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  1. I'll talk to Fishy and Zoola, you are more then welcome to have any of the 3 tracks left, or any not posted. Your track is awesome, but I can't give you a track already taken.
  2. ya, if you want anything that's left? cool. 3 track left!!!!
  3. I think if you get on the project, and take a track, it's yours. I don't care if John Williams wants your track. Meteo Xavier, your track is very nice. If you want an open track just let me know!
  4. hmmmmm.... i'll probably do another orchestral mix.
  5. Okay, well i'm dropping this. Bren, send me a PM if this starts up again!
  6. i'm trying to update mine right now, but the forum is giving me beef again. as in I can't get there... Oh, and Cerrax, you have to finish SS Anne!
  7. 5th, not bad for my first PRC, especially since there were 8 entries!!!
  8. I voted... ... there's some pretty good music.
  9. OK, here's my entry. I also e-mailed it cuz sometimes my googlepages sucks. http://zimishone.googlepages.com/LunarMission.mp3
  10. Okay, "WINGS" is for sure gonna be orchestral.
  11. Exactly, plus that means less tracks! ONE WHOLE LESS TRACK!!!!!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Oh no, for me that's totally fine. I can easily have both those tracks done by then. Keep me on both!
  13. Pocketman - Tin Tower Theme - All you have is a short 30 second sample. Are you going anywhere with this or what? Um, depends... when is the final due date?
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