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  1. Are we talking rock arrangements a la Black Mages?
  2. Yeah, Yevon was ridiculously easy. Yunalesca, on the other hand...
  3. I haven't even made it past Hard-8. And it took me 9'30" to beat level 7. They just don't stop throwing huge blocks. Edit: I'm going to go ahead and drop out of the tournament. Sorry.
  4. Count me in. Hopefully I'll have at least a decent team by then.
  5. Hey, just 'cause he plays piano, doesn't mean he has square glasses and looks all scrawny. You don't need a pocket protector to play piano
  6. I retract my previous post. Found a Machop, leveled up to 12 and solo'd the entire gym. Not sure why Fighting beats Rock, but it works. (I imagine it's a bit like paper beating rock. Nobody knows why.)
  7. Posted in D/P thread, thought I should post here, too. Pokemon Diamond FC: 3222 2065 3278 Also sigg'd.
  8. Picked it up yesterday. Pokemon Diamond FC: 3222 2065 3278 And I swear, I'm the only one here who took the Fire starter. I'm still at the first Gym, and STILL regretting it.
  9. Here's a statistical oddity: I took two of my friends home, who live less than 10 miles from me. They got home at 1:45 and 1:55, and I got home at 3:05. DST sucks. (Sadly, I wasn't going 88 mph, for fear of the cops. I could've blamed it on my flux capacitor.)
  10. 0-2 versus Kamoh. Had good starts to both games, then made crucial mistakes in both.
  11. Sure, I'm in. I'll play on whatever team wants me.
  12. 0-2 versus Grayfox. Those were not my best games, and boy, did he take advantage of it.
  13. 0-2 against dPaladin, in a bypass match. I feel I played better then I have recently (which isn't very good), but he just outlasted me both games.
  14. Fionn

    Final Fantasy XII

    Bravery and Faith are the only spells that are only sold in the Muthru Bazaar. Other items of note that can be bought there are the Bubble Belt (Equip: Bubble), and the Nihopalaoa (Equip: Reverse). The Muthru Bazaar shop's inventory depends on the clan rank of the player.
  15. Fionn

    Final Fantasy XII

    The items you can purchase depend on your clan rank. Just finish more hunts, and you can get Bravery & Faith. EDIT: I'm not sure at what point you get these spells, I just did without them.
  16. Whoa...I totally forgot about this thread. I'm back now. Looks like Clef made it in on most points for last week. (18 or 20)
  17. Fionn


    So is that the second derivative? Or the derivative of x squared? Whatever. It's too late for me to think right now. I'll sleep on it. EDIT: It's the derivative of x squared. Unless that assumption is the problem with the math. Because I'd express that as: d(x^2)/dx [(x^2)] = d(x)/dx + ... + d(x)/dx (x times)
  18. 1-1 vs. Clef. Both won as white.
  19. Sadly, I don't play an instrument. I'm trying to learn to play the piano, and hopefully my parents get me a MIDI keyboard for X-mas like I want them to. (That, and FLStudio or something, and I might actually try to make a remix. But for now, I got nothin'.) The only instrument I have is my voice. I sing baritone and tenor in my high school's top choir, and hoping to make the all-state choir this year.
  20. So, in other words, you can't play the same person twice in four weeks, in either a standard match or a risk-match. But you can play one of each against someone else, if it's not in the same week. That's what he said, in layman's terms. We appreciate the technical wording, though.
  21. Hey...is it too late to join this thing? My AIM screen-name is rpgman219.
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