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  1. yeah well, we`re all gonna feel like asshats when we pass out from exhaustion a few hours from now. Only then will the site be updated. It has been written. haha. I certainly hope the news is exciting. I imagine it must be moderately exciting if they are counting down to something... any news is good news at this point in Brawl's short existence
  2. Thanks a lot. I think I need to hit the equalizer a little bit more, but thanks again for your comment. BTW, Thank you Mod for changing the title of the thread.
  3. I wonder what's going on. I'll check back in a few hours.
  4. UPDATED!!! http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/mgnes1.mp3 Thanks for the comments. I've brought out the drums and modified them a bit. They still need a little more messing with I think, but for now they're alright, I think. I've added a lot of background synths to flesh out the sound of the whole song. I've also modified some of the panning effects, and added a few new parts to make the whole remix sound better. I also changed that main lead to something a little grungier sounding, which I think helps. Comments are appreciated.
  5. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/mgnes1.mp3 EDIT: YES I NOW REALIZE THE NAME IS TAKEN. Shit... I knew I heard it from somewhere before. lol. Well, time to change the name. By the time I posted it I couldn't re-edit anything... I really liked the style of this. It's a hard dance groove. It's from Metal Gear 1 on the NES, and its the "Outside" music. It's still a WIP but I've spent a zillion hours tonight working on it and listening to it, and revising it. I'm not satisfied with the main lead that does most of the melodies. The background bass stuff I like, but that main lead that shows up every now and then is a little too clean and soft sounding IMO, so if you have any ideas regarding that please let me know. I'm going to change it probably to something a little tougher sounding. > and anyway, with Snake coming to Smash Bros Brawl, I figured I needed to really make a Metal Gear remix that I'm very satisfied with. I think this one will probably be a keeper. I've never tried this particular style before what do you think?
  6. By live action show do you mean like a theatrical live action or a tv show? I don't know about Street Fighter, but I definitely saw the live action theatrical event of Mortal Kombat once as a kid!!! I still have a souvenir from the show! lol. Man, that was a pretty silly endeavor.... haha. /deviation from original topic I remember the old Street fighter movie. Ah, good times. I think I was in like 3rd grade or something when it came out. Defintely Elementary school. Man, I just saw some of the movie on TV just recently... and.... yeah... its pretty bad. Jean-Claude was the worst Guile ever. And Geez, Ken and Ryu, they were the shrimpiest dorks in the whole movie. They didn't even have real parts. In fact... *ack* what a silly premise of the entire movie. It makes me a little sad. EDIT: HEY!!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I JUST ReMEMBERED?! THE STREET FIGHTER CARTOON!! It was on the USA network in the mornings on saturdays (if I'm not mistaken). Anyone else remember that?! Good times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGH351kEMbA soo cheesy... yet I'm strangely drawn to it. and one more for fun... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHDgksAfoCo&mode=related&search=
  7. Will someone just cut the crap and make some GTA themed toys for kids meals? That's what humanity really needs right now.
  8. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/timetogo.mp3 I've come out of relative hibernation and had an interesting track that I was playing around with last night (*cough* and this morning) for a couple hours. It has a kind of dance-ish groove to it, but it still relatively mellow. I've been thinking a lot and had a lot of dramatic emotional stuff going on and I guess its, again, affecting me musicly. I also have to say that there is ONE small vocal sample that I used that's from the Halo theme song... which I really need to replace, but it had the feeling and general sound I wanted until I could record something simple. It's a placeholder... if you even hear it in the first place. I really want to add some celticy violin near the end where the piano comes in, but I cannot decide quite yet. I also want to do some kind of vocal work on this eventually... whether or not I'm singing or its someone else is not really determined yet.... but meh, I'm thinking about it. Additionally, I might extend the song and add in some more traditional trance as a continous "next track" kind of thing since I feel like the melody I've got write now is particularly versatile. What do you think? http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/timetogo.mp3
  9. hahaha. Nice one. Quoted for truth.
  10. I just recently played through MGS on playstation1, and then I was like, meh, I missed the bandwagon I should go buy Twin Snakes and see what the differences are. So like a week ago I finished Twin Snakes and honestly, it's cool to have MGS2 moves, but the voice acting wasn't nearly as good, and the scenes in the original just seem to be a little more dramatic. Especially the more dramatic scenes (such as the one after the last battle with Sniper Wolf) were infinitely better on the PS1. I thought Otacon's voice acting was stale in comparison to the original, same with Naomi. Liquid seemed more... metrosexual than ever, and Grey Fox just wasn't as cool. Additionally, Vulcan Raven, a character I somewhat sympathized with in the original was turned into a typical bad guy type. I thought Raven was special because in the original he seemed like a noble guy just doing a job. In TwinSnakes they turned him more evil, at least that was the feeling I got. I felt as if that character change really detractracted from much of that small characters charm. Cutscenes were too over the top, I mean come on, Snake does a backflip and with the tip of his toe taps a missile away from him... nothing like that has really happened in any of the other games. The cutscene director went a little overboard... there were just too many somersaults in my opinion. The story honsetly seemed really watered down and not nearly as epic as it was on the PS1. Oh, and the alteration of the music must be mentioned. ^_~ I dig some moody electronica every once in a while, but the music in MGS1 on PS1 was infinitely more memorable. The game is worth it to see all the differences (And to see some really cool moments [like Psycho mantis and the part when Grey fox wails on the soldiers before meeting Otacon]) AND I really dug how they tied the game more into MGS2 and the rest of the series. Additionally it was nice to get more backstory explanations here and there (and to actually see Decoy Octopus!) but honestly, I prefer the original in terms of relative quality and dramatic experience. You can tell that Konami (and Hideo Kojima) had a minimal influence on TS's production.
  11. I did read it and I don't live in Australia, but hell, that would piss me off if I did live there. Good luck in your cause.
  12. Okay, so me and a couple of friends of mine decided to put together a Flash video to learn about audio and getting a Flash video together, so we went ahead and finished the Audio portion of it. Knowing my friends though it'll probably never get finished. What we're thinking about doing is having a series of shorts onboard the GreatFox, and just poke fun and make some funny situations. So here's the mp3 of the audio if anyone's interested. This scene involves Falco looking for his MP3 player that Slippy told him he'd fix... he searches the GreatFox, and eventually finds Fox behind a closed closet door.... little does Falco know of Slippy and Fox's true relationship... Please pardon the poor recording quality. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/StarFoxShorts.mp3
  14. lol. No but I think the year prior (or maybe two years prior) I was at animefest. lol. That's awesome.
  15. No, but I wish. No one represents the Dallas area
  16. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/strike911scm.mp3 Okay, so at first I was making chill music with just pads, drums, and a piano, and it sort of turned into this jazzy, funky little dance track that still has a bit of a chill feel to it. I really like the way it turned out so far... Instruments included: Piano, Soft Pad, 2 Violins, Steel Guitar, String Section, Bass Guitar, Bass Synthesizer, Trombones, French Horns, Vibraphone, Soprano Saxaphone, and... some drums of course. hehe. ^_~ Take a look, its a little different from stuff I've done, its very funky feeling. it has a real good bass groove if I do say so myself, but it still has a dancebeat 4 on the floor thing going on so... yeah check it out. I've had a lot in my mind this week and I've been in a drought musically for a while, but I guess I'm using all those thoughts and emotionas as material to make music to now. Weird. haha. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/strike911scm.mp3
  17. i dunno, microphones can be integrated into things. Perhaps they'll release a guitar with modules to turn into a mic, or drum sticks. *shrugs* That's a good question though, how exactly are they going to sell this in stores. hm.
  18. Geez, if EA has its grimey omnipotent hands on the track list the game is doomed... *nightmares of EA Trax from the past* Harmonix needs to be in charge, seriously. They've done well with picking songs in the past.
  19. So while I was bored I came up with this. I really like the bassline... but yeah, this is still a very rough early WIP, and but it's refreshing to be doing remixes again, as I felt like in the last couple days, or so I'd been in a musical drough, unable to make anything at all. Whee anyway, its still a rough wip... but yeah. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/strike911_dreamland.mp3 Whattaya think?
  20. And... he will magically be revived on April Fools. ... if this is true, which I guess we really don't know, then its pretty sad. I've seen the news on a ton of gaming sites though.
  21. FIRE EMBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 WarioWare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 Both of the ADVANCE WARS games!!!! There's a couple Castlevania games! Zelda! Minish Cap! SUPER DODGEBALL ADVANCE!!!!!!!! Fzero ain't bad but meh, after playing GX on Gamecube and Mario Kart DS, it feels dated.
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