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  1. First of all I wanted to say in response to the capcom comments. I think it may be likely, because lets not forget Capcom willingly did "Capcom Vs. SNK" which was pretty awesome, in the past. My Arena Wishlist - Metal Gear Rex. Fighting on various parts of him, a scrolling level similar to Rainbow Cruise except the level would take place on the massive Metal Gear Rex, and the entire time its shooting stuff at you, and stuff. Maybe an occasional appearance from a Genome soldier who gets a "!" over his head. lol. Piece of Rex could be destroyed. Any Metal Gear level would be fine as long as they didn't suck and throw you in the stupid Metal Gear Ray fight from MGS2. - I would like a crumbling Ganon's Tower from Ocarina of Time. You start on the top, it shows Ganon falling over for a split second before the level starts, and then the roof collapses. Of course the players would drop down into the level below where the fighting could continue. Every couple seconds the floor would give and crumble and the players would drop into the floor below. Maybe on some floors there would be some Zelda baddies awaiting to join the fight briefly. Of course there would be some awesome destruction effects going on in the background. - A REAL GOOD StarFox battle going on. I wanna see explosions, crashing ships, building being leveled, and I want to fight all in the middle of it and avoid it all. I think THAT would be great. My Characters Wishlist -Ash -Team Rocket!!! -Pig ganon... like in oot. -CRANKY Kong -they should change young link to look like Windwaker. -Toad -Koopa Troopa -Some of the Koopa Kids!!! -Nester (equipped with Nintendo Power mags and a bowling ball, think about it!) -Pikmin controlled by Olimar -Samurai Goroh *3rd party characters* -Ryu -Mega Man -the character from NiGHTS into Dreams -Sonic (and any various others Sonic characters) -Sephiroth (I've never played FF7, but I think this would be cool) -Some Phantasy Star Online characters (Humar, Racast... mags included (maybe the mags could be items to pick up) -Ulala from Space Channel 5! -Ryo Hazuki from Shenume -Sparkster -The Harvest Moon kid -BomberMan (old school BomberMan, not the new one) -heck Nintendo let them borrow Link, lets get Mitsarugi from Soul Calibur. hehe.
  2. i wonder if in Smash Bros 3, how much balancing will be done to eliminate tiers. It would be so nice to see those people that swear by tiers have to eat it when they play as Fox/Marth/Shiek and get their asses handed to them from Bowser... *sigh* hopefully they fix that. Since its going to be online, i'd imagine balancing will come often. so my guess is no more tiers, or atleast it would be WAY MORE difficult to say if there were tiers or not.
  3. so many possibilities for content. I CERTAINLY WANT SCENARIOS FOR MULTIPLAYER DAMMIT! I said it before and I'll say it again! I want a king of the hill mode, I want some scenarios where you have to defend some object or building while your opponent tries to destroy it. I want a special attacks a la newer Street Fighter games where if you build up enough juice through a match you can perform some ultra awesome attack (and maybe while that attack is going on you change shape [Link>Fierce Diety Link, Pikachu>Raichu, Bowser>Giga Bowser, Mario>Tanooki mario?; you get the idea]. ALL the levels from the previous games, including all the old Smash Bros 64 levels (Why the hell didn't they the original Hyrule Castle in Melee?! That level rocked! So did Silph Co.!!). I want tons more Pokemon in Pokeballs (thats a given). Ash as a character would be pretty cool, I just wish they'd throw in Team Rocket. JESSE! JAMES! Meowth thats right. Can you imagine a character similar to the Ice Climbers where you control 3 characters instead of just 2? Jesse, james, and meowth. That would rock! ^_~. I wanna see multiple movesets for clone characters, with the option to pick whether they want the cloned attacks from Melee or brand spankin' new attacks for the Wii game (Ganondorf could have old attacks, OR he could have new attacks with that badass sword he had in his winning pose). WE NEED MORE ENEMIES IN THE LEVELS WHILE WE'RE FIGHTING. Whenever I would play with friends, every couple months we'd get a ReDead, or a goomba, or a polar bear, or a koopa troopa... why didn't this happen more often?! They should just have an "Enemies" item that spawns enemies out of boxes instead of this ultra rare random crap. You never see them, and people are so stupid that the first thing they do is attack them instead of using them to throw at people. >_<. What about a Co-Op mode? 4 players vs. advancing ReDead? goombas? You have to protect an area from them. I mean, I just want more scenarios. Coin Battle is boring!!! Give us real sccenarios! Some mini-games might be fun, too. SO Many possibilities. BRING BACK THE INTRODUCTIONS WHERE CHARACTERS DID STUFF IN THE COUNTDOWN TOWARDS THE BATTLE, THOSE WERE SORELY MISSED IN MELEE!!!!! Give me the rest of the StarFox team... no clones. And maybe a Zora... and Goron. HELL, give me TONS of crazy characters. GIMME a koopa troopa! WARIO! WALUIGI! BABY MARIO... BABY LUIGI! HELL, Baby Brothers, like ice climbers. I want some memories attached to this game. They scratched the surface on Melee but there is sooo much more. The option to destroy things in levels! Can you imagine fighting on the GreatFox and using too many bombs so that the thing crashes into Corneria City below? The fighting continues in city ruins, where badguys from StarFox are shooting at you? What about Hyrule Castle? Take out of the roof and everyone falls below into a Courtyard or a main cathedral. HECK, a pokemon stadium that can have pieces of it destroyed. HELL, Destroy pieces of everything on the Great Fox, they showed us that things CAN be destroyed like the laser gun, why not have more stuff blow up? Why not have wooden stuff catch fire for a little bit when a big explosion occurs? How about ForeSide and if you blew stuff up enough buildings would collapse, or you could tear the roof away from an entire building and fight inside the offices. The ability to use items that are level specific. EXAMPLE, you blow up a fence in Onnet. Use the pieces of broken wood as a projectile. Branch is knocked out of a tree, use it as a projectile. a Bobomb blows a hole through Peach's Castle, use the rocks and bricks and debris that were spread everywhere as weapons. 8 player mode via WII wifi connect?! Tag Team mode maybe???! And I'll go out reeeeeeeal far on a limb and say a level editor (which I know will never happen, but there I said it.) And ... give us a lot more music. The music from StarFox 1 was awesome, please put the Corneria theme in. Give us options to change music for levels. 2 songs per level was nice in Melee, but give us 3 or 4, or more?! Character color variants that change how the character looks... they do this with some characters but it should be done with more characters. (Link could have alternate looks such as: OOT low poly Link, Melee Link, WindWaker Link, Twilight Princess/Wii Link; ALL the with the options of changing their colors.... this will never happen probably since skeletal structures would be so vastly different for each 3d model.) PUT THE HYRULE CASTLE MusIC FROM LTTP IN!! AHH! ! ! AND MORE FZERO STUFF! I really don't expect any of these but, hell, its my wishlist. I had to stop my self I could have gone on forevr.
  4. Zircon, I cannot thank you enough. I really appreciate your reply. It answered every single question I had. Thank you.
  5. okay, so I've been remixing music for a while now and there is one noticible issue that I seem to have: All of my remixes are not as loud as they could be. I turn down everything, throw on a Limiter and... well, that's that. Its all in the name of trying not to get clipping in my song. But now I've realized that I really don't know how to use a Limiter properly, because as I said above, all (or atleast most) of my songs are not as loud as a standard track should be. So if anyone could shoot me in the direction of some help, or give me a little help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  6. so uh, what's the verdict with this project... its been dead for a while .... hasn't it?
  7. i know im like really late, but is there anyway I can do Religion Thunder? edit: I already have a mix of "Religion Thunder" that I can submit and be all caught up like for WIP1. please? I'll give you one of my kidneys.... and I'll even throw in a Pancreas. *convincing smile?*
  8. damn, that was good... I gotta say my favorite part was the beginning (who doesn't love the Corneria theme?). The Orchestra strings and bells were beautiful. Being a Corneria-junky that i am I probably would have enjoyed more of the initial theme but... Hell... this is one damn good solid mix. If any future StarFox game coming out doesn't have music that equals the level of quality that this mix has I'm gonna have a sack of shit on fire at Nintendo and Namco's doorstep...... Nice work Wingless. This mix is incredible... This is starfox as it should have been. So dramatic too.... i could just see some form of suspensful story telling going on with this one.... if only the Starfox games had a real story....
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