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  1. I really enjoyed the feel of the beginning. Just wanted to say
  2. Gosh... there are a lot (and i mean a lot) of projects finishing up soon.
  3. I'm working on a better version of Murky Waters. I know I said all these are final. But it needs a little EQ work and better panning. Nothing else, the song itself won't change. The link will remain the same. Cut me some slack. Those who know me know that this is as far from my usual stuff as i've ever gone. EDIT: It's up and done. And I know it's more "metal" then "chill out rock". But hey, i'm not perfect.
  4. Yes. For sure. Half the time in the show you can't really even see the characters. I felt they nailed the final fight, except that it ended very fast.
  5. This has nothing to do with that. However that will be out shortly.
  6. Welcome to "RETURN TO KREM QUAY" the unofficial Donkey Kong Country 2 remix album that I alone am creating. Now, before you go "psh" and leave, stay and listen for one sec. Ya, OL and OC have a remix project for this album, so, that's cool. I'm going for 1 style, 1 arranger, and 1 point... more Donkey Kong Country 2 music. I am remixing my favorite 8 songs from the soundtrack. They are not in any order, other then when I finished them. Feel free to comment. All song are posted in their finished version. So don't say something like "you need to work on this section" because I'm not gonna. And my 1 style is a chill out rock, of sorts. Thanks, and enjoy. I just want to share some music. TRACKLIST 1. The Bramble 4/12/09 Bramble Blast 2. Life in Mudhole Marsh 4/13/09 Mudhole Marsh 3. Shivers 4/15/09 Arctic Abyss 4. Gloomy Thicket 4/17/09 Web Woods 5. Exploring the Abandoned Mine 4/19/09 Kannon's Klaim 6. Murky Waters 5/4 Lockjaw's Locker 7. The White Lagoon 8/11/09 Donkey Kong Rescued 8. Mechanical Meltdown 9/15/09 Hot-Head Bop Website THE NEXT CHAPTER: This may sound weird but I wanted to try something really different. I am remixing a new CD of remixes from my own CD that remixes Donkey Kong Country 2. Make sense? No... ok. In other words I will be mixing the same songs listed above, but in totally different styles. Almost like if a band remixed their own songs. I will mix them in the same order. But not just in chill out rock. I will hit every genre in this project and make it a completely different sound from Return to Krem Quay. If you're lost, then just enjoy the music. DKC2 never gets old. Oh, and i'll be adding a bonus mix, cause I missed one last time that I really wanted to do. So, ladies and gentlemen I present: Memories of Krem Quay! TRACKLIST: 1. Ghostly Connection 3/21/10 Bramble Blast 2. Memories of Krem Quay 3/23/10 Mudhole Marsh 3. Arctic Abyss 4. Web Woods 5. Kannon's Klaim 6. Lockjaw's Locker 7. Donkey Kong Rescued 8. Hot-Head Bop 9. ???
  7. thanks guys. i'm not going for oc standards on this one. i've been using FL Studio for about 5 years, and i just got Logic. Just trying it out.
  8. DKC2 remix. Enjoy. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6KAJ85EI UPDATE: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WKIZFHCP *Added more reverb. *New horn section. *More piano. GUITAR VERSION: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YZZQDBT6
  9. i'm bumping this cuz i feel like it.
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