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  1. Hey can you guys go listen to my song, and make comments, please.
  2. Ok, i'll give them a listen and try something. How about 4th gen? WIP is up.
  3. I am just going no where fast. 2 years ago I liked this source, now I hate it. Any chance I can pick a new one? If not i'm gonna have to pull out. I'm just holding everyone back
  4. eh, nevermind... darn. I'm just too busy. I keep forgetting about Pokemon.........
  5. I doubt it. We still have lots to do anyways.
  6. This is a tough source. I'm not a fan of the flute either. It sounds very out of place with the other instruments. Overall I think all of your instruments need more reverb. You have great build up, but it would impress me even more if your quiet sections were quieter. Dynamics my friend. Your main snare beat is too bland. Mix it up some.
  7. I sat down today and worked on mine for a few more hours.
  8. I truely am. For reals. I mean it. Seriously. I just finished like 3 mixes. Made huge progress on 2 others. And am working on this and my Super Mario 64 mix. So ya. I'm alive and working.
  9. If anyone gives a crap i've updated my wip.
  10. Thanks. I'm not sure, i think it's only in DKC2 though. Final version of "The White Lagoon" is up. FYI, out of all the songs in this project this was by far the toughest to do. I was trying to do 4 things. 1. Remix the already awesome song. 2. Make it more mellow and calming than the others. 3. Capture the true feel of the last moment before something huge in your life happens. Such as the night before a big baseball game, or something. You know. and 4. Have a weird, break down, kinda lead into the last song. The piano solo. Anywho, just thought I would post this so anyone can sorta get the idea behind this song. I look forward to completing this VERY soon.
  11. New song!!! But, i'm lazy, and not gonna upload it til tomorrow
  12. Ugh, i haven't touched this in a while. Anywho, update coming soon!
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