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  1. zelda. ^_~ seems like you owe me some hugs... in a very gay way. too. *waits* good mix btw.
  2. Yeah, the fighting system is really awesome once you unlock all the hidden skills. You have a zillion awesome moves you can do, and in general, the fighting system is extremely entertaining. Some of the more human looking enemies are a blast, and I never seem to really get tired of it. . . . . I wonder how a Zelda styled Z-Targetting Fighting System would work in multiplayer. Hmm. If you're only 4 hours in, the fighting system improves upon itself as you progress. OH HEY! ONE QUESTION! I'm hearing rumors that Twilight Princess has DS functionality. Is this true? Does anyone know if you can do anything with your loveable DS with this title?
  3. OKAY... i need help... like seriously... I'm in the freakin' 4th temple and I've been stuck here for like... 2-3 hours... EDIT: sorry for not quoting it. anyway, I figured it out...
  4. I was thinking that too when I saw the video. Hmm, so hmm, if we guess there are 20 more characters then... we only have 20 more videos to go! Woohoo! Here's hoping the next video isn't as conservative. ALTHOUGH, there was a bit of information, just not nearly as much as I would have liked to receive... crawling looks like a neat little addition... I don't know how useful it'll be, but interesting, maybe you can crawl under the line of fire from guns... *shrugs* I want to see some new weapons and items.
  5. Tiers are not entirely based on character speeds, it just happens that most of the fast characters tend to be in high tiers... I think the concept of the tiers isn't entirely accurate however, as some characters are merely unbalanced... I believe Fox is the posterchild for one of those characters. I think i'm going to give Solid Snake a spin whenever I first get this game. Metaknight does indeed look sweet. I'm so happy that their is a Metal Gear level from Shadow Moses!! That makes me really stoked, I never thought I'd see a MGS level. haha. OH BY THE WAY EVERYONE, at the end of the trailer in JApanese it says 2007 then some writing. Does anyone know what that says?
  6. I'd imagine all the characters are being re-balanced, so all those highteir characters are probably going to be downgraded, low tiers will be upgraded. My guess. seems logical.
  7. Dear God. I've done my best to avoid spoilers and screenshots and all these videos so I can be really surprised when I get the game in 2 weeks... *excited* and yes, that means I skimmed over most of these posts and if it looked like there was useful information in a post I've avoided it. . . man, I'm looking forward to this game.. It'll be great to relive those OOT memories.
  8. I think you might be on to something there. Yeah, watch it be like a really bad fan-trailer using parts of the original trailer to Linkin Park music. no lie,
  9. I know it'll probably NEVER Happen, but I'd love to see Sparkster, the Rocket Knight, show up, seeing as how he too is Konami. But you know, really... I know whoever the outside characters are that Nintendo goes with will be awesome. So Good times. I'm very happy to hear a new vid is on the way... more info! Yess. Hopefully, it gets me as excited (and surprised) as I was when I saw Solid Snake in the trailer the first time. I was so damned excited. Let's see what happens this time... probably not that huge, but hell, whatevah! I really wouldn't mind some Fire Emblem characters. There are some really cool characters in those games... sadly they'd all probably be pretty similar to Marth and Roy, but heck, there are still some cool chars in those games, as I said. And really ... I'm seriously looking forward to hearing the Metal Gear Solid theme in that Smash Bros. orchestra style. Hmm... Liquid would be an excellent alternate color scheme for Snake.
  10. Holy crap. I didn't realize people were still commenting. First and foremost, Thank you everybody for all the really nice comments!! WELL, I'm working on fixing this version up and I'll be updating it this week, so new version with a little more stuff in it. It'll sound a bit more complete. I've got a zillion ideas that I just never got around to implementing... well, until this week that is.
  11. Just need some feedback and some constructive criticism, as I'd like to know where to take this mix from here. Song of Storms. UPDATED VERSION as of FEB. 21st!! LINK:: http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/windmill.mp3 Added an intro, tweaked the sound further.
  12. haha, wouldn't we all =( MONEY!!!!! WE NEED MONEY!!! I'm too young to get a job also -_-" I hate to say it, but child labour is looking quite enticing, lolll, jkjk. hehe, yes little timmy go grab that wrench that fell between those gears. Oh no, its not dangerous... honest. (bwhaha)
  13. Nope. They have to be within 500 miles to appear on your map. You can attack anyone within that ranking list, regardless of location. oh.. i didn't know that. Good to know.
  14. what was the guy's name and nation name that attacked you?
  15. putting a link in your myspace account worked for me. I just made a blog entry and posted it. oh and in other news, THIS FUCKING GAME IS CONSUMING ME...
  16. i linked and got the bonus. I'm considering the donation thing... but meh, hell, I'll be honest, I probably won't donate, but I MIGHT.
  17. I don't think you need to worry, most of us are still to weak to wage war. But with our combined power we are unstoppable. Mwhahaha! okay, maybe not. but I have like 40 something troops, my friend has like 100 something. so between the four of us thats about 200 troops. *blinks* hehe, we should find some new weak country and all just go invade it. What exactly do you get from war? Are their any benefits other than completely devestating someone's nation?
  18. I'm in hawaii, i wish i was in Cuba, but alas, I have my country in Hawaii. lol, I'm like surrounded by red. hehe. EDIT: What happens, if, hypothetically, I don't collect taxes one day. Does it carry over to the next day or no? I'm afraid to try.
  19. name : Strike911 Nation: Einhander bwhahaha. Okay, so I'm located in Hawaii, and I've got iron and silver. Weee. Go Orange team.
  20. Fine by me. I'd take Ridley over those three combined any day. I agree with you whole-heartedly. Plus WindWaker Link is hot, and Baby Bowser, he's cute and has more charisma than most of those characters imho.
  21. This is the rumor circulating right now... but a lot of people are saying its true. Sakurai announced that Young Link, Game and Watch, and the Ice Climbers are gone. Ridley, WindWaker Link, and Baby Bowser will replace them.
  22. YOU WIN! We all should use the suggestion form and submit Segata Sanshiro!!!!!! I love the theme too!! haha!
  23. A Ciggarette Item would be cool. lol, bad for your health but damn it makes you look cool. I just hope Snake's punches and kicks are the same as his attacks in the MGS games. Punch, punch, kick. Maybe his dash attack could be the roll that you can do. Whenever he grabs someone he always gets them from behind the neck when he holding them, and maybe his downward throw would be popping their neck and throwing them on the ground (That sounds a little too violent maybe for SSB... *shrugs*). Maybe for alternate costumes we'll see MGS1 Snake, MGS2 Snake, MGS4 Snake, and maybe Liquid Snake. If they felt really generous maybe they could throw in a Big Boss variant with a beard/trenchcoat and an eyepatch. I wonder if they'll include any MGS items... maybe Chaff grenades... the screen goes a little fuzzy, not too much though, all scores are hidden breifly, temporarily makes Proxy mines useless, maybe disables homing functions of certain characters attacks, maybe even give the thrower a temporary half-visible/half-invisible fuzziness around them. *shrugs* Just throwing out ideas. I bet we'll see Ration type health items showing up with all the various assortments of foods. Maybe a military CYPHER that can be grabbed and tossed up into the air. It'll fly with you and automatically shoot at enemies like a drone gun. It wouldn't really have stopping power, but it would rack up 1% hits real fast if you stayed in its line of sight. Once its out of ammo (or is destroyed by your enemies) it flies away or blows up. I wouldn't mind a super long bandana that when used in combination with certain items gave you infinite ammo for brief period of time. For example, infinite Super Scope ammo or Ray Gun ammo or Stars from the Wand, until the bandana wears off wears off. Maybe each shot you make, makes the bandana shorter, so instead of wasting that particular gun's ammo, you're using the bandana in its place. Maybe it could give you a very slight power boost to your ranged attacks? *shrugs* What about a stun grenade? Make's a little pop and any characters caught in the tiny little burst of light would instantly be in "broken shield status." Well, the Stinger is pretty obvious. Maybe it could lock on to enemies if you aim correctly with it, (Maybe hold A to aim, then use the control stick to adjust your angle, after you fire you can aim your weapon and it'll move to wear you're aiming similar to the way its controlled in MGS.). The projectile would be very similar to Samus's heat seeking missiles, except you only get three shots and its faster and stronger than Samus's. HahaHHAHA!! What about an item that turns the character old and Grey, makes their attacks weak and they get slow! lol. And they get a HORRIBLY ugly Grey mustache, *Cough* MSG4 Snake *cough*
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