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  1. Im not usually one to request but. Would somebody please listen to the Soundtrack http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=1854 Some really lovely melodies, harmonies and choice of sounds i feel. I think there could be quite a lot of scope with there being elements from rock,electronica,funk,jazz. Some stand out tracks IMO are: Parking Block Best Room Boss 5 City Skyscraper Written in Collaboration with Hiroyuki Iwatsuki who wrote the music in Omega Five which is another stellar soundtrack. If your a fan of the 16bit era you need to check this out, and if a mix comes out of it even better. Thanks for your time.
  2. Just went back in the thread and read Sirlins views on the game. Not doubting the guys ability to understand SF but it seems as if hes dogging on it a little because its not SSF2T. That makes me even more skeptical of him because he pretty much earned a living playing that game and heling out with the HD Remix.
  3. I love the music in this game. The inside a casino esque stage, the Old temple stage and Volcanic rim stages are my favourites. Cant get enough of those songs. Even the training level music is kickass. Im LOVING Gouken. Love the dash punch and parry moves. Dont know how good hed be online or vs someone who is really good at street fighter. But hes fun stuff my friend plays Akuma so its like a little rivalry going on.
  4. do you mean "19XX" or "1945:subtitle of something" ? 19XX rocks so if its on XBLA it'll probably rock.
  5. I liked the metal gear solid pisstake just because of the "im a an idling video game character, look how i undulate due to me not doing anything" pose. made me lol.
  6. 21i7Y5Enkms Limewax - Aria KL1nv4Sgzp4&fmt=18 Limewax and Current Value - Tempest I like drums and SFX
  7. Fantastic Plastic Machine. In Flames Schoolyard Heroes all through random snippets of interesting sound from the internet. whilst im at it. http://www.uniqlo.jp/uniqlock/archive/
  8. Good game ,awesome music. combat is a little clunky. The time fram for disarming someone swinging a weapon at your face is too small and oddly placed. (as the guns about to hit you? surely as they arc their arm backwards is a better time to stifle a swing?) but one of the best games ive played in a long while. sense of flow, control and awesome builing leapery is badass. Capcom need to take note of this game. Then create Strider 3 and reference to this game alot. but make it faster and with more cutting and stuff... yeah
  9. Full of suck? WRONG. otherwise, nice thing!
  10. I can pretty much fly! down,up,jump right? you've seen that? Thats counts as flying right? hurr,hurrr,hurr,hurrBLAM. fuckin ceilings :/
  11. Quackshot. I swapped it with my cousin for Kid Chameleon and Sonic3 when i was 10. The trade was awesome! but i miss that game, the duckburg and viking ship theme pwn loads.
  12. Richter Belmont. The only guy in history whos Shoryuken out does Kens
  13. Im using a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770pros closed back,so damn comfy with a nice full sound. I forget the correct term but they sit around your ears with the cup resting on your head instead of ears. Im not gonna upgrade for a loooong time.
  14. The closest i ever came to crying was the theme song to elfen lied. haunting as fuck.
  15. is T. Yamanishi not doing the music for this one aww man i hope one of those other names is an alias. guy makes such great songs. I can honestly say the music from 4 espescially the first few stages. Really influenced my taste in music. Infact that game influenced me as a gamer fullstop. when i think 16bit era its images of that game and its music that flash into my head. blahblahblah ANYWAY.... TOSHI FTW
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