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  1. Glad to hear. Awesome. I will look at the tracklist and give it a listen. This soundtrack is a great idea for a project. I'll get you my audition soon.
  2. Not gonna lie, this sounds like a very good choice for a project. But this is also a terrible time to start one. Pretty much all the other projects going on right now are trying to finish up. And if you look at the mixers in those projects they are pretty much the same. Listen, I got your back cause you're a good mixer. But this is the third project you've tried to start. All i'm saying is I don't want it to fail. As i've said before to all the other projects starting up, have you pm'd a few mixers you'd like involved, and did anyone say yes? It is so crucial to have a few on board before you even start. Good luck though. Depending on what happens with the other projects I may audition.
  3. Thanks. And no i was completely joking. I understand that. Also guys I posted a new WIP.
  4. I'd agree with you, if your project was done Also, of course this is not the only place i posted the date. Thanks for the info though. And Fishy, I don't care who is running this either. Me, you, Audix, all of us. Whoever. I'll delete the date, even though it doesn't mean a thing. Just when I want the mixes done. Except Kyle quoted me. And I believe I worded pretty much everything wrong. Lets try this: *A due date is a due date. Anyone misses it, tough. This includes me more then anyone. But goes for all of us! *Fratto wants leadership, and I can offer up more then I had when this project started. If that's alright with you Fishy. *When I said strict I meant organized. No slacking, no inactive forums, no pulling a Pocketman and disappearing... but seriously. And Fishy I apologize for just leaving.
  5. Thanks. I never really thought of just redoing it. With more depth and length.
  6. haha nice. Ok Fratto and myself have talked. This project is going to become more strict. I mean that. Unless Fishy has a date set i'm setting one right now. Not a release date, a *final track* date. This is serious. It's not a bluff when I say you and your track will be cut. Get going. I'm on the project forum for help, reviews, questions, feedback, whatever you need.
  7. K well, if you guys want me off the project then I won't agrue. But I have made comments on nearly every mix. There have only been 3 WIP due dates, the 4th one doesn't count, and condsidering I haven't updates my track in months i'm not sure how I missed the first several, or several at all. If you are trying to be a hero get over yourself. I've admitted several times to being gone for so long. And for not wanting drama you are very dramatic.
  8. Ha. Ya, i've actually been mixing for a while dude. I just rarely ever (twice) submit anything. I'm more about projects rather then my own personal mixing. But thank you. And thanks for the feedback. I think I will actually try to turn this into something. This game isn't mixed enough. Not recently anyway.
  9. Question: 1) Yes. 2) Mainly a WIP is music you are curently working on. AKA not finished. The thing that bothers me about the feedback I get is when someone points out the obvious. That's not feedback and that's no help. Example: your oboe cuts out at 1:13. Usually that means I haven't written it yet. Sometimes i'll even say that in my first post. Yet I hear it anyway. When you write/work on music you listen to it probably hundreds of times. I become very aware of my stupid mistakes, empty parts, wrong notes, out of time, etc.... I do like hearing what the listener thinks about panning, volume, tone, chords, EQ, arrangement, and production. Personally I believe this is what everyone wants to hear when they post a WIP: WHAT CAN I DO TO THIS SONG TO GET IT PASSED BY THE JUDGES. Plain and simple.
  10. http://remix.thasauce.net/songs/POCKETMAN_SuperMarioWorld-UnderDepth_RTS.mp3 This is actually what I submitted. So, as you can see I have re-worked it a lot. But I do plan on much more. Ya, I hate percussion. Ha. I may just cut it. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. http://ZimishOne.googlepages.com/NewSubmerged.mp3 This is a re-work of a piece that got no'd about 18 months again. Been working with it little by little. Not sure if I will ever submit it again. But feedback and help would be great! Thanks.
  12. this made me laugh. I tried starting a Super Mario World project about 6 months before i started this. Fail before start. The music is too similar in every song.
  13. hmmmmmm.... the volume is odd. but i like this song too, so i can't say much.
  14. Of Course!!!!! I hope all projects are a success. I love this game.
  15. Ok Daydream is complete. posted in mp3 format! And i've started a new track.
  16. ya, well, I figure we are only a couple days away. and probably not. I've still got the music though.
  17. The project is sooo close to being released. Here is where the link to the website and music will be posted. This is unlike any OL project before. We spent nearly two years working on this and I hope it's very enjoyable.
  18. What if everyone is the same person? :/ No seriously, wow i hadn't even noticed he's been gone.
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