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  1. Anyone heard of this "Light Gun" shooting game called Lethal Enforcers?
  2. Does anyone have any idea where I can find a Racing game creator tool on the Internet? I am looking forward in becoming a future game designer soon and I want to know. Thanks.
  3. I need help how to use/run games on DOSBox...I recently downloaded this on my compy and a few games on it, but I just don't know how to do stuff like mount things on there. So, if any of you have any suggestions how to use DOSBox, feel free to e-mail me at: kibjohn929@yahoo.com Thanks!
  4. Yeah...usually when I post things, some people do reply quicker than that...so...that was about it...normally, waiting for someone to reply usually don't happen that long...
  5. Oh...C'mon, you all...How can noone in all of OC ReMix Land who knows a lot about videogames don't know a thing about this game...
  6. Anyone heard of this SNES shooter called Space Megaforce? In Japan and Europe, it was known as Super Aleste and it is developed by the same people who brought us Puyo Puyo, M.U.S.H.A., and Kirby's Avalanche.
  7. I agree with Bahamut...Screw you SONY...They got a lot of nerve of rippin' folks off and stuff like that...that's probably why it wasn't too much rave with PS3 after the price announcement of that. and along with that, who the heck wants to buy a system with nothing but PS2/PS3 imports? I rather keep focus on the DS instead. My suggestion: if you're on myspace and if you add Sega Game Gear, they will comment on you saying "F**k the PSP!"
  8. man...i actually dunno...i've been making beats lately...especially techno beats using FamiTracker
  9. I agree with I-n-j-i-n as far as DMC4 going on 360 and not on PC...Capcom never produced games on PC...with that in mind, they should produce DMC for the Wii (i guess)...though, controls might be a bit sloppy if it shows up on the wii (take reference to Red Steel)...Plus, MGS4 is a must see on the 360 (since that's going multiplatform as well)...if any multiplatform that should make its way on the PC is the MGS series (i guess).
  10. Oh, C'mon!! I can't be the only one in all of OC Remixville that know about this game!! Or am I?!?
  11. literally, i dunno how good will this new TMNT movie will be. heck, when it debuted as a TV show over 20 years ago, it was indeed the shiznik and it lasted for 8 seasons (1986-1994). they had a older TMNT movie out back in 1990, but i think that one sucked...I really dunno about the new TMNT movie that's out now. If they made a TMNT comeback, Universal should consider making a Back to the Future comeback with Marty McFly and Jennifer being married and stuff like that, but have a better time machine in this one.
  12. Anyone heard of this GBA game called Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars? I don't know how good is this game, but whenever I beat it, I cannot understand the storyline of the game (maybe because the game itself has 2 endings).
  13. I guess making remixes to Get Ready For This and Twilight Zone. That's about it!!
  14. kidThunder

    Sony PS3

    True VF5 is a good game, but I'm looking forward to games like MGS4(in which Konami hasn't released it as of yet)...That's what I'm up for. Motorstorm...I never heard of that. But other games on PS3...I don't exactly know for sure if they are appealing to the VG audience.Red Steel on the Wii is CRAP...but people liked it. PDZ on 360 was also CRAP...but people liked that as well... But I was actually saying it looks like PS3 may be on life support as of now, because the system itself isn't getting much support just as the 360 and the wii are.
  15. I love to remix music and everything...though the problem is does anyone have an idea where could I go to find a program to remix music using NES, Gameboy, or Sega Genesis synth? I try to do that using the emulators on my PC...though I want to do that regularly. Thanks!
  16. meh...the Wii VC is pretty good...though i feel bad since i don't have the wii, i have to stick with emulators for now, which i kinda dislike
  17. kidThunder

    Sony PS3

    Well...I feel pretty bad about what has been going on with the PS3 lately...Lackluster support, not any good games, won't even play PS1 or PS2 games on there, not too many were shipped out during launch, and last but not least, THE COST!! It seems like PS3 is probably going to be just like the time when the Sega Saturn came out. I really dunno. The price is obvious: $600+ for a game console is awful, but I'm not sure will PS3 do well overall. We all know that the Wii is becoming a popular favorite, and 360 is getting more support than it was when that first came out. But with the PS3 in mind, it looks like SONY is beginning to screw up their own marketing just like SEGA did with the Saturn and all of the previous systems (i.e. Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X).
  18. StarForce - Target Attack (Hard House Mix) Megaman 4 - Boss Theme (Hard House Mix) PowerStrike - Aleste Theme (Hard House Mix) BioMetal - BioMetal_GetReady4This (superMix) Virtua Racing - Game Over Remix Virtua Racing - Pit In Remix Though, these are not posted yet, but these are a work-in-progress
  19. Well...I've encountered some worst NES games in my lifetime. Here are just a few: Trojan Back to the Future 1-3 Friday the 13th Golgo 13 anymore worst NES games you can think of...name 'em
  20. yeah...i use a philips type headphones for my CD player
  21. Besides how it seems that an annoying 5 year old put it together? or how about how you cant even read any of the text in the body of your page.I thought grown men would have grown out of Dragon Ball. I guess I was wrong. good point...gotta fix that and re-edit it...thank you for your suggestion...but as an anime fan, DBZ is AWESOME...if anything I should be grown out of is Pokemon.
  22. sort of...true, myspace is sorta below facebook, because you have some folks' pages who literally drop the "F" bomb like it's so cool!! saying F--- this, F--- that, F--- you!! but if you were to view my page, none of that will show up!!www.myspace.com/kid_thunder Notice...people been saying that they like what I'm doing with my page and everything and they like the song on here!! So check it out!! Your page is an abomination. well, i don't see how it is so...since i don't think there would be nothing wrong with it...heck, i don't even have any "F" words on there...so what could possibly be wrong with it?
  23. They probably did to create Gunstar Heroes...and if I'm not mistaking, I'm thinking some of them probably was already at Treasure for the development of this SNES shooter Axelay!! Other than that, I don't know
  24. Bagular from Bomberman Hero...Wonky camera designs annoyed the piss out of me...yes...this game is CRAP!! But I bought it for about a good 5 bucks (since it's worth a buy if you still have an N64).
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