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  1. I know each faction in the FE games had a symbol, and while they weren't exactly that one, they were verrrrry close. It could be the one from the game coming out soon on wii. In my eyes it has to be a Fire Emblem stage simlpy because what other nintendo game involves castle sieges with catapults and flags with symbols on them. *shrugs* I guess we'll find out "officially", but my money is on FE.
  2. I think that is a Fire Emblem stage... same one that is from the trailer, if I'm not mistaken. I believe people determined that the symbol on the flags was one from Fire Emblem Pretty cool that it looks like you can stand on top of boxes. and I'm digging the different looks of boxes and barrels too. lol. Since we can stand on boxes now, maybe we can jump on top of rolling barrels now and run/balance on top of them, Donkey Kong Country style. lol. Okay, I know that won't happen, but I had to type it out for some reason.
  3. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!! Pole Position For The Win! ! !! ! Omg!!!!!!!! That Was Incredible!
  4. Problem: Mr Wizard is dead. Hypothesis: The researcher believes that sadness will be the emotion expressed. Materials: Keyboard, PC, Monitor, Beaker of tears Procedure: 1. Remember the Mr. Wizard show 2. Think about the past 3. Contemplate Conclusion: Yes, the experimenter proved the hypothesis correct. He did indeed feel sadness. Notes: I remember watching Mr. Wizard as a child with my dad. Sure, the video had that hazy 80's look but it was Mr. Wizard and science was suddenly cool and interesting in my book. Props Mr. Wizard. Props good sir.
  5. Meh, size probably will be changed. I mean, in a lot of Mario titles Bowser is often 3 timse the size of Mario... *shrugs* they'll do what's aesthetically pleasing, that's all it comes down to IF RIDLEY EVEN IS a playable character in the first place. Seriously, he'll be close to other characters sizes not gargantuanly huge. I mean, maybe they could make him slightly larger than Boswer or DK to emphasize the point that he's big, but any larger wouldn't be feasible or reasonable, imo. Part of me is thinking he is more likely to be some kind of NPC boss like Giga Bowser or especially like MasterHand with an unconventional moveset. I dig the song, its nice to hear some harder music getting thrown into the mix.
  6. Well said and I agree 150%.
  7. Hmm... well, I'm crossing my fingers that they'll talk about online gameplay modes sooner than later. I'm not gonna hold my breath though, but here's hoping. The Notice section? Hmm, probably the release date? Or like you said, when it'll be delayed. Hehe. I bet this game will be out in November. That's my guess.
  8. I have the agme. I'd love to play!!! I miss the old Jedi Knight days. I was a die hard Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 fan. Outcast is pretty fun too. In response to the person asking how this game is compared to JK:DF2, This game is pretty much like a prettied up version of Dark Forces 2. It's a little different, but more or less, it plays very similar. The fact that you can initiate one on one private, fight til you die saber duels in multiplayer while other people are shooting each other is reason enough for me to love this game. That is such a sweet feature.
  9. Oh man, it would be REALLY bad ass to pull back the remote for a charged up Smash attack before striking... *looks around* well... it'd be interesting at least. Yeah, this is the most newsworthy info yet. Although, seriously, anyone that's remotely interested in winning will probably stick with the Gamecube controller. . . Even the dev says he'd stick the the GCN controller... but it's a good move imo to support everything.
  10. Well, I can tell you definitively what it was not: monkeys.
  11. Holy Crap! Look At All The Controller Configurations!!!!!!!!! O_o
  12. I totally agree with you one-hundred percent. That form of reaction is very annoying. Fans of music that boisterously proclaim that they are indeed "music fans" (of any particular genre) are often so inclined to define themselves with the aforementioned tag... "music fan." When they say "something sucks" it is more of a proclamation of an image they're trying to preserve and uphold rather than an actual thought-out and logical musical critique. Sure they may legitimately dislike that style of music, but I would imagine that what they dislike is a matter of cultural conditioning rather than individualistic expression. Disliking the genre or group/band has become a way of expressing one's self. It's kinda silly really because it's not really expressing yourself. I believe people behave that way because they're insecure with their own image. If I listen to some corporate media pop station on the radio and hear a song I like I'm going to listen to it, same with independent music that I find on the net. It's all an image thing, and an attempt to fit in... usually.
  13. because... that's far too quick and easy. PLUS Reggie likes to torture people.
  14. That would be real cool. With there own style of fighting and stuff. I'd really like that!!! Good idea sir!
  15. Interesting. Really though, in Melee, with only a few exceptions, most of the Pokemon were pretty boring. They showed up, did some attack (either on the spot or [if they were big enough] from the background)... Personally, I would like to see some really interesting and new Pokemon attacks.. I mean, with the exception of Togepi doing that Nightshade thing, really there isn't much a difference between Pokemon. Big fireball. Stay away. Big windy hurricane. Stay away. Oohh. Ahh. Seriously... new stuff please. More effects on people, more randomness... more fighting. /pickiness
  16. WOW!!! I really love this song. Brings back memories! WELL, this makes me happy for two reasons. 1) It's that awesome Yoshi's Story song with the singing Yoshis! 2) It appears that Smash Bros will incorporate some high quality music from different genres besides orchestral music (which I also like but it's nice to see different genres being represented here and there). <3 Fzero GX also had a great soundtrack from multiple genres. I'm hoping for something a bit tamer for the Brawl soundtrack, perhaps an emphasis on Orchestral, and a few extra genres thrown in for good measure. Well, it's official... I don't know if its the high-pitched Yoshi singing or the tropical feeling from that song, but this update is the first one to really make me smile.
  17. ... fantastically mediocre. That's what I say.
  18. I'm glad Nintendo is giving us constant information. Every day during the week I can check the Smash Bros website and there's a little more info. It's more than other game sites are doing. In fact, I'd much rather have small constant updates like this, than the usual "wait for three months for some info then a drought" kind of affair. Seriously, I prefer this style much better. And I think Nintendo should be doing stuff like this more often because quite often games come out (before the reviews start ushering in) and there's a HUGE drought of information. I know it's quite the opposite usually, but this style of news coverage makes me feel like Nintendo is trying to talk to the fans, which I personally like. Yes, I know its just a hype machine that is meant to draw people to Nintendo's websites, but it's nice to get information from Nintendo instead of IGN or some generic gaming news site. Those sites are so impersonal, I feel like Nintendo is talking to the fans because we want them to, and even though the website is there for advertising and hype, it's a much more personalized experience... I like that. In fact, dare I say "I dig it."
  19. i would imagine the looking at the closest character thing is feasible. 3D Fighting games have done that for years... it'll be a welcome addition to Smash's look. I had yet to notice it, so thanks for mentioning! Smash bros Melee had a low level of experessions from the characters. It looks like they're really expanding on the animations. The only thing is I doubt we'll ever really notice them too much in game. They're hella sweet though. gooey bomb!! Sounds fun, like a really lethal hot potato... I can imagine a ton of neat scenarios with that item...
  20. Perhaps you can hold B to initiate the arrow pull. Then you can adjust his stance with up and down, possibly and optionally, the angle with left and right? That would be simple and easy... or even possibly simpler, maybe you'll have "Smash attacks" for your special moves... Down+B=bomb, downward Smash+B=crouching arrow? Meh, I don't know how that would work. Perhaps that's just Links full animation now when he's pulled back his arrow as far as it can go? *shrugs* hehe. You sir have an idea for the best Smash Bros Brawl level ever... no seriously... EVER.
  21. Cool stuff. Is link crouching and aiming with his bow in that last pic? Hmmm! I really like the way the lighting is set in this game. Looks really nice.
  22. okay, I've been reading above that people are saying the site'll get updated daily? Where that come from? I'm merely curious, not trying to debunk anything. EDIT: HAHAHAHAHA RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THE FREAKIN' SITE HAHAHA n/m woo.... btw, Antipode, cool album preview you got there. /Offtopic
  23. agreed. I mean, the old smash had almost all of its tracks as a real orchestra... what is it with Nintendo and its lack of orchestras. Even crappy games now have good music utilizing real instruments. Nintendo always seems to be behind the curve in this regard. *cough* Twilight Princess *cough* For crying out loud, the only exception really was Starfox Assault, and it was the most mediocre of Nintendo games released in the last couple years. Now if this is just some small theme, in the form of an extra, okay, I might be able to live with that, but the bar set by Melee really needs to make sure that the music is good. I really want some high quality tracks to listen to for as much as I play Smash. Perhaps they're saving the good stuff for last. I mean, they do have some pretty good musicians on that list from games with great scores. Nintendo is staying tight lipped about everything from Smash Bros Brawl, so maybe we can assume they're showing pithy, non-exciting things first and ramping up for the better stuff. I mean, that first song they released was awesome. Anyway... the arrangement is good. I just want to hear the smash bros version of the Metal gear solid theme.
  24. well with all the music talk, I hope I'm not the only one rooting for another game that supports mp3 playback... even if it was a really hard unlock it'd be worth it. WE NEED MORE SUPPORTED GAMES! And....Assigning remixes to levels... that'd rock sir. You know it.
  25. cool. I wonder if any composers that worked on those games might see a character in the roster... *cough* Chronotrigger *cough* NiGHTS *cough* doubtful but meh good times
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