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  1. Picked it up yesterday night and stayed home from school today playing it. Like, 83-ish stars so far. This is probably the most fun I've had playing a video game in... a long time.
  2. A Super Bomberman stage was the first thing I made with that editor but... Uh, I couldn't figure out how to show the picture here. Wait. A screenshot, maybe? Gimme a minute. EDIT: K here
  3. Chapter 3-4 boss is epic. Rest of the game is pretty good too, except for chapters 4-1 through 4-3, which just annoyed the hell out of me. Chapter 4-4 made it worth it, though.
  4. That's essentially my first thought watching the video, when he's riding across that bridge thingy. And the music made me feel really happy.
  5. Well, I, for one, wasn't expecting her to look that hawt. So that surprise has been spoiled for me.
  6. This is GREAT. And that's really all I can think of to say. Well, and also AWESOME.
  7. Oh, I remember him. I think I beat him eventually... Anyway, if I were to choose a hardest boss I'd have to go with... Let's see... The final boss of Metroid Prime 2 was hard. You know, the... Dark Samus one that appears once you escape from the Ing Temple or whatever. I never did beat her...
  8. This could very well be my favorite mix in the archive. It's that good. A playlist without this song in it is like a vacuum on steroids: It sucks muchly. I give it a 10/10.
  9. This song reminds me of 9-Volt's theme from Wario Ware: Twisted!... It's really cool. Multiple thumbs-up from me.
  10. That voice thingy is better than sex and chocolate mixed together. I give it a 9.99/10.
  11. I love this. It's probably the most listened-to DKC remix on my playlist, and the second note the trumpet plays after entering (at 1:39) makes me melt every time I hear it, and I still don't know why. This song is great, and I'd give it a high score. Very high.
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