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  1. It's not dead guys, i'm just running low on spare time. Besides, I finished the main project. I'm just working on the second disc, the "bonus tracks".
  2. Seriously... what a road. I'm sure this turn of events will give us the boost we need!

    Toy Story 3

    Exactly. It was wonderful.
  4. Hey, lets be negative. We are still doing alright. Just at a slow pace.
  5. This needs to do something. I know not much has happened for a while. But I can say i've been working on my track.
  6. Hmmm, i haven't really thought that far ahead yet. But I will tell you that the Swamp mix is orchestral/ambient. As for the bramble mix thank you. Ya, the ending is bad I know. But it grew on me. For some reason I just feel like it should cut off. I'm really just trying to mix all the songs like i've never heard before.
  7. Thanks. Although Serious Monkey Business was way epic dude!
  8. Little bump in honor of Serious Monkey Business. GO DKC2!!!
  9. We don't have much of a deadline yet. But, yeah, check for the first post.
  10. Send some of your work to either me or Fishy... probably Fishy. I'm lazy. lol. On second thought, post some of your work here: http://sm64.escariot.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=5&sid=b59a11e7452eaca329d7bb0d5d0b141d *Note that only 2 tracks are open.
  11. Gosh on a side note, i remember this project when I first joined OCR.
  12. I agree. Cause one of the big problems is (including myself) a lot of the same mixers do projects, so the more projects they are on the harder it is for them. And when you have to meet a deadline for say 5 projects that's 5 times the work. Where as if you concentrate on one project at a time that's completing your track 5 times faster.
  13. Bump. Off topic, I played this game the other day. I forgot how good it was.
  14. Status of Banjo-Kazooie. Just so you know All tracks filled. With multiple WIPs and 1 completed track.
  15. I would very much like to do a mix. My stuff is around. Here is my Xenogears project mix: http://ocrmirror.iiens.net/files/music/albums/xenogears/1-07%20Take%20Flight%20(Wings)%20[Pocketman].mp3 I know it's not the right style... but it is "on" the site. And some more stuff: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=23016 I just love Kirby. if you think i'm alright then i'll pick a track.
  16. hmmm. nice. Your transition from source to source is nice. The drums are excellent throughout. My main problem is everything sounds cluttered. It's not the reverb or bass, at least it doesn't sounds like it. What are you using to mix this? It sounds as if a microphone recorded most if it. If that's the case maybe a better mic is a solution.
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