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  1. The guy from the 3-D King of Fighters is literally impossible. I used an overpowered character, and he was just.... You had to block every hit, use every opening, and destroy him with an endless combo ending with a super that means his demise at the very instant you can, because thats exactly what he did. EVERY HIT... Blocked. EVERY OPENING... Exploited. Every time he hits you, its either the beginning of a combo you simply cannot stop, or a setup for a super. He's a real bitch and I hate him. I can't get past the first boss no matter what I do. And i'm really not bad at games, its just... I can't do some.
  2. JINPACHI FROM TEKKEN 5 I literally sat there trying to beat him for literally straight 50 times. He is the cheapest (cheaper than Goro from Mortal Kombat), most infuriating boss character i've ever played, and it makes the whole game so much worse because he is impossibly hard, especially with certain characters. I honestly think its impossible to beat him with King or Steve. I really cannot do it. And i'm fairly good with those characters.
  3. This ReMix RuLes. Not much more to say than that. If you've played the game, download it ASAP. You'll thank me later.
  4. This just fucking rules. I don't even know how to put it better. Its like this one guy serving up the burns at a rap battle, and every one is the crowd is going "OOOOOHHHH", that same sense of "DAMN THAT GUY IS CLEVER!!!" except in the form of an OcReMix. Let the comparisons stop there, cause its downhill after that.
  5. Requesting a gif of Axel (the blonde dude from Streets of Rage 2) beating up a pixellated version of a celebrity no body likes, such as 50 Cent, Madonna, Paris Hilton... You know, purveyors of bad music. But it MUST be the first level. Anyone up the challenge? Edit: That, or Mario circa Super Mario World on a level from River City Ransom, going his equivalent of super sonic, jumping into the air, doing a barrel roll, landing, and giving the peace sign. Simply because it would encompass the majority of great games from the past.
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