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  1. you might be on to something with the Super Hitler Saiyan thing... and there's the link.... it stems from Japan's involvement in WWII with Germany and the master race... clearly. so very clearly. Meh, joking aside, a lot of characters power up and kick ass.
  2. That's very impressive. Do you have a website?
  3. If I get some free time I will definitely give something a shot. I've been itching to give the FanArt competition a try.
  4. Strike911


    Awesome movie. Not historically accurate at all, but hella awesome, and I think I'm going to go see it again soon.
  5. I hold the Gundam series very dear to my heart, but hell, I have yet to see a truly GOOD Gundam game, some have come close, but as a whole, they've all been garbage, mediocre games. Zelda, throughout its 20 year lifespan has consistently been an excellent series. And psh to this whole topic. The PS3 is not innovative. It's a monster of a machine capable of churning out amazing graphics and processing power, but ... it's not innovative. Nintendo is innovative. It's two completely different ways of thinking and I just... meh, I don't like the comparison to begin with. The Wiimote popularized motion sensitivity, the sixaxis controller is just a gamble response to the Wii's early success at trade shows. It's not really innovative; its more of smart business decision by Sony to use what Nintendo is doing... I'm worried about Sony though. By the way, Link in giant robots ftw!
  6. why did I laugh and not stop laughing when Cartman was laughing at the midget in his "little suit." hahahaha. The whole episode was funnier than any of the other Southpark episodes I'd seen in a while.
  7. This is pretty cool. The show was prett bad but I still like it. ^^ hehe.
  8. I know it sounds weird, but after playing Zelda 64 for a while back when it first came out, I was sooo used to turning around with A QUICK, ALMOST NON-EXISTANT turn around animation in the game. So a couple of times in real life I would turn around for whatever reason, and my brain kind of though that I could turn real quick like in the game, and when it went slow I was kind of confused and thought to myself, "Wait... something is different..." Then I realized. Yep. Fun.
  9. Who shot J.R.?!?!?!! ZOMG! /bad attempt at old reference .... Hmm, well, I always liked BattleBots. I long for the day that we see bipedal mecha fighting... Oh Gundam... how I hold thee dear.
  10. I'm totally on board with you on this one. This is awesome! ^___^
  11. Updated. Same URL as above. This version has an intro and is more or less a final version. I may or may not add a solo or something in there somewhere to add more originality later... I haven't really decided. I tweaked the sound in this version and added a few more synths here and there to give it a fuller sound. Anyway, URL: http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/windmill.mp3
  13. I like Hayter, but I saw him " acting " in the Guyver movie on SciFi network one day, and it was ridiculously cheesy. I don't know if it was just him or the movie in general, but it wasn't good........ it was kind of cool though because you can hear Solid Snake's voice coming out every once in a while.
  14. Viggo ain't a bad choice imo. Kinda weird, but I think he could pull it off. I think Jackman could do decently.... I think it would be awesome if Big Boss was played by Kurt Russell... I hope Raiden isn't in it, and if he is, I hope he's just a minor mention. I would really like it if they make a lot of minor references throughout the entire film that pay homage to tiny minor situations and events in the game. That would rock. And if they mentioned Zanzibar Hamsters.... hell... the movie would deserve an award.
  15. Kojima already said Boll will be nowhere near a MGS film. I'm stoked about this. I love metal gear so much.... with Kojima involved it can be great.
  16. Where/When was this announced???! I must have missed it. >_<
  17. well, I don't know if its of any merit, but after just playing the GBA version of LTTP, the "Zelda is your..." line was ommitted and something generic replaced it. I thought the general concensus from the japanese translation was that the snes version of lttp said "Zelda is your destiny"? *shrugs* but yeah, I agree with you, Nintendo could work the whole Zelda-Link love interest to create more empathy with Zelda... as she is this character you don't see very much. Realistically speaking, its kind of hard to feel sorry for her or feel for her when her character isn't developed very much... a relationship, some kind of emotion would help things I'd imagine. But yeah... I think Nintendo should embrace the 1989 cartoon Link/Zelda relationship. lol /sarcasm
  18. SEMI-UPDATE! Okay, I have the part from the Zelda Classic theme cut into this one single MP3 which includes special drums added to it, to see if people liked it or not. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/hfpdrumsample.mp3 I would really like to see if people like this version better, because if they do I will add it into an official release, and make the final version have more of it. I personally like this version much better. I may possibly take out the owl's theme and focus more on the main theme.... I might even take out Gannondorf's theme... I haven't quite decided yet.
  19. Updated!!!!!! I'll definitely mess around with the dynamics. I haven't really messed with it yet. Same link as above. The Zelda theme is added, the owl theme is in there, and even the hyrule castle music from Lttp is in there too... I've added a load of crap into the new update, its at the same link as the first post! ! ! What do you think of this new version? EDIT: THERE IS A MINI UPDATE IN THE POST BELOW!!! if you want to hear what the main theme sounds like with a little bit of beat on it you can check out the post below as it includes some drums.
  20. URL: http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/strike911-hfp.mp3 Hyrule's Final Prophecy Okay, so I wanted to try a slow, emotional, orchestral piece. I wanted it to be dramatic and kind of epic, and have a feeling as if something major just happened. Really I kind of pieced the arrangement together from a scene in my mind, where valiant Link just defeated Ganon but suddenly realizes that he's going to die *shrugs* ... I hope the piece has a feeling of a kind of grim happiness, because in the said mental image, I envisioned Link realizing that evil was defeated but the overall feeling is sad because Link himself is also going to die. I guess I, myself, have been feeling kind of how this song sounds emotionally with all the drama going on lately in my life. It's mostly a lot of chords... strings, choir, also has opera-ish vocals, an oboe, a trombone section, and... a little bit of percussion. I wanted to downplay the percussion and let most of the strings do the work. It's still a work in progress. I wanted to lead into the main theme, but after a couple hours of working on this thing and getting the sound how I wanted, I decided just to post the WIP. It starts with Ganon's theme and kind of segways into the beginning of the zelda theme. I want to add a dark version of the zelda theme in the next update, and maybe transition it to something else ... haven't decided anyway. What do you guys think?
  21. No way man! Animated movies and video games are completely different animals. The models used in Toy Story are extremely EXTREMELY detailed and smooth on the polygonal level. There's no system now, or probably in the upcoming generation, that will be able to do the kind of calculations needed to render that kind of stuff in real time... however, if they modifed the 3d models a little bit and made them less smooth, and decreased some of the texture quality they could easily recreate the movie to play off a PS3 or Xbox360 disc or something, just as one giant real-time cinematic. Toy Story's style may be simple, but nothing on the video game market can compare to its triangle or polygon count. Meh, computer animated movies shouldn't be compared too much with video games.... i mean, they're similar but, also inherently different in that with animated movies there are really no hardware limitations... its all a matter of how long you're willing to wait for it to render (which takes these companies months to render the entire movie because of their insane image quality and size.) The artist and the movie's style has free reign... video games don't have that luxury, and I don't think they ever will. It's all about crunching out the most math, proficiently, so you can have prettier graphics, or more physics based objects flying around and interacting with each other without slowdown. but for this topic, I'm concerned for Nintendo in the next-gen, as most companies will most likely have made some kind of device similar to the wii-mote that sense motion. Nintendo will HAVE to innovate because clearly they're not big on bulky specs and photorealistic graphics... they have to... seriously, if a Microsoft Xbox360 or PS3 had Wii functionality, (as modders are doing) you'd have games with an insane amount of detail and visual awe, and you'd STILL get the wii-mote functionality. to stay competitive Nintendo has to innovate something new... so what excites me. It'll be just another competitive move by Nintendo and my guess is that they'll either be flying high like they are with the Wii right now by innovating or we'll see a repeat of the SNES to N64 transition, good systems that just didn't innovate compeltely (choosing cartridges over CD-ROMs hurt Nintendo and let Sony take the lead)... So yeah, I believe the next gen will have another new device similar to wii coming out, and I think Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will probably all be coming up with different things.
  22. DREAMER - Nights into Dreams - trance http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/dreamer.mp3 Okay, so about a year ago I had an incomplete mix called "Dreamer." It was a trance wip and I decided to finish it for some people that were asking to host it on their site. So here is the extremely near finished version. It needs a little mastering, but is more or less final, sans a real ending. If you have any comments please feel free to leave them, as they make my day happier. And please keep in mind it needs mastering and an ending. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/dreamer.mp3
  23. I bet Nintendo will release Smash closer to when some other companies' huge titles are coming out... for instance Halo 3 or MGS4... something like that... probably a fall release. . . its not official by any means, but I personally think September-ish would be the earliest we'll see it, but I could easily see it becoming available in November for the holiday push....
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