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  1. Man, just the simple fact that of everyone who's ever existed, real or fictional, that is who came to mind...
  2. Oh, I'm not knocking it. I did so deliberately, as a stylistic choice, and don't regret it.
  3. Yeah, I had a ninja gaiden avatar for a long time. also i used to type completely in lower case letters for years. I also had a red, green, and black masked superhero in my signature picture for a long-ass time, too.
  4. Honestly, it's always reminded me of a probably long forgotten sitcom called "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper", of which the name is the only thing I still remember.
  5. That's really bad-ass, Coop. I'm listening to some of those previews right now, and damn, dude, you're really good. I didn't even know you were a musician. Do you have remixes up on this site? Also, best of luck to getting those books written and published. That's one of those things I tend to respect, writing books. (bullshit books espousing bigoted religious or political views not included, of course, lol) Also, consider me surprised that your name isn't "Cooper". Unless we were supposed to pronounce it "co op" the whole time?
  6. What sort of albums? What genre do you work in? Considering, you know, we're having this conversation here, my first guess would be electronica. Also, what name do you use, as an artist? And novels? That's especially cool. What kind of novels?
  7. Hey, good for you. I would say don't let anyone fuck with you, and take no shit from anyone, but I'm glad to hear that the people around you are cool and supportive. Well, my life lately... I spent a long-ass time in the hospital last year, because I woke up at the end of last January(2017) paralyzed from the waist down, like, out of nowhere. Scared the shit out of me when it happened. I thought I was dying. I had a swelling in my spine, and it damaged the nerves. A little over a month in the hospital, and a month and a half in a nursing rehab home. That one sucked. A lot of sick(some dying) and unhappy old people in there. They discharged me mid April and gave me a walker to use. I learned a shocking lesson about how startlingly fast you lose muscle if you're bed-ridden. It fucking sucks. I lost my calves, and still haven't gotten them back. Now, I still go to physical therapy but can walk around the house pretty good without a cane, but i bring it with me whenever I go out. While i was in there they diagnosed me with diabetes and high blood pressure. I've been on PILLS(I always refer to them in all caps, to show my dislike for them) for them since then, and fortunately, since I've been behaving myself, and lost some weight(still fat but somewhat less so) they'll hopefully take me off of them soon. I can't really drink while I'm on them, and I miss my occasional bottle of sake on a saturday night. It's actually kind of funny. I still have some lingering effects from it, like a weird feeling in my legs constantly, and if i put an ice cube on my leg, it feels warm. When I get a cat scratch on my leg, instead of the normal feeling it's sort of spread out, and weird. But even with all that, since I've been watching what I eat, and drink, I'm actually technically healthier than I was before any of the stuff happened.
  8. It's a shame that hardly anyone from back then is still around. I had a good handful of people I used to talk to a lot, on IM and such. Xenophule, Citris, Mad Bastard, Buttercup, Mahaboo, to name a few... I hope life is treating them ok. I think the biggest reason I've been feeling nostalgic for old unmod, is that back then, the internet didn't seem to be quite as consistently angry of a place. Yeah, some people on there were angry at the world, thrived on an atmosphere of being edgy, but the concentration of people like that seemed lower back then. I've spent a bit of time on various imageboards, in the past five years or so, and holy fuck, are those some toxic places...they're like all the worst parts of old unmod, with the ratio of just plain assholes to fun weird people flipped around to where it's actually the majority of people making it terrible. *heavy sigh*...no going backward, though, even when it feels like that would be moving forward.
  9. Glad to hear you're still around, Coop. Hopefully it's good stuff keeping you busy nowadays. You were one of the people actually adding some class to unmod back in the day. And Gario, the last decade has been, well, it's sure been ten years.
  10. Yeah, in it's own way, it is. Just another one of those "feel kinda old now" moments that seem to have become so prevalent over the last few years, and i'm only 32... But at the same time, it's unsurprising. I think I was about 16 when I first wandered in so many years ago...then went pretty much straight to unmod. The effects that might have had on my developing teenage mind might explain a lot, lol.
  11. I was off-planet at the time. By the way, this place looks a lot more, "serious business" than it was when I left.
  12. So, I used to be known by a few people on here, back when there was an unmoderated forum, as "Mystico". Before that, so long ago that strong bad emails were relatively new, amazon.com was a book buying website, and dirt was white, I went by "frylok". Recently I've been thinking a lot about the past, good lord, fifteen years or so, feeling a mix of nostalgia and embarrassment, and wondering if anyone I was friends with before I exiled myself from here and unmod.org are still around today.
  13. Gotta love the emulation capability of the Dreamcast. Just today I played Sunset Riders on it.
  14. After Funcoland was bought by Gamestop it was the beginning of the end for vintage game stores. Have you checked in your local newspapers? Besides that I might just reccommend you break down and get them online. You'll at least have a better selection.
  15. this mix will kick your ass from here to "rush-ia".
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