi to one and audio to the other, and......sigh.....i'm drooling. If only I had the money.
  14. Well, I'm not an official remixer,,,(yet) but I'll go ahead an throw in my two cents here. Computer: PowerMac Dual 1.8G4 1 gig ram M-Audio Delta 44 Audio Interface MIDI Controllers: M-Audio Radium 61 Behringer BCF-2000 DAW(s) Ableton Live 5.01 Pro Tools M-Powered 7 Software VST's/AU's/Rewire apps Reason 3.04 Imposcar Kontakt Absynth 3 Battery 2 Garritan Personal Orchestra Recycle 2.1 Monitors/Headphones: M-Audio BX8s Sony MDR 7506s (I've had Reason since 1.0, which seems like forever ago. If it hadn't been for that program, I would've never been able to embrace midi production like I have)
  15. Has anyone checked into this at all? I was surfing through NI's website and this seems to be the next big thing for the company. It looks very interesting, especially the concept of being able to combine multiple vst's into huge single patches. Not sure what kind of processing power you would need to really take advantage of it though KORE Homepage
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