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  1. well, if you stick it online I'll take a look at it. At this point though, other than that other official DDR song, I don't really know which one you're talking about. there are some free upload websites that you can put it up on. www.supload.com is one I think of right off the bat.
  2. ... well... it is the mgs theme... if there's a link of it online I would like to see it/hear it, as I've never heard it before.
  3. I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at. The only MGS tune I've ever heard from DDR had awful guitar samples and some guy saying remix over and over again. Is there another song you are referring to? So in a way, I really don't know what I have to say about that, because I feel as if you're accusing me of stealing a DDR song and posting it online and stealing it. I hope that's not what you're implying.
  4. Sonata Arctica and Iron Maiden, please.
  5. Thanks everybody. I'm probably going to try and fix some things. I definitely will address some of these issues as soon as possible. I'll also probably add some more stuff in the next update. [And on a sidenote, I'll update Winds of Hyrule soon]
  6. Hahahahahaha You sir, have a valid point.
  7. wow! That is awesome!!! I love Iron Maiden so much... THAT SONG NEEDED TO BE IN GUITAR HERO SO BAD! I wouldn't mind seeing more Iron Maiden... But yeah, too bad this won't be coming to Wii... yet. lol. Much <3 to the new Guitar Hero, its infinitely times improved!!
  8. Thanks a lot. I appreciate the comments. Well, hopefully I'll be able to add some actualy new parts soon... but it is updated... I've made the lead much less hot sounding, and I think it sounds a little better. I haven't added anything new to the song really except for a few filters, but if you want to hear it in its optimized glory then have a download. Same link as above. as for a name, I'm thinking about: 1. Surreptitious 2. Sentence from a SOCOM 3. Detonator 4. FOX-Die Fantasia meh, I can't decide.
  9. I dig what you've got so far. It's sounds pretty good. I'd suggest using some samples that aren't from FruityLoops though because it will really give the mix a breath of fresh air. And the soundfont you use in the beginning would sound infinitely awesomer if you added some kind of harmony going on with it. I like where this is going, he contrast from the choir to the running bass part in the beginning is really good. I'll keep my eyes on this one.
  10. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/STRIKE911-MGStrance.mp3 Okay so I worked a couple of hours on this one, I figured that I'd yet to hear a Metal Gear Solid trance mix that sounded traditionally trancy so I decided to take it up. It starts with just a constantly moving bass; a pretty groovy one imo. You get the melody hinted to you in a really creepy sounding synth and the beat starts to come in. And before you get to the real meat of the remix, I've used some heavy trance synths (which I really should filter by next update... they're a little too harsh in the beginning, maybe a slow filtering up to where the beat actually comes in would sound better and not nearly as harsh, *thinks* ) I like the direction this mix is going in, particularly once the main theme gets going toward the latter end of the song. Because its a WIP it needs to be extended but I got most of my ideas out and I think adding content will be pretty easy. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/STRIKE911-MGStrance.mp3 What do you think? haha, I also need to name it. lol.
  11. lol at Great War II... Man, thank goodness my alliance isn't involved, these guys are going to rip each other to shreds.
  12. Thanks everybody for the comments. Hehe. I appreciate it. I'm going to work harder to get better. I think using an actual brush in PhotoShop instead of just a pixel would help make it look much more artistic. IT's called DigitalStrip, if you google it, I found it on a website, it was just a trial, but it was free for use in personal non-commercial stuff.
  13. Okay, so I've been drawing. And a day ago I decided, "DAMN IT! It's time to draw a comic." So I drew up two pages. I figured I'd might as well post it on the forum. It was really more of an experiment in mixed media than anything else. I'm not really trying to make a full comic or anything, but it was a fun little side project while it lasted. The jpgs are a little big, so you might need to click the fullsize button if your browser resizes them automatically. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/page1.jpg http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/page2.jpg Anyway, the story is mediocre at best, but meh... again, I figured I should post it. I just needed some writing to put everything together.
  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT ALL! I love me some good James Brown music. I'm sad. and on a side note: He didn't feel so good, I knew that he would.
  15. sounds excellent sir. I would suggest adding a bit more reverb on the piano. It's a little midi-ish when playing by itself and not in chords... especially when it first starts. I think a bit of reverb would help (or even some delay/echo)... the strings and wind instruments are very excellent in sound, composition, and style. The brass hits around 2:30 are a bit flat. I think reverb would help there too. It will make it sound fuller. I might also suggest adding more heavier percussion as you start using those bombastic brass hits, because you're rising in epicness there but you retain the little bongo deals. I'd use some really heavy percussion like the bass drums that kick in every now and then. And maybe throw in some solos going on with that hot sound string instrument you got. Make that climax stand out. It's sounding great, but I think this could really sound like something straight off the Metal Gear Solid 2 Soundtrack if tweaked it some more. Good luck. I'm impressed. I look forward to hearing more. What sound sets are you using? EDIT: Just realized you addressed the reverb thing in the post right above me. lol.
  16. Thanks everyone for the reallkind comments. I'm probably going to try and add a few more things to this mix so expect an update soon. Thanks again. Hopefully I can make a newer cooler sounding melody for the next update, but we'll see. lol.
  17. 2:36 - sounds really REALLY grainy and like you're scraping the melody against a chalkboard... in fact the bass line in general is just too raw. It sounds like it's a preset of something that has no effects or anything. I'd suggest making the bass much smoother with some filters or just picking a different synth in the first place. The melody that comes in around :30 is really harsh and in general sounds really unpleasant. ITry differentiating your synths with a few smooth sounding synths and then use harsher ones for emphasis of certain parts. The part around 2:00 sounds the strongest out of the entire piece. I would also suggest (pleeease) dd in some hihats or cymbals or a snare. . .or all of them. Having more percussion besides that kick drum would sound infinitely better. And that bass at the end is just too harsh smooth it out, pick a different bass sound because (as stated above) its a bit grainy. That said, if you work on this a little more I think you'll have a better mix. ALSO, work on differentiating your melody or parts in the background from the midi, because this sounds almost identical to the midi with some samples thrown on top. I think if you'll keep working at it this will sound good., Add in some parts to throw in your own flair... little things that will keep the listners attention. I'll keep my eyes on this mix, but seriously, this will be good practice to learn to control your synthesizers. And again, I can not emphasze enough how much you need more percussion. a Snare drum and a hihat thrown in would increase the listenable-ness by ten imo. So yeah, add some cymbals and a snare (and hi hats) and then work on smoothing out some of the really harsh synths. I mean, don't go smoothing out all of them, but listen and determine what you like and what you don't then sork on it from there. Good luck on this.
  18. okay! I updated this one. I added a few more fuller arps to it, lengthened it a little and added a modified version of the actual melody, which I like much better imo. I also tried making it a bit more fuller in terms of general sound meshing. Same link as above.
  19. lol I swear I will finish that song hopefully this week. lol. BUT I have updated this one in the meantime!! It's got about double the content of the original and a more fuller sound, and has been EQ'd to sound correctly. It's about 2:30 long. So cool. It's a definite improvement, imo. Same link as above. Thanks for the comments so far everyone.,
  20. not really. I always thought it would be a good Zelda game if they'd make a time-travelling theme but Link actually goes back in time and forward in time and sees the other versions of the hero or time, and they use this game as a medium to tie up potential issues in the storyline. Perhaps some kind of error in using the Master Sword in the temple of time would split time or something... and halfway through you could control which times you would visit. THEN you could have cameo appearances of characters from old games, and even back to villages that are exactly the same as say their SNES counterparts or even OOT... then you could see potential changes and movements... the breakdown of certain villages, and the deaths of certain races that appear and never appear again. Or possibly why certain towns move or explain changes in the landscape. . . . . that would be the definitive Zelda imo. Heavily ploy oriented. Tons of side-quests. That good old Familiar Zelda feel. Orchestrated music (fully) and, throw in some epic battles with the Seven Year war and make Link show up in place of the OOT link that is in suspended animation.... haha. It'd be like Link is everywhere. tell me you wouldn't buy that.
  21. Okay. So I'm-a working. On a trance version of the Metal Gear Solid 3 theme. which... was pretty cool imo. so I thought yes lets make something dancy. So yeah, I've got a few ideas and I'm giving it a shot. There is some clipping in this build but you can give a listen if you want. I'll fix it and Master it properly next time. http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com/MGS3.mp3 your comments are appreciated.
  22. Lunaria Earth by Strike911 http://strike911.sanctuslegacy.com (HTML for the album isn't up, but the downloads below ARE!) 1 - War Declared from the Heavens 2 - Revenge on the Earth Walkers 3 - Independence War Lost 4 - Earth's Reclamation 5 - Abandoned Soldier 6 - Leaving the Outpost 7 - Breakthrough --- Comments: Well, I wanted to make a themed little mini project for myself, so this is what I've been working on for the last couple months. Kind of wanted a space theme so its a lot of electronica and stuff, but I try to keep that dance-ish flavor that I like. Anyway, I guess I wanted to tell a story without really speaking.... haha. So yeah, just thought I would post it here. Hopefully I'll have its own little website up eventually, but for now this will have to do. I hope people like it.
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