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  1. shoot. I like that one. I dont know what is it worth to you? your in portland right?

    if you are here it is for 24$


    which is less than id like to sell it for. and I bet you could get it for 20 if you just asked.

  2. I dont know. I kind of want to get DKCR.

  3. Yeah What time works for you.

  4. eh.. It happens dont worry about it.

  5. no offers. as of today. make one.

  6. FAC

    first place one

    second place three

    thirdd place four

  7. Sounds about right.... I dont think I can afford it right now.. But if no one takes it in a few weeks ill let you know.

  8. I sent you your gift.. I think let me know if you got it.

  9. shipping to 97301 for mario kart and the 64?

  10. Oh By the way I got it last saturday and it works great.


  11. ... and shipping is sent,

  12. OK. Funds sent 30 seconds ago..

  13. ok so sell me that psp.. Its modded right?

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