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  1. Sorry about this, I'm used to a dedicated noob intro section, not it being in the techie help area, so I missed this. Anyways, yo.
  2. Hmmmm... One of the few orchestral remixes on this site that actually seem like an old-fashioned song with a story to it and progression and a journey through the music. Definitely a rare breed. 5/5
  3. I like it for the most part. It's a great song that seems to make you forget about type-casting it and defining it's style into one group or another. It keeps you interested throughout, because you don't know completely what to expect. This can be a problem though, because it seems like the conductor didn't know exactly where he was going with it also. It's one of those songs where a person either gets it or they don't, and I got it. 4/5.
  4. Mainstream-ish compared to anything else on this site. It's the easiest one to show to anyone and they will almost always appreciate it.
  5. I never played much castlevania (I dabbled. Just never found it worth my money) so I might not notice the obvious similarities to it's original but I like it... sort of. It has a nice eighties hair-metal feel to it with a creeper dracula thing going but I've heard this too many times to listen to it a lot. Final verdict? Shuffle- yes, Mix CD- no.
  6. I think this is the first song I ever listened to on OCRemix. As you can tell, by me being here that I loved it. It's one of those songs that rip your heart out and just tear it up... in a good way. Really, it doesn't get any better then this and I have just under 5 gigs that will attest to that.
  7. This is possibly my favorite song on OCRemix. I love the slickness it has along with the general bad-assedness that is usually missing from any vg remix. The best part about this remix though, is that it is the most mainstream-ish so it's a good song to spread the word with.
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