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  1. final fantasy x white skies by blind: this rules great techno remix of mt. Gagazet very up beat this is awsome blind keep up the great work awsome simply awsome
  2. Wow totally awsome thats all i can say i really like this remix and i does have a great christmas feel awsome keep up the great work:D this song has a very peaceful mood and and really has a great christmas mood great remix 10 out of 10
  3. I love this remix it is so Beautiful:) the opening with the sea sounds was a nice touch:) again this is a very beautiful remix and thats a sweet and very kind name for it as well,a rose for zelda gets a 10 out of 10 from me keep up the good work:)this is a very sweet remix of zeldas Lullaby i love the guitar playing thats a very nice tone again great work 10 out of 10 from me:) Yours truly, -linkwolf- ______________________________________________________ A Hero will rise when light fades to dark that hero is link the hero of time and twlight.
  4. Awsome remix i love the Latin jazz feel very cool! again this is awsome!!!!!! keep up the good work! Link wolf _____________________________________________________ When light fades to dark a hero will rise!
  5. Hi! GOAT, DUDE This is just simply awsome you should be up on stage man, you rock man keep up the good work and a request do metal gear next any one i would like to hear a good hard rock version of any metal gear song again you rock goat keep on rocken i hope to hear more remixes from you. Link wolf
  6. I could not agree more the guitars remind me of metallica's and justice for all album, gerat remix keep up the good work and keep on rocken! Link WOLF
  7. i can't stop moveing, i just love this song. it remind's me of stuff like janet jackson and other 80's and 90's pop grops. big up's on this one man,i'm saveing it right now. keep up the good work.
  8. this is cool. metal gear for the old nes had some great tunes and this remix gives them new life.by the way dig the cool name.i love the part at 3:26 were the boss battle part kick's in that song haunts me to this day fighting metal gear is hard and this part just add's to the already tough battle. any way love this mix and if anybody is looking for a heavy verson of the out side music check out vgremix.com and look for the song punching dog's.peace linkwolf
  9. cool remix but i think it's done better by darangen. go to his site the link is on this site and look for vgremix link and look for the song deck the claws.this verson is closer to the killer cuts verson. just with heavy guitar and snyth guitar riff's over the piano. very cool check this one out guy's
  10. aw the song of storms and many others some of my faves keep up the great work unknown you rule. p.s i remix zelad to i have done a few the best is my heavy metal verson of the song of time. i just don't have the tools to send it in.maybe some day
  11. very cool i'm saveing this to my favorites list.zelda rules
  12. one of the best zelda remixes ever very beautiful.i owen w w i have beat it. dont let the cel shadeing fool you this game rocks it's hard at first but it's all worth it for the games final fight with gannon.last but not least i can't wait for the new zelda t p the best zelda game ever to grace a nintendo linkwolf p.s. i remix zelda stuff two
  13. love the song.the words are great and fit nicely it hit a cord with me alot my uncle just died a few month ago and the words hit me really hard.this has tobe one of the best remixes i have heard for donkey kong country 2 .i do some my self for zelda but this is way better then my stuff. thanks again
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