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  1. Rocking the Rig Donkey Kong Revelations Simian Sounds Monkey Madness Apetasia The Sound of Safari 21 Kong Salute Donkey Renaissance Rare Variations Primal Polyphony
  2. I completely understand. Want me to dig out some names from the OL project, there were some good ones...
  3. Ya sounds awesome. This is why I'm doing the Crocodile Chaos over at OL. (We were gonna call it Kongs in Concert 2...)
  4. hmmm... I also like the piano that high. However, maybe 1 octive lower.
  5. Here, I sent a PM, but: http://zimishone.googlepages.com/OnceUponaNightmare.mp3 http://zimishone.googlepages.com/UnderDepth.mp3 http://zimishone.googlepages.com/Reflection.mp3 Some of my work.
  6. That's not even the art really being used, apparently. So it does not really matter.
  7. http://i7.tinypic.com/2rmmo1v.jpg http://i4.tinypic.com/4haqmo5.jpg Ok I just took a picture out of my old comic books. Sorry I can't get any better ones up now. My scanner is broken and i can't scan anything right now. I tried to take a picture of a colored one: http://i6.tinypic.com/2dtq9hg.jpg it's blurry. Some of the more recent stuff i've done is not so cartoony. I should have my scanner fixed soon and i'll upload some of my better, colored, non-blurry work!
  8. I'm an artist, want me to post some of my work?
  9. Ya, but then it's hard to decide everything. Genre, which theme. I guess everything is just left really wide open. This really is not my topic to discuss, just tried to bring up a point.
  10. I guess there is a problem, that so many of those bosses have many different versions of themes. Maybe you should choose exactly what game you want to take their theme from. Same goes for someone like DeDeDe, pretty much the same song, but different way of doing it from dreamland 1 to 2.
  11. Ya, but you don't want them to just all sound like the original.
  12. I hate to say it. But you guys might have to be will ing to give up your positions to higher ranked remixers. Let someone else run the project. If you had someone like: Sephfire or Rexy running this, it would be getting better results.
  13. Just so everyone here knows, I can't wait for this! Good luck on the releaser!
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