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  1. HOLY FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FUCK SHIT. This remix is soooo damn awesome.
  2. The final version is going straight to my MP3 player and never leaving.
  3. Did he just say that crappy computer was better than live instruments in the first video?
  4. Thanks never knew mario land had such a good soundtrack. Is that a tuba in the first half? It's too loud. The transition to the second half is great.
  5. Pretty good for four hours. Do you have the source material?
  6. I'm getting a real Banjo Kazooie vibe from this song.
  7. ^That's a pretty f'n sweet song you got there. I don't really have any suggestions for improving it.
  8. How do I program Fruity Loops so a sound will be heard in one speaker or headphone, and vice versa.
  9. King K Rool on Donkey Kong 64. I always get to the Diddy part of the fight, but the control is so loose and hard to hit the targets, I just end up shutting the game off in fear. I can't even imagine the other parts of the fight.
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