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  1. Star Fox. A friend of mine had The Wingless's mix "Godspeed", after it first was posted here.... The rest is as they say, history.
  2. Hells yea. I was pissed! When Aeris died, while I didn't 'cry', I was sad....(I just spent all that time leveling and she was my best healer...and etc.) The only game that's hit a cord with me was this one part in the game "The Darkness". Why a FPS of all reasons? I dont have a clue. Also the org Neverwinter Nights...or what about....what was that game?....oh yea. I cried when I lost the Super Bowl in Madden 08....does that count? >_>
  3. Kick ass this. got the torrent as soon as I could. Off to the MP3 player they go! *jumps in joy*
  4. Strange. Least now I know to mark my calender every year for this.
  5. 1. Successfully pass U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training. (Literally a year long)
  6. Still the best Star Wars guide in my opinion (although this might be colored a little by nostalgia). Oh heck yes. It also completes my collection. So all is well.
  7. Two Underarmor shirts PSP with Killzone: Liberation New Splinter Cell Novel. Confounded "Front Pocket Wallet" Star Wars: Guide to Vehicles and Spacecraft. 4GB MP3/Video Player Scrapbook from my girlfriend with loads of pictures of us together, etc A call from my Navy Recruiter that I have one final PST for my Special Operations job the day before I leave for the Navy Boot Camp. (I liked this one the least.)
  8. One big Army Hooah! For this mix. It somthing you can tap your hands and feet to on a nearby desk or the such. Great job.
  9. Nifty. I'll just add this to my large collection of remixes... And just something I was looking for too...needed something to air guitar too...even if I suck at it. Heh...2 and a half years downloading remixes here...and I just now post what I think of a mix....*shrugs*
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