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  1. If the recording companies were to create a similar client to iTunes, that instead of having the flow of information be from their servers to us, have it be just like BT, they seed the initial release and we keep the music we want to stick around, staying around. I would easily pay $20-30 a month for unlimited access to this client assuming it had a full catalog of music + indie + homemades (no label). Payment to the artists could then be regulated as a percentage of total traffic for the month, or total number of downloads. As there is no shelf space, Artists could still get paid for old work
  2. In terms if of level design and the general playability is concerned, 3 is very much indeed the best designed and built classic game out there. while 7 has more production values, it wasn't nearly as well laid out and there is nothing special or creative from any of its levels. The art got better, the rush thing was very much improved. but the "search" item felt mostly tacked on. there were maybe 3 times in the game you actually wanted to use the thing, and none of the items you could find were only though search. as far as the X series ares concerned, imo, 2 and 3 are tied for best in X. The
  3. Oddly, I found ff:3 to be crazy easy when you get geomancers on, all the way to the end. Maybe I was just playing it the omg unblockable massive damage way.
  4. Ebichuman

    Nintendo Wii

    I heard somewhere that its actually possible to get pc based emulators and homebrew on the Wii w/o voiding warrenty... It involved action replay for GC, and a SD loader freeware program (and an SD card of course)... solves the issues of 85% suck games from VC (so far... where are you SoM & Super Metroid, the only 2 I WANT) then again aquiring the rom's is kinda, not legal :[ .... This kinda seems intresting to me, since the VC doesn't give us any kinda of visual improvments/add ons or nothing. Also would seem like a wicked awsome way to use the Wiimotes for homebrew.
  5. They did this as to benefit from both of the DS's processors to make a better, more fluid 3d.
  6. when I play through this game again I will definatly make use of some of those jobs I never wanted to tough the 1st time through. monk black belt (except power lvling & bahamut's lair. 22k xp solo) Ranger Bard Scholar Summoner Evoker Dark Knight. will NOT use a geomancer when they are 1st available... wow they kick lotsa ass well untill the last few parts of the game. shadowflare ftw. Final Party= Ninja Knight Devout Sage
  7. A zelda game where you need to build up skill in your aquired items would be rather impressive. Gain enough skill in such things as the boomerrang/bow/sword and they allow for the upgraded version.. ex.. Boomerang slow, mid range >> Magic Boomerang, fast, long range >> Gale Boomerang, fastest, long range, locks on
  8. After about 2/3 of the way though the game I started to get the feeling about that game of the "could have been" or "should have been". This game is awsome in its own right but seeing all the new items, you just wish that you actually used them outside of the dungeon you got it in, aside from the clawshot.
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