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  1. I wanted to post Mario World 2, but seriously. Super Mario World? Ive played that game through seriously over 50 times. That was the first game I got.
  2. Donkey Kong Country 2 SF3:3S Every Zelda sequal SSX Tricky
  3. Carnage from Maximum Carnage. Can't remember if I said it already, but he has huge health and the hitbox for his main attack is like a quarter of the screen. Almost beat him once. But almost is useless! haha
  4. Places to consistantly get Megalixers anyone? I made the stupid mistake of using them when I was getting Ultima, and I cant kill the Undying. I dont have bubble , bravery or faith so..... yeah.
  5. Anyone know where to consistantly get megalixers?
  6. ^^^^You're a funny man. Your songs are good too.
  7. Theres nothing like pulling off a long agonizing juggle on your opponant, eventually ending in a super and turning that into an unblockable situation, allowing another long combo, possibly a reset , and a mixup, all set to your favorite music, ending a perfect round and continuing to juggle them after the match is over. Sorry for the run on sentance, but its moments like that that make games fun. Beasting. Exploring worlds that arent available for us to explore in real life due to limited finances and crammed schedule. There are a lot of reasons. If games weren't fun people wouldnt play t
  8. Yes there is. Street Fighter 3:Third Strike
  9. Maximum Carnage Pitfall The Mayan Adventure (not essential, but cool,lol) Super Star Wars (all 3) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  10. Take the batteries out of the controller and leave them out for a good 5 minutes. After you put the batteries back in, start up the Wii by pressing the Power button on the console itself, then hold it's sync button for about 20 seconds. Then press the sync button on the Wiimote and see if that works. Thanks. I actually fixed it by unplugging the console for about a half a minute, plugging it back in and resyncing the controller. phew! Right as Im finishing FFXII and getting ready to play Zelda!
  11. So I was playing Monkey Ball last night and I quit the game with the Home button. As soon as I get back to the wii channels menu, i realize the controller isnt working. every time i hit any button, all 4 blue lights just keep flashing. I figured it was the batteries since I hadn't changed them yet, so I did that. Same results. I resync the controller , same results. I change the batteries again, same results, resync the controller again , same. I have insurance on my console since I got a bundle from Toys R Us, but before I send it for repair I wanted to see if anyone is familiar with
  12. thank you much for clearing that up
  13. Well Ill try tomorrow to see if they respawn. Im at the last point before the final battles, and Im not too worried about being able to beat them. still, zodiak spear would be nice for trying to get zodiark. oh well! Hey another question. how do I get good things from Rabanastre Muthru Bazaar, like Bubble Belt and Bravery and whatnot? Or how do I buy things from inside the airship? Hunts? Thanks in advance.
  14. see I found that info on another site a few minutes ago, i opened all the chests, all knots of rust. im positive i didnt open any of the treasures i wasnt supposed to. do you have to open the one you marked with an X first? if so, do the chests respawn? I hope so and thank you, by the way!
  15. Ok Ive looked all over the place and I cannot find the Zodiak Spear in the Necrohol of Nabudis. I did NOT open the forbidden chests, and I know its in the Cloister of the Highborn. Someone please help!
  16. Im sick of all the launch BS. Sony , MS, and even Nintendo should simply be making way more systems than this. Ive never been in a video game factory so I dont know how long it actually takes for one system to actually be created, but this whole situation is unacceptable. You dont see people camping outside of a store risking their health , job, and now apparently their very life for a CD release, or a DVD release. I have a physically demanding retail job, as Im sure several others here do too, and I simply dont have the energy, much less time , to camp outside of a store simply to play v
  17. Sick, one of the best songs from one of the best games. Sorry i dont have advice to offer, but again, SICK.
  18. as soon as i heard the beat drop (no pun intended, har har) i knew this song would be the cornerstone for this weeks latest mix cd. solid song. beatdrop has been one of my top 10 favorite remixers for the past few months. dare i say top 5??? yeah i dare. Keep making them ill keep listening to them! thanks!
  19. "good techno?" whats awesome in one sub genre of techno isnt necessarily awesome in others. sucking up? what would be the point of sucking up to a moderator of an internet website? what would you get out of it? onto the mix. i loved it, shakuhachi is one of my favorite instruments. its inclusion immidiately scores points in my book. i thought this mix flowed very well from start to finish. overall it sounded like a lot of thought was put into it, as opposed to just layers on top of a beat (although dont get me wrong that can be quite sick) im sure if i put my mind to it i could n
  20. This is, in all honesty, one of the greatest songs I have ever heard, period. Great job. Keep up the good work Ill keep listening.
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