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  1. Does anyone know the price canadian? Where can I see these shirts advertised? I am too lazy to look! Give me the link!!!!
  2. IT WILL NEVER BE RELEASED Shenmue 2 was one of the most expensive games ever made, and it didn't make all it's money back. Ryo is forever trapped in that cave... just weep your tears now. There are plans for a Shenmue Online, but it won't continue the story. Depressing enough? I loved the remix. Wow.... I hate and love sad endings....
  3. I actually beat this guy on my first try. I was crazy with the weapon ungrades and stuff though.
  4. MAGIC! Ironic how the one with the Vivi aviator and picture signature stated that. Actually, that would be the opposite of ironic: fitting. Hey! you know what I ment.. It's all good. It was noticable.
  5. Really? FF IX was my fave! I am not sure why, but I liked it the best for sure!
  6. MAGIC! Ironic how the one with the Vivi aviator and picture signature stated that. That's just a normal Black Mage. What are you talking about? Vivi is awsome! Far from normal!
  7. MAGIC! Ironic how the one with the Vivi aviator and picture signature stated that.
  8. I think that the bosses difficulty depends on the person. Generally bosses arn't that hard for me and it's the endurance I have problems with. I never like to heal anyone. I find it a waste when I am low on cash... so I usually die on the way.
  9. Hmm.. Personally I found Seymore in Final Fantasy X when they were up climbing the mountain and he was useing the instant death on everyone..... seriously irritating. Someone said something about having another aeon that I didn't have.... That must have made it tougher.... Took me forever. I am sure though that the rest of the world had a much easier time than I did though. p.s. no guarantee that the name is spelt correctly.
  10. I listened to this remix because of the replies it was getting. I actually liked the drum thing. It didn't seem too upbeat to me. This was a good remix
  11. I like the bolding, keeps it intresting! I have no problem with you following me to this forom. It was a good remix. Well worth it i'm sure.
  12. Alright! Everyone is intitled to an opinion. And that one happens to be yours.
  13. Of course it does. I understand him. It didn't sound all scratched up and the real tune wasn't hidden under bells and whistles. I am defidently a fan of the game and I don't like it when the origional is lost to trumpets and electric guitars. We still got to hear the origional before then the remix. Do you understand now?
  14. Is there an arguement coming on? It was a good piece and he was being totally honest of how he felt. It is true! It is clean and nice
  15. Nicely done faint glow! That was super honest and I like how you explained that calmly while attempting not to insult someone, althugh I think you may have it was kind of necessary.
  16. This was super good! I loved it! Hey you inspired a video as well on the guy above me! That's awsome!
  17. Nice Job! I am surprised. I was wondering what you could possibly do with the music of this piece. Good work:D
  18. I didn't like how much it repeated itself. It was a little weird for my taste, but that might be only me.
  19. I didn't like this one too much. I thought that it was......too common. It is nothing that hasnt been done and done over, like the most obvious choice. But I was happy that I did reignize it.
  20. This was totally amazing. I had to listen to it more than once. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Hey! Nice job on the remix! I love music and it was really cool! Seriously!
  22. Who ever keeps complainiong about the bass it is fine. Please don't mess with it... unless it was bad and you fixed it, in which case good job. Bottom line is I love it the way it is and I don't want it to change!
  23. Where can I get the translations? I would love to know everything she is saying (that is just the way I am) please?
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