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  1. I dunno who else to report this to, but you are showing as active right now, and can probably handle it.

    Looks like user 710712767186116 is a spam bot or something, posting these long strings and gibberish.

  2. Just so you know, I kind of hate you right now: I haven't been able to get that song you sent me last night out my head, I've literally had that minute-sample on repeat many times today. KEEP IT UP!

  3. Damn, Ferret beat me to the reference. CURSE YOU, TOM SERVO!!!

  4. Yelling "SLUT" on IRC and having someone respond is just extremely satisfying after a long day at work, just thought you should know.

  5. To quote on of your posts about bLiNd: "PLUS I'm the one that makes him do the projects most of the time anyway."

    This is hillarious and revealing. I loled.

  6. Gah! You live near me, apparently!

  7. Hey Jose, I wanted to thank you for doing that awesome FF4 video. It was kickass, bro. Glad you came for the listening party too.

  8. I can haz rocking mimett greens and chill sipping on potion?

  9. Your sheds make my ears bleed. I will harvest your fingers one day.

    That is all.

  10. I remember you, when you had long hair, and did breakdancing in big rooms, and we+Luiza played acoustic sessions. We were young, we were naive, but it was awesome.

  11. Just so you know, the first thing we're doing when we all arrive at the room on January 1st is going out to whole foods and getting you 'dem healthy foods and some good wine.

  12. Been gone for a whiiiiiile.....looking for that cold rock made of fiiiiire!

  13. This man is the master of Irish women.

  14. My bed is lonesome. Oh, and we should take a trip through Europe and not have it end like Hostel!

  15. Public service announcement: A recent study has shown that there are immense physical and mental benefits from the act of remixer spooning. The purpose of this message is to remind remixers that spooning results in better music, and, in fact, is the cause of all instances of rainbows across the world.

    That is all. (Room 1308 ftw)