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  1. Awesome work, as usual. My only complaint is the snare. It's a little too loud!
  2. yes. just for private mix posting and reviewing!
  3. http://soundfonts.darkesword.com/ Also, use more reverb.
  4. If you want, I don't have anything ready yet. I'm trying to finish Xenogears and Pokemon before I move onto this and Super Mario 64. But when to the time comes, yes that would be nice!
  5. Yo, this project have a private forum?
  6. hahahaha.... sorry, but this and like the first 3 pages of this thread is great! funny stuff.
  7. Oh ya, it's not done but it's so close, I can taste it! I just need an ending. It's up though! Awaiting reviews.
  8. Cool, cuz I been working a lot on Wings, and I think i'm almost done. Usually I run into things, like stuff that doesn't sound good. But everything i'm doing sounds great in that mix! Edit: also where's Foxhull?
  9. I been working hard! Another update on Wings!!!
  10. I got a little extra time, here's some of my stuff: http://remix.thasauce.net/songs/POCKETMAN_SuperMarioWorld-UnderDepth_RTS.mp3 http://remix.thasauce.net/songs/POCKETMAN_Earthbound-ABrandNewWorld_RTS.mp3
  11. hmmmmm, interesting. I'm def interested if you wait, which you are. Let me know.
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