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  1. Here's a remix I started of the "Float Islands". http://zimishone.googlepages.com/kirbywip2.mp3
  2. I would really like a sounfont of, I don't know what it's called or if it has a name, that kinda loud quick slap/snap percussion instrument. Or something similar. It's used in the first Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack a lot.
  3. Ya, piano and flute, maybe a little bit of strings. What's so unusual about Clay?
  4. Damnit, I just tried again... I'll wait a little while. EDIT: It's working, i'm good.
  5. Well, I did have Intro Part 1. What is the deadline? For a WIP?
  6. Ya, meaning, I can't update my track again.....
  7. I'm also close to being finished. Probably tomorrow or Wed. i'll update my wings track. It'll be about 90% done.
  8. Well, my problem is I signed on with Xenogears and Pokemon months ago... almost a year with Xenogears! I'm very willing maybe even do 2 mixes for this, but those 2 projects are my priority. To tell you the truth I have not even thought about my mix for my project, Super Mario 64, let alone this project. Give me til then. July or so should be fine.
  9. I'm fully aware you dropped. Fishy just must have seen the list that I have not edited in like 2 months.
  10. Well, the whole marathon had a preview for Cartoon Network, INVADED. Which includes a new episode of Ed, Edd 'n Eddy. It starts on Friday with Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, and I think the Ed, Edd 'n Eddy episode is next week.
  11. Shit, i know! I'm trying to finish both my mixes for Xenogears first... and pokemon...
  12. about the EQ, that's pretty much what i've been working on for so long. The drum hits, hmmm... trying to lead into a new section. Just never did that section.
  13. This piece is not new. I've been working on it for a while though. And it's not really going anywhere. Last time I posted this I didn't get a lot of feedback! It would be nice if I could. The piece is rather short, and will remian short. Think of it as opening credits to a movie. http://zimishone.googlepages.com/ABrandNewWorld.mp3
  14. that's too bad, but i feel the same. i just don't have time for tin tower. my surf mix is close to almost done. expect an update one of these days!
  15. Sorry, I had a basketball tournament last weekend, and I have one this weekend.
  16. I've liked this since I heard the first version way back when. This is great. Awesome job at 1:05. I agree with Random Hero about the strings. But it's still very nice.
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