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  1. Good deal. I love Master Sword. I saw them at Metal Quest IV with A Sound Of Thunder. Snatching this up when I get home today!
  2. Yea man, it still needs alot of work with mixing it together. It's tough getting everything right where you want it. I appreciate the suggestions and comments!
  3. Hey guys. I've been working on this track for a few days, and have everything recorded except vocals. It's still a rough mix and I don't have it where I want it yet and need suggestions on where I can improve in the mixing process. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y6KO10KW Let me know what you think.
  4. One band I recently got into was Pyramaze. It's pretty good power metal.
  5. I didn't intend for the sound clips to sound elitist. It's part of the story. The character was an Atheist, but that doesn't reflect my own beliefs. I will still work on the drums some more, since Superior Drummer has alot of EQ options and samples. I also took your advice and recorded a melody/harmony guitar behind the rhythm sections in the "verse" to make it a bit more interesting, though I was going for more of a pure rhythm guitar track. I'll post an update when I feel I have made substantial improvements to the original. I'll post some more stuff eventually. It's about 15 tracks or so I've worked on. I think I'm just really shy about my work, this is the first time I've really posted music for feedback, and I really appreciate everyone's input!
  6. About a year ago, maybe a little longer, I had an idea to do a concept album from the Bioshock storyline. Sounds silly, I know but I managed to finish about 16 tracks then I just stopped working on it. The other day I came across the stuff on my flash drive and wanted to revisit the idea again. I had just purchased superior drummer 2.0 and I re did the drum tracks with that, lots of tweaking and mixing, so I just wanted to get some feedback and see what anyone thinks about it. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?vvm2moufyey
  7. Hey I have a question. Does anyone know how late the Lightrail operates on Saturday? That's my means of transportation right now and the MTA website has schedules, but it's a little confusing to me. :s
  8. Megaman X - I know this game so well and have beat it on plenty occasions throughout the years. I still play it to this day. One of the only games I know inside and out. I also like to revisit Phantasy Star IV and Chrono Trigger because no matter how many times you play them, they always feel fresh.
  9. I'm talking to a few friends about going so I might make it out for this.
  10. I have frequent occurences where I will nap during the afternoon, fall into a deep sleep, and I can see the outline of my ceiling and wall, but my eyes are closed, as if staring at a picture for a minute then looking at a white wall, the picture burning into your retina, you know, leaving the outline? That type of thing, but it feels like it lasts for a few minutes. I try to open my eyes and they feel like they are glued shut. This usually ends with me forcing myself to shake my head to wake myself out of the trance, and I usually awaken feeling pretty exhausted. Sounds odd, I know but this has happened plenty throughout my lifetime.
  11. I've been trying to figure out all night trying to remedy this problem with no luck. I have Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer Edition. I try loading the cd into the computer, double click on the drive in my computer and it just freezes up. I go to end it and I get this error message. I'm running Vista 64 bit: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: Explorer.EXE Application Version: 6.0.6001.18164 Application Timestamp: 4907e791 Hang Signature: 4dea Hang Type: 0 OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: 8ec30a090d7cf2c430c966ff8b31eb9f Additional Hang Signature 2: fcbc Additional Hang Signature 3: ecbb615339164a890c2b9a1bba9b2e60 Additional Hang Signature 4: 4dea Additional Hang Signature 5: 8ec30a090d7cf2c430c966ff8b31eb9f Additional Hang Signature 6: fcbc Additional Hang Signature 7: ecbb615339164a890c2b9a1bba9b2e60 It says on the box its compatible with XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit. I have tried other cd's, program and music, they either play or install with no problems whatsoever. I have tried the Sonar cd in my laptop and it spins and loads right up. I have no clue what is going on, does anyone have any ideas? And if anyone needs any other info not outlined here, let me know. Thank you.
  12. I'm downloading the installer now. I'll mess around with it tonight or tomorrow sometime. I'll get you my character info when I get everything situated.
  13. I'm always down for a match from anyone. My gamertag is Dissection1776.
  14. Whoops, I saw what I did there.
  15. I received my copy from Gamefly and finally got a chance to play it earlier in the week. I gotta say this game is fantastic. I wasn't too sure what to expect from it, but I will most likely buy it when I get a chance. It's a very exhilarating game and deserves a spot in my collection. It reminds me of what Prince Of Persia would be like in 3-D.
  16. Playing videos games alot dosen't necessarily qualify you as a great gamer. And with playing so many games, regardless of how much time you have, how could he even focus on one game long enough to become "good" at it? On top of that, his gamerscore is only 3337 points.
  17. They should remake MGS 2 with a coherent story.
  18. Maybe it's an all new game or remake for Xbox live.
  19. A Werewolf? Didn't Nintendo do this with Link like, 2 years ago? I'm going to rent it through Gamefly when I finish messing around with Dead Space to draw a definite conclusion, but I think Sega should pull an all new Sonic game, based on the old style graphics and throw it on the console marketplace. Just like Capcom did with Megaman 9. I think that would be pretty cool.
  20. I don't think Koudelka is recommended to play the Shadow Hearts games. The first Shadow Hearts looks way dated by modern day PS 2 standards, but it might be worthwhile to check it out if you want to play the second game, which you should. It's probably one of my favorite RPG's on the PS 2. Now that I think about it, the second game does have flashbacks as reference from the first game to fill in any plot gaps. So yea, just play 2 and get both God Of War games.
  21. I bought this game when it first came out for the Dreamcast. I got through it and looking back at it now, I can't remember much of the story, I just know I beat it and had alot of fun with it. I'll have to pop it in sometime to play it again.
  22. I'd be happy with this. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Taylor-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=515703
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