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  1. I decided to create Telegram channel for OC ReMix with MUSIC STREAMING (Yes! Not only for downloading to your phone but to listen it directly in Telegram!) and news. Now I uploading first album (Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo) to Telegram, and cause I have bad connection album is still uploading. Link to the channel So you can join channel and wait for music😀 And please, write what you think about it
  2. Very good! Will there be public playlists? I mean, playlists that all users of the app can listen to. And what about desktop version and album streaming?
  3. Hello! Please, change my username to "12x_waver".
  4. chill, jazzy, mellow There is mellow and chill ReMixes. Playlists... I think there's some plylists on OC Remix Youtube channel, but I don't really know.
  5. Let's play some Chaotix! (кто понял, тот понял)
  6. Here's first project claim! My friend ILFIZ claimed "Green Hills Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  7. Отличный трек, думаю для OCRemix'а пойдёт (послушай первые треки Jivemaster'a, у него такие же хардкорные).
  8. This is my trance arrangement of "Bridge Zone". I called it "Trance-Cap" because the ReMix is a bit like "IceCap" from Sonic 3. Also, strings on background are from Marble Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog). Please rate the ReMix and point out any shortcomings. Artist name: 12x_waver ReMix name: Trance-Cap Primary game: Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear ver.) Source: Bridge Zone, Marble Zone (cameo) Download FLAC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C33JZTqzDHoHyuZika4eEniidisUCnBy/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. You send me a track, I mix it with other into one non-stop album, like Tomoya Ohtani's "Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style ”Party”". You onlly must send me ... - Number of your ReMix in catalog (like "OCR00134") OR Number of Album in catalog and number of track in album - Name of your ReMix - Link to your ReMix (or Album) - BPM of ReMix But your track must be posted on OCReMix or in Album! If your track isn't, you must post it! Tracklist DISC1 - Frozen - All chill, mellow and ambient tracks are here. DISC 2 - Fired - All energetic, pumping music like DnB, punk are here. P.S. Sorry for all mistakes in English.
  10. https://vk.com/wave12sound?z=photo613347947_457239028%2Falbum613347947_00%2Frev Concept-art of "OCREMIX PLAY" app. Well, it's only concept. (p.s. Sorry for necropost)
  11. That's my first ReMix. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19sXKn5D45eJtQriFXC2rlY-muYS6nSp6/view?usp=sharing It's medley of various tracks from Sonic Drift 2, like "Title", races, jingles and "Credits".
  12. I wanna make series of Sonic-franchise ReMix Albums. First album will be a tribute to Master System & Game Gear. All welcome to jump in! Here is tracklist: (RUS) Я хочу сделать серию альбомов ремиксов из сониковской франшизы. Первый будет посвящён играм из Master System и Game Gear. Все могут принять участие! Вот треклист: Black - No Artists BLACK BOLD - CLAIMED TRACK Red - WIP Violet - Final Arrangement VIOLET BOLD - FINISHED TRACK DISK I Sonic the Hedgehog 8-bit 01. Act Start, Bridge Zone @w12 02. Jungle Zone 03. Bonus Zone 04. Boss 05. Labyrinth Zone 06. Scrap Brain, Sky Base @w12 07. Ending Sonic the Hedgehog 2 8-bit 08. Opening, Title Screen 09. Act Start, Underground Zone, Act Complete 10. Sky High Zone 11. Invincible, Power Sneakers 12. Aqua Lake Zone 13. Boss (gg&sms) 14. Green Hills Zone - claimed by ILFIZ @w12it's editor lag 15. Gimmick Mt. Zone 16. Scrambled Egg Zone 17. Crystal Egg Zone 18. Endings (bad&good) Sonic Chaos (sms&gg) 19. Opening 20. Character Select 21. Turquoise Hill Zone 22. Gigalopolis Zone 23. Sleeping Egg Zone 24. Special Stage (1&2) 25. Mecha Green Hill Zone 26. Aqua Planet Zone 27. Boss 28. Power Ups 29. Electric Egg Zone, Final Boss @w12 30. Ending DISK II Sonic Drift 1&2 31. Title Screen 1&2, All Menus 32. Green Hill 33. Marble 34. Spring Yard 35. Star Light 36. Scrap Brain 37. Invincibility 1&2 38. Emerald Hill 39. Hill Top 40. Dark Valley 41. Casino Night 42. Desert Road 43. Iron Ruin 44. Rainy Savannah 45. Ice Cap 46. Mystic Cave 47. Quake Cave 48. Baloon Panic 49. Emerald Ocean 50. Milky Way 51. Death Egg, Final, Credits @w12 Sonic Labyrinth 52. Title, Menu 53. Act 1-3 54. Scroll, Bomb, Special @w12 55. Act Start, Boss, Act Complete, Ending Sonic Blast (aka G Sonic) 56. Opening, Title, Select 57. Act Start, Green Hill Zone, Act Compplete, Boss, Boss Clear 58. Special Stage 59. Yellow Desert @w12 60. Red Desert 61. Blue Marine 62. Silver Castle, Ending, Staff Roll Sonic Triple Trouble 63. Opening, Title, Menu 64. Great Turquoise 65. Sunset Park, Sunset Park Boss @w12 67. Boss, Eggman, Metal, Nack 68. Meta Junglira 69. Special Stage 2D&3D 70. Robotnik Winter 71. Tidal Plant 72. Atomic Destroyer @w12 73. Ending ALBUM GUIDELINES & INFO CLAIMS You can claim up to 5 tracks at once. When you have done all tracks, you can claim 5 other tracks again (and again... and again... you live the endless life forever) DEADLINE No deadlines. GENRE GUIDLINES Any genres are allowed. PROJECT TEAM DIRECTOR: @w12 REMIXERS: @w12, ILFIZ PERFORMERS: VISUAL ARTIST: When you claim/send me track, you must enter: NAME OF REMIX NAME OF SOURCE TRACK YOUR ALIASE
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