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  1. I can't get the forum to work, everytime I login I get an error. Page cannot be found.
  2. mmmm... probably. I might try busting some phat beats, but I totally hear a sweet orch. version.
  3. I don't have aim, either talk to Fishy there or just post something here.
  4. Hey, i'm thinking about taking Wings. My fuse mix is much furthur along now.
  5. I want to become official and get the mixers and track list filled, that way people CAN start, but the first WIP due date won't be til fall. We can work everything else out and when the time comes all we have to do is mix!
  6. Yes, I contacted zircon. Fishy let me know already.
  7. Had too, that is the reason why those 30 second sources could be turned into gold!
  8. Okay, guys here is how I like to work my track lists. First, I have not really gone through the soundtrack myself yet. Just Fishy. And he cut all the tracks shorter then 30 seconds. If you really want a track not on the list it's totally cool, just say so. I happen to know V___ remixed a song from solitare that was like 3 seonds long, only had like 7 notes. And the mix was great! In other words, you can have whatever track you want, you just have to tell me.
  9. Very. Since we have quite a few interested remixers i'm thinking of just going ahead and making a new thread in gen. or does a mod just wanna move this?
  10. Wow, a lot of responses while I was sleeping. That makes my day pretty much. About the 2 track combining into one... sure. I'm gonna listen to a couple of your guys' stuff. Most of I have heard though. I'll be very good at updating the first post right away. *Updated Theory of Nonexistence, i'll listen to your stuff later. I got school.
  11. I posted the track list that Fishy came up with.
  12. Well, by start I mean post the first WIP due date. I'll get a track list up, we can discuss how the project is gonna work, and pick our tracks. That way we can already be ready when we go to "officially" start.
  13. Your welcome, after listening to your stuff for Pokemon I had to. Your amazing with a guitar!
  14. Aw dang, sorry guys. I just finished mine. I'll post it just so ya'll can hear it, even though it's too late. Just for fun! http://zimishone.googlepages.com/DragonPAR-TAY.mp3
  15. Ya, i'm probably gonna take a second mix.
  16. It took me long enough.... ...well, I had started over.
  17. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait is over. POSTED!!
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